Editor's desk: Escape from New York!

Editor's desk: Escape from New York

I did it, I escaped from New York! After spending three of the last four weeks at the temporary Mobile Nations HQ in NYC, trying my best to get all the #TM13 prep work done, as well as keeping up with the daily iMore grind of news, views, and podcasts, I'm home at last. Luckily, in addition to our already rock-solid (and rock-star!) cast, we had Peter Cohen join us full-time last week, and Richard Devine starts full-time this week. The timing couldn't be any better, because, frankly, it's going to be one hell of a summer.

Next Sunday I'm off again, this time to Orlando to help Kevin Michaluk and crew produce CrackBerry Live from the show floor of BlackBerry Live. Yeah, only Nixon could go to China...

After that, I'll be back for a couple of weeks, then returning briefly to New York City, and then it's on to the main event -- WWDC 2013. That's where we should get our first look at iOS 7 and OS X 10.9. I can't wait. I doubt Apple is on full-on Snow Leopard mode with iOS, at least not yet, but with a new team in place comes new thinking, and it seems like going into year seven, that's just the kind of thinking everyone who loves iOS wants to see.

That's the broad strokes, here are the bullet points.

  • This whole "Tim Cook should be fired" meme is the dumbest Apple thing I've seen in the long history of dumb Apple things. I don't care who you are, what degree you have, or who pays your salary, if you're writing "Tim Cook should be fired" you're either stupid, corrupt, or stupidly corrupt, and you should be fired by any editor with any ounce of self-respect left. Sadly, that's fewer and farther between these days. Makes me wonder -- whose agenda are these articles are really servicing?

  • I shot a lot with my DSLR over the last couple of weeks, and every time I lament the lack of cellular wireless and all the terrific processing and sharing apps I have on my iPhone. There's a Galaxy Camera, of course, which is basically a lens grafted to a Galaxy S3, but that's Android. I don't see Apple licensing out iOS any time soon-as-in-ever, or iPhone cameras getting support for discreet lenses, or any rumors of an iCamera any time soon, but damn if I don't want one. Question is, would it have any mainstream appeal?

  • I saw Google Glass a few times over the last week. I even experienced being filmed by it. It was as awkward watching it as I presume people feel wearing it, but every new thing is awkward at first. I don't know if the future is filled with visors for everyone, but I do like the promise of wearable technology. I'd be delighted to try Google Glass, but I'm not sure I'd be delighted by Google Glass, at least not yet. I'm not sure Google's nailed the implementation -- this could be more Lisa than Mac, more Treo than iPhone -- but that's why early days are early. Imagine a better looking, more mainstream version made by, dare I say it, a company we can better trust?

  • Iron Man 3 was good. I liked it more than I thought I would. The humor I feared gone was plentiful, the set pieces outstanding, and while a couple of the choices were potentially off-putting enough that I'm still undecided on them, overall Shane Black delivered in Lethal Weapon-like fashion. Now all they need to do is sign Downey Jr. for Avengers 2 and Iron Man 4...

House party's over. Time to clean the slate!

Photo by Safe Solvent, taken while I waited for the how to use your iPhone for fashion photography shoot to finish.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Editor's desk: Escape from New York!


What an incredibly busy couple of weeks. Keep up up the good work you and the other Mobile Nations guys, we really appreciate your work.

Waiting for your coverage of WWDC...

BTW, Iron Man was pretty bad. I say so only because when I left I wasn´t sure I watched a Super Hero flick or a comedy show.

It's good to see you not spew ignorance about how Glass will fail, like most pro-Apple folks who haven't tried it. Kudos for holding out until you...you know...actually use it. :-D

I think Apple is going to blow minds with something really big in iOS. Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Will it be another, minor feeling, iterative update?

That's some travel plans too. Stay safe.

Oh, I liked Iron Man as well. :-D

It would be interesting to see apple do a pro camera with advanced features, sadly most people with $700+ cameras still use the auto setting anyways.

"That's where we should all of us our first look at iOS 7 and OS X 10.9."

You have an error there Rene :)

I didn't understand your DSLR-to-iPhone chain but I'd be afraid of what an iCamera would cost. Hell, the iPhone costs a mint, sans subsidy.

I barely liked Iron Man 3. I think the rest of the audience felt similarly, at-best.
There was silence. Awkward silence. And then half-hearted clapping. And then silence.
And then mild griping following the post-credits sequence.

I'm hoping to like it more upon second or later viewing. It was still better than The Dark Knight Rises, though.

Unrelated but I'm curious - why do you use American spelling Rene? You spelt 'humour' in the American way, with a missing 'u', but in standard English (as used in Canada) the original spelling is normally used.

I've worked for American companies for almost 2 decades, writing tons of content. It sort of takes over after a while.

Also, most of our audience is still US-based, so it's not a huge concern of mine. I'd be just as happy if Canada used US spelling to shave a few micro-seconds off every word.

I see. Bit of a shame though. I always thought it was pretty nice how Canadians had resisted their powerful Southern neighbour and stuck with original recipe English, complete with it's interesting mix of French inspired spellings and silent letters. They may not make much sense phonetically, but they help make writing that little bit more colourful.

Interestingly when we get US products here in the UK, they're very rarely "translated" into standard English, and yet the opposite is I believe not the case. Companies here don't just change spellings, but they also have to change grammar too. One particular Americanism which is very common in the US, but unheard of here, is 'gotten'. The word doesn't exist in here , and yet we see it all the time now as it's used so often by Americans. I wonder if a kid was to pick it up and use it in an essay if they'd end up with a D- and a "see me after class".

People don't say or write "Ye" anymore either. Language changes, evolution happens. You can either live in a bubble or move on with the rest of the world.

Your comparison doesn't really make much sense. 'Ye' dropped out of common use in English as a whole, but standard English spellings are still used by every English speaking country, except one. (the US) So US English is the odd one out, so if we wanted to make life simpler, then the path of least resistance would be for all English speakers to just use English, not it's US alternate version.

I really hope Apple does something amazing with the next iOS update. It's really looking tired and dated now.

What's with all the Iron Man III hate? It was the Extremis story from the comic books with a thin Mandarin veneer on top of it.

I went in expecting to hate it, ended up liking it a lot. (As did Georgia, whose predisposed to hate things like this.)

Because Iron Man 3 should of been called "Tony Stark, plus some scenes of crappy suits." In the first movie, his suit takes off a wing of a plane. In Avengers, his suit takes a direct hit from Thor's hammer. In Iron Man 3, his suit can't go through a wooden door, gets destroyed by a semi with no real damage to the semi, and all his other suits get screwed over by human glowsticks.

Mandarin, his arch nemesis, becomes a side show to appease a foreign audience under the disguise of "not being politically correct."

A main Iron Man 2 plot point is now worthless because instead of inventing a better power source, he could of just had surgery that is worth a whole 2 seconds worth of screen time.

War Machine/Iron Patriot no longer has secure protected software, but now apparently anyone can get in a control it.....

I could go on, but I feel these few points have made my point that Iron Man 3 was an abortion of a storyline. I enjoyed the humor and acting of Downey, Jr. He really does make a great Stark and the best part of this movie.