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iTunes Match: all your music synced to all your devices via iCloud

iTunes Match, another iCloud app, will basically function as a locker for your iTunes library. If you have music that isn't purchased from iTunes, it will match the media in your library with content available in iTunes and allow you to stream it to your devices wirelessly. (What happens if something you have isn't available in iTunes? Do you still need to sync it?)

Apple is saying this process will only take minutes, not hours. All the content will be DRM free and have the same benefits of purchased music. Any songs will be matched and upgraded to 256kbps AAC DRM-free files.

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iCloud replacing MobileMe, and it's Free

MobileMe will no longer cost you $99. Actually, as of today, MobileMe will cease to exist at all. MobileMe It's being replaced by iCloud, which will consist of a collection of apps.

iCloud will let you wirelessly sync all data to the cloud, as well as perform automatic daily backups from your device. This is going to come in very handy when getting a new iOS device.

Are you excited about wireless backups and MobileMe being put to death, and iCould going free? Let us know.

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iCloud app: Photo Stream

Apple has announced the iCloud app Photo Stream - it brings the cloud to photos. When a photo is taken with one of your devices, it will be sent to the cloud and then to all other devices, including the Apple TV - automatically.

Photo Stream may be an individual iCloud app, but it is tied into the already existing Photos app on iOS devices. There will now be a new album called "Photo Stream". On a Mac, you will find it in iPhoto, and on a PC, it will be the Pictures folder.

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iOS 5 feature: over the air (OTA) automatic daily backups

If you're tired of consistently having to sync your device to iTunes in order to back it up (I know I am), get ready for a big change. iOS 5 is bringing automatic OTA backups! The backups will be available over Wifi and will back up each day.

Backups will include -

  • Your purchased music (what about stuff in our iTunes that isn't iTunes purchased?)
  • Media (books, photos, videos)
  • Device settings and app data.

What does this mean for end users? It means gone are the days of having to worry about losing your data if your device gets stolen or damaged.

Get a new one, sign in with your Apple ID and there's all your data. Just the way you left it.

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When can you get iOS 5 on your device? This fall!

So when exactly will you get iOS 5 on your device? That's easy -- it'll be available this coming fall with a developer seed arriving today. And what devices will be capable of running iOS? That's another easy one as well. It'll support all the same devices as last time. For those of you who might not remember what they were last time:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen)

No surprises there, everything is as was expected for iOS 5 releases. Now all we have to do is wait it out until fall rolls around.

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Apple introduces iCloud, new FREE server hub and sync for all your stuff

Steve Jobs put sneaker to WWDC stage again today to introduce iCloud, their new cloud services offering that aims to replace a lot of the local, cabled computing of our past with new, wireless computing for the future.

And best of all, it's going to be FREE. Everyone gets 5GB, and books, Photostream, and apps don't count. It works with 4.3 (as a beta) today, and iOS 5 in the future.

Content storage Keeps all your stuff, syncs it to all your devices

MobileMe Written from the ground up to support iCloud

Calendar sharing: No more workarounds needed. You can share your events.

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iOS 5 to include new messaging service across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iOS 5 will include an all-new iMessage service across the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The system has a look and feel a lot like the text message app in iOS for the iPhone, and comes with a BBM-style delivery and read receipts, real-time typing indications and looks really great.

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iOS 5 revamps iOS camera functions

iOS 5: software updates will now be delivered OTA (over-the-air)

It looks as though Apple has decided to take all future software updates wireless and Apple will now stream all iOS updates over the air (OTA). This could be a great thing for folks who don't want to depend on a computer to have to update their devices and even better if iCloud ends up bringing iTunes to you wirelessly.

Apple is "cutting the cord," according to Forstall. New menus and a new Welcome screen will also be implemented into iOS 5 as well.

Are you excited about Apple cutting the cord on software updates or a little wary? How do you think this will effect the future of jailbreak?

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Mail gets an upgrade in iOS 5

Along with notification changes, twitter integration, and tons of new APIs - the iOS mail app will get some welcome additions as well.

New features include:

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