Daily Tip: How to save photos from Facebook for iPhone

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Driving yourself nuts trying to figure out how to take photos from the Facebook for iPhone app? Don't worry, it's not you, it's them. Unlike iOS, you just can't tap, hold and select Save Image from a pop up. That functionality just doesn't come with the Facebook app. But don't worry, we have a work around and we're going to share it with you, after the jump.

Here's how to quickly and easily save photos from Facebook to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad camera roll.

  1. Launch the Facebook app.
  2. Go to the picture you would like to have saved to your iPhone.
  3. Press and hold the Home button and then quickly press the Sleep/Wake button. (Yes, you're taking a screenshot!)
  4. Now, go to your Camera Roll and you will find the image that you just saved.

Why this feature was not built into the app originally, I am not sure, but this is a quick and easy way to get all the pictures you want off of the Facebook app.

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Reader comments

Daily Tip: How to save photos from Facebook for iPhone


Can't you just put your finger on the screen fir a couple seconds, and a pop up will appear and you can then 'save image'?

This works okay, but the resulting pic is limited to the resolution of your phone's screen. If you want to save the pic at full resolution, you can go to Facebook in Safari, select "Desktop Site" from the More tab, navigate to the pic, then do the hold and select thingy.

You could also save all this headache, jailbreak the phone, and download Fbphotosave from cydia. Long press, save image, done. Saved right in camera roll, "Winning!"

Just an FYI in case...
The method you described of capturing images from the iPhone facebook app is not actually a undisclosed "feature" that was built into the app, but is a feature that was built into the iPhone hardware for taking general screenshots. So you can do this anytime, for anything you need.
I know this page is for anyone who is new to using an iPhone but just wanted to clarify it's purpose a little more.

In addition with something like the free Genius Scan app which has lots of useful functionality you can also crop pics saved in Camera Roll. Handy tool for cropping faces from pics to add to contacts.

New Facebook app update allows for saving photos from within app. No one has to do this workaround anymore after they update.

When looking at a photo in Facebook, if you press the icon in the lower left, you now have the option to save image. This will put it in the camera roll

There a view full screen on somewhere below the uploader's name, click it and you will have full screen of the picture. you can save images there by holding the screen

thank you.... i have sent 3 hours trying to figure this out and have visit other answers on google, but this really work awesome