Editor's desk: Putting the more in iMore

Editor's desk: Putting the more in iMore

Change is scary. Change is exhilarating. Change is hard. It's going to be a huge month for iMore and Mobile Nations, and a lot of that involves change, growth, and our continual drive to reach for more.

Today we announced that Peter Cohen is joining the team starting April 22. When we changed our site name to iMore, it was with full knowledge that Apple was bringing iOS "back to the Mac", and that iMore could just as easily cover iMac as iPhone and iPad. We simply lacked the capacity to do it the way it needed to be done. Likewise, gaming. Apple splits apps and games into two for a reason, but with limited time and a seemingly unlimited amount of software to deal with, we haven't been doing the job for you we've wanted to do. Until now.

Peter's going to be doing a lot more for iMore, to be sure, but getting our Mac and gaming content is one of the things I'm looking forward to most. We started as a phone site. We grew into tablets and set top boxes. Now we're focusing on the whole Apple, from palm-top to desktop to cloud and beyond.

We'll be bringing a few more people on board over the next few months, all of them to help us better do the one thing we're all here to do -- delight our readers. And I'm thrilled about that.

I'm also thrilled with the current iMore show. I get to spend an hour talking with the best and brightest in the business, and bring you what I think is some of the best Apple content on iTunes. Ryan Block, MG Siegler, Clayton Morris, Jim Dalrymple, Arnold Kim, Seth Weintraub, Brian Klug, Dieter Bohn, David Chartier, and the recent guest list goes on and on...

But it's not exactly your typical Mobile Nations show. Unlike the Android Central and Windows Phone Central shows, and the CrackBerry show when Kevin deigns to do it, we're not covering the community the way we should. We're not addressing all the latest news, especially the latest apps and accessories. Worst of all, we're not properly involving the fantastic chatroom or answering the questions you fantastic folks keep sending in.

So we're going to fix that. The current iMore show isn't going away, so don't worry. And I'm not going to duplicate everything I'm already talking about on MacBreak Weekly, but I am going to bring you something new, and something more for you. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, iMore 3.0 for the web, and the iMore 3.0 app for iPhone and iPad are about to get underway. No spoilers, but as you might remember, I name all iMore projects after Star Wars planets. In other words...

Begun both Coruscent and Corelia have.

Now I'm off again to NYC and the temporary Mobile Nations HQ there this week. A lot of other people will be joining me soon, some of whom you can probably guess, some of whom will be a surprise. We'll all be there working on [Redacted]. I can't tell you any more than that yet, but I can tell you we have some mind-blowing, network-shaking news coming your way later this week.

That's all for now. And if you have any ideas or input on what you want to see on iMore in 2013, let me know!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Editor's desk: Putting the more in iMore


Godspeed for your project.

I'm sorry but I don't have any great idea for it. I will only say this: imore got to be one those places I *have* to check daily. Not because of the name, not because I need an iPhone centric information source, but because your writing and your insight got me hooked here.
I'm sure your time will be limited. But please keep writing. Some of us really appreciate it.

Excellent! Looking forward to more Mac-centric articles that may have little to nothing to do with an iOS device!

As someone who has been a lifelong Windows user who has now for business reasons having been forced to adopt the Mac, kicking & screaming the whole way, I'm liking this news. Oh & the Mac isn't so bad either ;-)

But correct you are, change is hard. Oh so worth it when it works out though.

Great stuff, exciting. More content is great.
I agree, site could use a refresh. I'm content with the iMore app though..
Bring on more coverage! Maybe even a new feature, similar to the verge and provide us with a "what's on your desk" type of thing.

ALSO: Where's the March giveaway???...

I truly enjoy the imore site, various podcasts & tweets. I'm sure you all work harder than we can even imagine. To everyone at imore, thank you for all your determination & hard work.

For a second I thought Rene was going to announce he had been hired.....by Google! ;) Glad to hear he is sticking around to run the show.

Peter Cohen is going to be an excellent addition. You could not have snagged a better editor for gaming. Congrats!

While iMore may have not run the gamut of Apple news (example: I tend to turn to Arstechnica and The Verge when looking for indepth stories on Apple's foray into cloud computing), I have always liked its balanced, well-thought out, more pause-think-and-then-write articles. It is truly a breath of fresh air in the all too often online journalism world where news sites seem more interested in click baiting or getting the story out first instead of diligently researching the issue. I hope that never changes at iMore.

I followed Crackberry during the years that I had a BB (still do) and began following TiPB when I bought my first iPad 2 years ago. Since then I read iMore stories and forums multiple times a day as well as the forums. Recently I have started listening to podcasts and I love all the content. Looking forward to more this year and beyond.

Looking forward to the Mac related stuff. I was already rocking the iPhone 4s and I had an iPad 3rd Gen, but I recently went back to OSX with my new MBAir. So yeah let´s get the OSX related news flowing...

Keep up the great work! I'll be here awaiting all that is in store for the iMore community! One question...when are you guys getting the band back together?? :)

This is exciting and changes good. It means you are growing. Can't wait to hear the great news later this week! Remember "Live Well and Prosper."