Counting down to iOS 6!

Counting down to iOS 6!

This is it. Today's the day. If history is any indicator, iOS 6 should land at roughly 10am PDT/1pm EDT today. I'm still hauling ass trying to get our review ready, but if you're waiting like we are, why not wait with us?

What's your favorite new feature? Find any awesome hidden gems? Are you going to update over the air or install clean with iTunes? Anyone feeling left out because their device isn't getting something?

There's so much to discuss! We'll get the rest of the writers and staff in here, maybe give away some more stuff, and in general have some fun in the iMore Forums.

Rene Ritchie

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hewsdaddy says:

i did 5.0 -> 5.1 OTA. might as well carry on tradition.

Truth3000 says:

Will I have to be connected to wifi for this or can I download the update over AT&T's network?

spankmymoto says:

I like to use Siri and glad they improved on knowledge base. But, love the fact Facebook is now integrated and I can't wait to see the new flyover map.

Jazzkevin says:

I will upgrade to iOS 6 OTA. I'll be at work so that will be the easiest. I better bring my charger!

captobie says:

I've said it before, I'll say it again... I'm most excited about a native clock app on the iPad! It's the little things that make me happy. :)

dloveprod says:

All we need now is the Calculator.

Marcbuscus says:

Are you going to be able to update the old fashion way in iTunes as well?

macharborguy says:

I doubt Apple would stop allowing updates via iTunes. How else would people recover an iOS device if things go wrong?

mikenoe says:

I Love, Love that Bluetooth settings have been moved to the main settings menu, up from General. I'm one of those people that's constantly turning radios on and off for battery life reasons. The "chrome" update to the music player is nice eye-candy too.

juleguilfoyle says:

my itunes just prompted for update!

franciscosjb says:

already itunes gave you the update juleguilfoyle?

citygirl110282 says:

was the update for iOS or iTunes 10.7??

ABeeghly says:

I am calling foul on this! Maybe an Itunes update, byt the IOS6 update, not for another 50 or so minutes!

tim tunes says:

Rene love the website !! But can You please change your avatar/pic of your self ..

demontooth says:

His picture is better than Georgia's half face.

Topper82#IM says:

Can't check for a software update on my iPad, server can't be reached. Coming soon!!!! Woohoo!!!!

ronmcse says:

Will the iPhone 4 not be getting Siri, Maps, Voice, etc...?

cannedoscar74#IM says:

I'm eagerly waiting this. Not a huge techie nor fanboy of anything that's not Star Wars or Dr. Who, but Apple earned my consumer loyalty with the way they've handled disability features & the improvement the whole system has made with our autistic son. So iOS 6's guided access updates mean more to me than any other addition this year.

I'll be updating both ways, so all devices are setup before we leave for Disney World this evening. We specifically scheduled this trip so any the behavioral backlash that's sure to come from "lock down modes" can be tempered in that environment.

Hogosha says:

Dammit!!! 1 p.m. Eastern Time... I HATE WAITING!!! Nah, just messing. At least I have rough time of when to expect to have iOS 6 finally. Thanks iMore!!! This is why I follow iMore and read most of their reviews and news about everything Apple and iOS.

DonJuan786 says:

Does anyone know how big is the IOS6 file size

Sentenial says:

New Feature in iOS 6:

During a FaceTime call. You can tap anywhere to show and hide the time bar at the top of the screen. So you can check your battery life and time.

Also, if the FaceTime call loses its wireless connection, a screen will appear saying "Reconnecting..." And it seems to try and wait for wifi to come back online, then reconnects to your partner.

heberman says:

I Installed it on my iPhone a few days ago.

