Editor's desk: iMore 2.0, Google redux and more!

Editor's desk: iMore 2.0, Google redux and more!

Third week in a row I'm keeping this spectacularly short, but this time not because it's yet another long weekend here's in Montreal, but because I had the choice of writing this column or going to see the new Spider-Man flick. And as any red-and-radioactive blooded boy would, I opted for the good old web head.

How are you liking iMore 2.0?

We flipped the big red switch on the huge iMore backend architecture update a couple of days ago and have been working feverishly on squashing bugs and figuring out new features ever since. We've got almost all the reader facing issues resolved, and hope to have all the rest done absolutely as soon as possible -- including comments in the iMore for iPhone app.

Have you tried out our new comment system here on the blog yet? Have you switched between feature view and headline view on the Home page? Have you switched between article view and latest discussion view? If not, go try it out and let us know what you think. We have a ton more amazing features coming your way, and can't wait to show them to you.

Flash in the can

When the new iPad came out, USA Today technology reviewer Ed Baig took a piece out of its aluminum and glass hide for still not supporting Adobe Flash (which Adobe had cancelled). Fast forward to this week and Baig's Nexus 7 review, and the lack of Flash in Google's new flagship tablet passes completely without comment.

Combine it with David Pogue's recent limbo of a Galaxy Player review in the New York Times and it makes me wonder what's going on in traditional media tech coverage.

I read the blogs, so I'm fine. But my mom reads the paper, and she deserves to be better informed. With great power comes great responsibility. Serve the reader, not the product. The job isn't to be fair, it's to be right.

Speaking of responsibility

My article on Google last week -- the one where I kindly asked them to become the platform champion Android needs and deserves -- received incredibly mixed feedback. Some of you thought Google was rightly being taken to task for failing to put the wellbeing of manufacturers, retailed, partners, and users first, while others thought I was just being a jerk to Google.

Frankly I was doing the latter to highlight the former. Phil Nickinson very kindly let me discuss my point of view on the Android Central podcast this week, and Jerry Hildenbrand eloquently and intelligently expressed an opposing and counter point of view. I have a huge amount of respect for both of them, and these types of discussions, between adults, with passion and civility, and simply the best stuff ever. I hope we get to have more of them.

Phil and I also chatted about it briefly with Kevin Michaluk and Daniel Rubino on the Mobile Nations podcast, along with whether or not Microsoft screwed Windows Phones 7 users by not providing an update path to Windows Phone 8, or better preparing them for the lack of an update path. If you haven't watched or listened to it already, grab it now.

And while you're at it, get the latest episode of the iMore show before we run out of copies. (It could happen!)


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Editor's desk: iMore 2.0, Google redux and more!


It is incredibly humorous to me that my iPhone and iPad 2 support Flash with vBrowser Pro, Photon, and of all browsers, Google Chrome, but Google's Tablet doesn't?? How is that for poetic justice? LOL!!!!!! APPLE FOR THE WIN BY ACTUALLY SUPPORTING FLASH IN THREE WEB BROWSERS!!!!! Think I'll pass on that Nexus Tablet. 

Blame Adobe, not Google. Adobe put a stop to their support of mobile Flash and August 15th is the last day it will be available in the Play market so why would Google bundle it?

"With great power comes great responsibility. Serve the reader, not the product. The job isn't to be fair, it's to be right."
Sounds like something I told you a few times, Rene, before TiPB became iMore and it was heavily skewed to serving the product. It has gotten better, hence my hanging around and not skidaddling. Great job making the turn. The next thing to make the turn is the podcast. ;-)
Agreed on adult discussions. I love having them too but trolls seem to always mess them up. lol

Re: "what's going on in traditional media tech coverage."

"Traditional media tech coverage" is desperately trying to make it sound like there is a vibrant "tablet market" out there. With all sizes, shapes, and brands of iPads and iPad clones all thriving in a competitive marketplace of equals. They're afraid of saying what we all know: "Don't be a sucker. Just get a real iPad."

But why would traditional media want deny that Apple has not only disrupted the pad computing market but the greater PC market? Because traditional media publishes only what their readers want. And their readers don't want disruption. Disruption is scary. Scary stories will drive their readers to less-scary publications. They'll do anything to keep their readers.

So they publish stories about how everything is fine. No need to worry. Microsoft is fine. Technology is wonderful. Lots of great pads out there. But desktop computing is here to stay. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I was looking at the new comment section. It has changed since last friday and may i say whoever did make the change EXCELLENT JOB. The previous one look a bit unprofessional but this new interface looks streamlined,clean cut, and most important Simple. Imore 2.0 is really looking like it will turn out great.

And as for the fact that your working on commenting within the imore app.... welll awww shucks thanks for listening to your followers. I eagerly await.