US Chamber of Commerce -- Just Not Green Enough


Apple is on a big, green tear lately, and like another jade-skinned giant, you better not make them angry -- because you won't like them when they're angry. Case in point, Apple has joined the "we're resigning from the US Chamber of Commerce" parade. Said Catherine A. Novelli, VP of worldwide government affairs:

“We strongly object to the chamber’s recent comments opposing the E.P.A.’s effort to limit greenhouse gases. [...] Apple supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions, and it is frustrating to find the chamber at odds with us in this effort.”

Read the full letter [PDF link]

[New York Times via Daring Fireball]

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Reader comments

US Chamber of Commerce -- Just Not Green Enough


Well, their proprietary nonsense is not green enough for me. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

I kind of agree with xultar here.
Apple owns none of its on fabs, manufacturing, or component plants. So everything they do is OFF THEIR BOOKS, and the toxins released by their manufacturing never show up in their accounting, the pollution from circuit board etchings, case manufacture, wave soldiering, acid baths, etc, etc, all disappear.
Further they ship virtually all of this manufacturing (and the associated jobs) to places where the government doesn't even have strict toxic materials laws, does not keep records, and doesn't want to talk about work place contamination, and people are pretty much expendable.
All of that makes Apple look green enough that they get a pass for building a environmental nightmare all-glass buildings with R1 walls and ignore summer cooling, and winter heating loads.
This is political posturing at its best.

US Chamber of Commerce has been against every single environmental standard passed at local, state or federal level in the US in the past decade. They are, without a doubt, the biggest group of anti-environmental scumbags out there.

Bollocks...this is all eco-kabuki theatre. Tons of drama from a company that builds my iPhone and Macbook Pro in China...a country that hasn't and won't sign the Clean Air act. How about we weigh China's actual air pollutions against the "possible" U.S. CO2 emissions.