DevTeam iPhone 3G Unlock Update

Apparently, when it comes to working on unlocking the iPhone 3G to run on other carriers, for the iPhone DevTeam, Sunday is funday...

So, still no software unlock for the 3G (don't let the web scams fool you!), but they're getting closer...

Since Canada has no other GSM carrier, this won't change much for me locally, but it would make traveling so much easier (change country, change SIM!). How about you? Waiting to get your unlock on?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

DevTeam iPhone 3G Unlock Update


Go dev team!
And then in my country the mobile shops will unlock it for a minimum of 50 euros to the ppl that doesn't know it's free ^^

Just released 2 hours ago, the Dev team have a Beta software unlock.
Some members following there blog @ Twitter was given this to try, I was 1 of the lucky five.
the IPHONE 3G is UNLOCKED, they will release the software to the public once all is known to be safe and works constantly. I can use Everything on the Iphone 3G now!!! and have done for the last 25 mins after upgrading it through the the Dev teams Beta Testing PineApple!!!
No Hardware changes, purley Software!!!!
Woohooo I am amazed at this progress!!

Wow! I certainly hope that the above comment is true. I am planning to travel outside of Canada for couple of weeks in December and this would be very useful.

In Australia it ranges from free, to $80 to get the iPhone unlocked. What are carriers like AT&T charging overseas for this to be such a big issue?

I don't think you can get the iPhone unlocked by AT&T. I know that Rogers/Fido don't do it (even after the time of agreement, which is a normal practice with European carriers).

This is all gravy but what purpose does unlocking the 3g serve besides going to another country with your phone? With the original iPhone great you can use it on T-Mobile because it was edge only. But AT&T's 3g and T-Mobile's 3g are not compatible. You can unlock it for T-Mobile sure but no 3g? Pointless.


Beta Tester 3G Unlocked can you send me the beta version of the iphone 3g unlock to try it in my country in lebanon to check if it works so i can reply to it my email is
Thanks alot

Dear Beta version testers,
Could you please give me a link for downloading the beta version of iPhone 3G unlock software?
It's three months that I have been waiting... I could wait anymore...
Please send it to me by

Mr.Beta testers could you send me the beta version of the iphone unlock? I lost my iphone 3g and had to get a new one and looking to unlock it..

Don't be conned. Don't be fooled. When the DevTeam cracks 3G, they'll make it public like they've always done. By posting your email addresses, you're just inviting spam...

Everyone listen to Rene... the comment above regarding this beta unlock is pure garbage... DOES NOT EXIST! A unlock will be out soon and when it is you will know. Trust me, I will let you know. Until then, please don't be fooled by people like the person above.

apparently someone is selling the unlcok software for 100,000 euros hmmmmm anyone interested to try out can all ship it to make it cheaper he says gurantee to unlock
dunno if 100% work, if any of you guys serious can talk to him

I just bought iphone 2G with 1.1.4 firmware version out of the box. I have few questions
1. I have AT&T sim which I want to use in the iphone. Should I activate the iphone using itune? What are the advantage & disadvantage.
2. If I put my sim card from Razr into Iphone, Do I need to buy their data plan. If yes, what will be the price.
3. If I decided not to buy data plan & instead just use wifi for web surfacing, is it possible & also can I somehow freeze edge from accessing the net to avoid any charges.
Also, what procedure/software I should be using to unlock, jailbreak & activate the iphone 2G
thanks for the reply

Nothing....Nothing work for your 3G FW 2.30. I try everything and spend 200 dollars to buy softwere and spend almost 4weeks with nosucess. Only for 3 weeks Rebel sim was working for me and now that one also stop working. Right now I am thinking go back to AT&T. So take this advice all this not worthless. 6o back to original service enjoy the beauty of 3G. Thanks.