UPDATED: Documents to Go maker DataViz bought by RIM?

Documents to Go for iPad

Did BlackBerry maker RIM just buy DataViz, maker of Documents to Go for iPhone and iPad (and other platform)? CrackBerry.com has multiple sources saying they did, and for about $50 million cash.

This might just be why Docs to Go has cancelled their webOS app before ever releasing it. What does this mean for the iPhone and iPad version? We don't know yet. We like having it as an option and with 120 million iOS device on the market, there's a lot of money on the table for DataViz... er... RIM if they want it.

Apple has made iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) for iPad already, and rumors persist of an iPhone version. There's also QuickOffice, though with Microsoft have Office mobile, Google having Docs, and now RIM having Docs 2 Go, HP might just want to snatch them so they're not the only platform without a home grown office suite.

UPDATE: DataViz has told Macworld that RIM bought some of their assets and hired the majority of their employees to work on the BlackBerry version of Documents to go. They have since updated Docs to go for

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UPDATED: Documents to Go maker DataViz bought by RIM?


I use docs to go, but it was not the great program it was on web OS, but was getting there. I like Readdle docs. One thing about docs to go, I could work with excel files sent via email from my work, edit, and send back. It will work with Microsoft office files when away from the computer. I hope RIM keeps updates going, but that may be wishful thinking.

I really, REALLY want Pages on iPhone. It would allow me to stop using Google Documents, which I happen to think is hideously ugly and almost unusably clunky. Instead I'd use Pages on iPhone (and on my Macs) and move my documents to folders in my iDisk.

I meant SDK. They do not mention a buy out. They did say another company is developing an office program for web os but did not say who. I know this forum is about the iPhone, and some do not care about web os, but it affects a lot of docs to go users, if RIM does not want to keep updating the app for iPhone.

Knowing RIM's lack of common business sense they probably will cut the iphone development to "spite" iphone users.
But whatever there's still Quickoffice, and its RIM's loss in the end of millions of dollars of profit on the software considering it costs about $9 and there are hundreds of millions of iOS users to buy it.

There is always risk whenever a company is bought out that it will be scrapped or just disappear (wait what about LaLa Apple?) RIM is about profit so is Apple, I am not worried about the sky falling yet and if anything they will make it a standard app on BB's and continue to make profit from the sales.
What Apple needs to do is make Pages, Numbers and Keynote worth buying at a reasonable price or fold it into the iWorks '11 when it comes out.

Give us iWork for iPhone with the ability to to send .xls files from numbers from ios 4.2 devices and my office will be unified!

Speaking of Microsoft, I think that Microsoft is missing a huge opportunity to make Office for iDevices. They already make Office for Mac and this would be the logical step. I think they could one up iWork by having great file management, including integration with Dropbox, Box.net, and their own SkyDrive. They would also have to improve SkyDrive by integrating with both Mac OS and Windows. To me, that is what it will make or break a mobile office suit. I hope Apple gets on the bandwagon. Somehow I only see them supporting iDisk though. Anyone else want better cloud support from the iWork suite for iPad? While were on the subject, iWork '10 - will the be releasing it this year?!?!

As long as they fix the following issues before they leave I don't give a crap
1. Add retina display support!!!!
2. Fix keyboard lag on iPhone 4

The one really good thing about Docs to Go is the round-tripping. I can create a complex document in MS Word, copy it to my phone open it in Docs to Go, do basic editing and text entry in Docs to Go and then when it is opened in MS Word again everything is intact, macros and add-ins included, and the edits are as expected. Not even the likes of full iWorks or OpenOffice on the desktop has the same amount of compatibility.

Wow, I personally feel this is bad. DataViz had their software on just about every mobile platform. This may be a good more for RIM right now but ultimately DataViz will regret it. They already backed out of developing D2G for WebOS which many people still use and soon all the other platforms will suffer the same fate. I do hope I am wrong though. QO is nice but not as good or complete as D2G.

The main reason I use Docs To Go is for the ability to effortlessly add documents I get in an email or other source into my desktop folder and it gets updated on my desktop when I sync it at home. It's easy, reliable and works well. It also supports excel functions well well.

If so that was a great investment. Wonder if RIM are going to continue to support the already existing iDevice version of Dataviz

Can anyone confirm this "assimilation" by the RIM "Borg"? If so It makes me sad to see the one iOS office app I find useful going away. Quickoffice is disappointing at best.

Does this mean docs2go for iPhone 4 will never get fixed? The keyboard lag makes the app unusable for entering data.

I bought a Palm years ago BECAUSE I wanted Docs to Go. It was great
I switched to Blackberry 2 years ago when it became clear that Palm was struggling. I continued with Docs to Go, it was a lifesaver, UNTIL I switched from a PC to an iMac. The synchronizer no longer combined MS Office files. I recently bought an iPhone, which I never liked, but I took it because the sales man at the Apple store was adamant that I could sync. Office files on my iMac my iPhone. You cannot do this without using Apple Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is unsafe for any business, who knows who will be able to access and/or distribute confidential files from a "Cloud" server?
I am truly fed up with essential products that do not deliver, with sales persons and advertising that is clearly untrue, and with companies like Dataviz that offer NO SERVICE AT ALL.
I am waiting to see if the promised "New" version of Docs to Go for iPhone will materialize and without the bugs of the current version, and with REAL support that is fast and accurate.