LTE Wireless Cars from GM at #CESlive!

GM has teamed up with AT&T to offer LTE in select cars from the company. The LTE will power GM's app shop to personalize the experience for the customer and the app shop will be open to developers. We sat down with Steve Schwinke from GM at CESLive to discuss it all further. Check out everything CES on our [#CESlive super page]( for all the product announcements and news from the show floor!

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Chris Parsons

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LTE Wireless Cars from GM at #CESlive!


The next big advance in automobile operation - self driving cars!

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Whoever that dope is with Rene, he has to go. This guy is just all over the place. No matter who he interviews or who he's with he spends the entire time stepping all over them. He just fights to be the attention hog. Rene doesn't need this guy, he does a hell of allot better by himself than this clown. I think he ruins the entire interview. Take over Rene.

Of course the interviewers didn't ask the most important question regarding this new feature: What about the areas where LTE is not available? Will this work with "4G", will this work with 3G, will this work in the large areas of the country where there is still only 2G/EDGE service available from AT&T? This is cars, people travel, they leave the big cities where LTE is ubiquitous, but the minute they leave those cities they will drop to 3G or EDGE, so the obvious question is, what is the minimum "G" level required for all these features, apps, wifi hotspots, etc to function.? Take streaming movies for example, we aren't talking the occasional trek a few blocks to the grocery store, we're talking a possible 700 mile road trip to grandma's house, so is this service going to be useless the minute you leave the city and its LTE and not work for most of that 700 miles?