I love the Do Not Disturb feature, turn by turn directions, and the extra Siri features. I'm looking forward to updating my iPad today.

ricbon says:

honestly since google maps is removed I hope google is making a stand alone map with nagivation, I know apple is releasing their own but google is king with maps!

pamaf says:

Hot to update corretcly a JB Ipad2? Thanks!

chaoticbuddhist says:

You can't. You'll lose your jailbreak.

bkDJ says:

Love Apple's accessibility features. The addition of "Speak Selection" is my favorite hidden gem. But I hope the final iOS6 fixes the bug in the GM where the zoom gesture is broken (it's always been double tap with 3 fingers and drag up, regardless of orientation. In the GM it's double tap and drag away from home button, towards camera.)

achitay says:

My favorite feature is Siri for the New iPad and the Access Guide. I'm going to update via OTA.

tester24 says:

My favorite feature will be the Maps, however not happy that turn by turn will not be a feature on the iPhone 4, same with Siri. Looking forward to iPhone 5.

baykine says:

I was excited about the iOS 6 update until about last week when I checked out the update specs on the Apple website. I currently use an iPhone 4 so the only real exciting update for us 4 users is Passbook. I don't know how much I'll use Passbook but at least it's a new feature. Other than that and a few minor tweaks theres not much to be excited about for me. Facebook integration does nothing for me either since I deactivated my Facebook account about a year ago. I hope that the iPhone 4S and 5 users love the iOS 6 update though.

tim tunes says:

Will iOS 6 let us unlocked users access the apn settings?

tony.aka.age says:

I had the GM of iOS 6 installed and it didn't allow me to access the APN settings unfortunately. Although there's a trick you can do by switching out SIMs and tricking the network or something like that which allows you to access the APN settings. Wish you luck!

Smurfy71 says:

Is it there yet? Is it there now? How about now? I'm a little excited!

paulthefencer says:

You know, as much as I love Apple, and their products, it really irks me that we in the east have to wait till 1 PM to update our OS. Why do they make us wait? If it's due on the 19th, release it at 1 minute after midnight on the 19th, not 13 hours later. Or at least 3 AM so the west coast doesn't get it before midnight. Must my opinion.

bk71879 says:

What's up my Imore peeps? If I have my 4S jail broken, can I upgrade to 6.0? I'm new at bear with me!

RagedUSMC says:

You can BK71879, but you will lose your Jailbreak. If you want your jailbreak, DO NOT UPDATE to iOS 6.0

Winski says:

So Rene, what if I DO NOT wish to upgrade??

Any downside??

chaoticbuddhist says:

I updated to iOS 6 GM a few nights ago and it's pretty sweet. I'm only on an iPhone 4, so I don't get Siri or turn-by-turn, but even without it, the new maps is nice. I can understand the knee-jerk reaction to wanting Google back, but after a week, I don't actually notice it's not Google anymore, and the navigation instructions display much, much nicer.
Also, my battery life has increased and the overall speed of the device has picked up considerably.
I'm a little disappointed that I can't upgrade my iPad 1, but now I guess I have an excuse to upgrade... like I needed that.... :)

jessef says:

The update is out in Detroit!

Jbbarrette says:

It's available now here in Cali, but I have no wifi access at the moment :(

wes2nice says:

Update is out in NJ!!!!!!!!!

davimich75 says:

Sad thing is I have an Iphone 4 and im excited just for a few updates.

PilotPhil81 says:

It's here. I am starting the download now.

PilotPhil81 says:

Looks like they pushed out the iPhone update first. Still nothing for my iPad.

STORM178 says:

Downloading on my iPad 3, not my 4S :(

Hodgez says:

Not yet available in Texas

PilotPhil81 says:

Still nothing for my iPad 2.

ccostel says:

Downloading over the air for my iphone 4 now.

colonelcollins says:

Nothing yet in Cleveland, OH :(

dlemus85 says:

It's arrived in Dallas!

Installing now!!!

Hodgez says:

It's live in Texas now.

lbtriguy says:

In California, 10:28am and of course, it doesn't show up

1776_1865_RIP says:

I'll wait for Jailbreak. Not interested in living without SwipeSelection, iKeyWi, Springtomize2, SBsettings, 3gUnrestrictor, PhoneHint, PhoneBuzzer, or AdBlocker