iPhone 3G in China: Minus the 3G and WiFi... Aiya!?

If this is not bizarre, I don't know what is. Customers looking to purchase a iPhone 3G in China will soon be able to do so. Just a little catch though, minus the 3G and toss in the omission of WiFi.

China Mobile does not have a 3G network so I understand them asking Apple to disable 3G but going a step further asking to disabling WiFi as well?! That leaves all of the owners of the iPhone 3G (don't forget to take away that 3G) with a slow 2G data connection. China Mobile might as well sell the iPhone 3G as a very nice paperweight to all of their customers. Exactly why China Mobile would disable WiFi is way beyond me.

Apple ships the iPhone all over the world, so it is highly doubtful that a hardware change would be made simply for China Mobile. So how would these features be disabled? Software... Which means potential customers could still turn to hackers to gain back access to at least WiFi. It would only be a matter of time...

(Via Gizmodo)

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iPhone 3G in China: Minus the 3G and WiFi... Aiya!?


Are they truly planning to use 2G/Edge or the funny 3G variant that China uses because they want their own communist standard?

If they take away wi-fi from "legal" iPhone 3g then wouldn't people just keep buying iPhone 2g's? At least you would get wi-fi. There are alot of 2g's floating around over there. Concerning 3g, why would they want to disable a function that doesnt work on their standard anyways?