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President Obama calls Steve Jobs' success an example of American wealth

During a speech yesterday, President Obama cited Apple's very own Steve Jobs' success as an example of someone who Americans should expect to be rich. He used Jobs as an example to show others the possibilities of business in our modern times. President Obama answered a reporters question prior to making his comments about Jobs.

What is...a fact is that people in the top 1 percent, people in the top one-tenth of 1 percent, or one-hundredth of 1 percent have a larger share of income and wealth than any time since the 1920s. Those are just facts. That's not a feeling on the part of Democrats. Those are facts.

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SHAtter bootrom exploit possibly leaked, what it means for jailbreakers

The SHAtter exploit found by pod2g appears to have been leaked. Who leaked it and for what reason is still unclear. What is clear is that Apple will certainly find a way to patch the hardware if it did in fact leak. When Limera1n was released, it kept the SHAtter bootrom exploit safe for future jailbreaks as it would require a complete hardware revision to be done by Apple.

SHAtter basically used a hardware exploit in the A4 series of devices (iPhone 4, iPad, AppleTV 2nd generation, and iPod Touch 4G). You can bet Apple will make a hardware revision to patch SHAtter. It seems there is some drama between some members of the jailbreak community over who actually "leaked" the SHAtter exploit.

@P0isixninja of the Chronic Dev Team is pointing a blame finger to @Musclenerd. As Musclenerd concentrates on unlocks, it seems unreasonable to think he'd leak an exploit he would need in order to create an unlock. Click through for a response to the drama from @comex, who claims if it doesn't stop, he'll just e-mail the exploit directly to Apple. Not good news for the jailbreak community.

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Apple Remote for iPhone updated to include Airplay support

The Apple Remote for iPhone application has just been updated to include support for Airplay and Internet radio control. It also extends the ability to control iTunes.

  • AirPlay video support to control iTunes on your computer to stream videos to an Apple TV
  • Internet radio control to play thousands of internet radio streams in iTunes on your computer
  • The ability to control iTunes on your computer to play Movies and TV shows that are rented from the iTunes Store
  • Addresses issues connecting to an iTunes library or Apple TV
  • Includes stability and performance improvements

If you pick this up, let us know how it works for you!

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No network admin? No problem if you have an iPhone and FaceTime!

FaceTime isn't the first video calling implementation on a smartphone but it's the first one that's easy to use and has a common and widespread install base, and that brings with it some interesting and decidedly futuristic advantages. Take this, which happened to a friend of mine today:

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NoseDial brings easy nose dialling to iPhone

NoseDial for iPhone does just what the name suggests -- lets you dial your iPhone with your nose. Sound strange? What else do you do when it’s freezing outside and you need to make a couple of calls on your iPhone? You first have to remove your gloves and risk those cold temperatures, unless of course you have a special pair of gloves that work with capacitive touch screens.

NoseDial shows your contacts in a large button grid with pictures; if you have them assigned to your contacts. To scroll through the list you can just tilt your iPhone  or swipe (with your nose), find the contact you want then touch it again with your nose to dial, simple.

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Huge iPhone 4 made from fifty six iPads

If you were in the UK today and happened to wander through St Pancras International train station in London, you may have seen a huge iPhone 4 sitting on the concourse. Ok it’s not actually a real iPhone 4; but that only makes this more interesting. The huge iPhone 4 is actually made from fifty six iPads all set in a lookalike iPhone 4 case.

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iOS 4.2 features: Augmented Reality in iPhone Safari browser

We knew Apple had added accelerometer and gyroscope support to iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone, but leave it to Occipital, the company who brought us 360 Panorama, to show it off in full, Augmented Reality mode.

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Reminder: Why there won't be any new or updated iPhone or iPad apps or games this week

iTunes Connect is closing for the holidays tomorrow -- from Thursday, December 23 to Tuesday, December 28 to be exact -- and that means there won't be any new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad apps, games, or updates next week.

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Apple Stores merry with FaceTime Santa displays

Adding to the endless Beatles loops and festive iPad snow globes, Apple Stores now have their very own FaceTime Santa in the windows, spreading Christmas cheer to boys, girls, families, elves, and Mrs. Clause alike.

I caught this one on video at my local Apple Store tonight. Have you seen FaceTime Santa at yours yet? Any idea how he explains to the kids that they can indeed have an iPhone 4 under the tree but they have to ask daddy and mommy to foot the bill for the monthly voice and data plans?

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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