Don't want to use your credit card in iTunes? Use a gift card instead!

Want to buy from iTunes but don't want to use your credit card? No problem. Just head on over to a pharmacy, supermarket, big box, or any of the myriad of places that sell iTunes gift cards, buy one for yourself, and use it to top off your account. (Extra tip: Costco sometimes has packages for a few dollars off, like $50 worth of cards for $45).

The tip comes by way Ian Ross and Shelby Lee Engels, who shared it with Apple's iTunes team.

[iTunes News]

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Don't want to use your credit card in iTunes? Use a gift card instead!


I know people who think that the only way to purchase things on iTunes is to use an iTunes gift card... It's very odd to me that there are people that don't know about them.

...especially as you can't go in a major grocery store or similar retailer (in US, UK, Canada certainly) without seeing racks of the gift cards on display.

Ive been using iTunes vouchers for a while now. So much safer & don't need to have ur credit card details on ur account. Always top up on vouchers also when the store has specials. A lot if times here in Australia out department stores have specials like buy 2 $20 vouchers and only pay $30, saving of $10 YaY

I've been using the same debit card since 2003 with no problems.
I give gift cards only to people whom I KNOW use them. I've heard that almost 30% of any type of gift cards are never used by people who receive them.

I just buy a gift card on my iTunes account. I'm not worried abt security I just don't like having a bunch of little transactions posting. Gift cards work great as injustice buy one o those and chip away at it.

I've always done it this way... But here In Canada Apple doesnt let you purchase apps on it!!! I dont know why they let you In the States and not In Canada.

You can buy apps with gift cards in canada now. That was changed a number of months ago.

I use my CC banks Virtual account numbers to safely and securly make all purchases on the internet.
The "virtual number" can only be used by the merchant you give it to and only up to the amount and for the time frame you set.
As an example, I have a virtual CC number on my I tunes account for 200.00 that ia good for 12 monthes.
Each time I make a purchase that amount is charged against the CC number until The preset amount or time limit is reached.
No one else can steal that number because it can not be used by anyone else, and my money is not tied up in a fixed balance on the itunes books waiting for me to use it up.
Its a GREAT system and its free from your CC bank.

There's also another way if you are just going to get free apps.
1. Open iTunes
2. Go to te App Store section
3. Make sure you are logged out of any account
4. Try downloading an app
5. It will ask you to sign in or sign up
6. Sign up
7. For your credit card click none

Also, CVS in the US will occasionally run a special- $10 off a $50 iTunes card, limit two. Great deal considering it works out to ~ 20% off.

@JP You are fully able to purchase apps, along with songs, movies, tv shows, etc. With your iTunes giftcards.

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I used cc for years until I got the app 30 Christmas wallpapers for free and iTunes chared me $199.99 plus tax since then I use gift cards only

I still understand why some people are so afraid of their credit card. If Apple was stealing or misusing your info I'm pretty sure it would be out by now. And every company I know of offers fraud protection and will refund your money after fraudulent chargers are made. My bank called me one time when I used my card a McDonald's in FL not even 10 minutes after I had used it to make sure it was me.

PLUS if you see any charges on your credit card you can just call the credit card company and they'll remove them.

@ Mazon
Sounds like a really good way of buying stuff online - used to use reputable sites, paypal, but still got defrauded for about £12,000.
ANYWAY... does anyone know a way of buying an expensive app only using cc instead of eating up any iTunes credits you might have? I like to use iTunes cards to keep my app purchasing under control!!

don't want to use your card, don't want to use a gift card, wondering what to do with that jar if coins sitting in he entrance way, find a place near you with CoinStar. 100% iTunes certificate. the only way to manage the addiction...

We provide the cheapeast itunes gift cards.You can save at least 60%.
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Gift cards are a nice option.What I do is get a prepaid card from netspend and load it with my bank card and use it for the internet and not my bank card.It looks just like a bank card,you can accept deposits on it,use it anywhere and no risk of these monthly billing charges some people like to inflict on you.

hi wazzup... i just wanted to say that my firefox is freezing when I click on the pics... are you using some scripts or something?

I had over $1,000 charged to my credit card through iTunes. Apple was not helpful. Fortunately American Express was very helpful and reversed the charges (after I had to reconcile three iTunes accounts (mine, my wife's and my son's, which were all on the same card) with two months of Am Ex charges because Apple would not tell me which charges came from the fraudulent account). Apple said that there is no way someone could have linked their account to my card, but I have since talked to two others who had the same problem. I am never giving Apple my credit card number again.

i did something realy dumb. i accidently purchessed an app that wasn't free. i don't my mom to find out yet. is there any way that buying an itunes card and reedeeming the code will help me pay bak my debit?

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