Editor's desk: What do you want to see from iMore in 2014?

Editor's desk: What do you want to see from iMore in 2014?

2013 was a huge year for iMore. We covered CES, Macworld|iWorld, BlackBerry Live, MWC, GDC, Google IO, E3, WWDC, IFA, and completed a 10 week event all our own, Talk Mobile. We reviewed the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and some award winning and amazing apps. Sadly, we lost Leanna Lofte but gained shared custody of Richard Devine and launched our Mac coverage with Peter Cohen. Collectively, we wrote 4,965 posts containing 1,885,784 words, and produced 7 podcasts comprising 208 episodes, including the brand new Vector. Most importantly, we once again doubled our amazing community — all of you! — to almost 7 million readers a month. That makes us one of the very biggest Apple-focused communities on the planet, which is an incredible honor and huge responsibility, especially when it comes to figuring out... just what the #@(* is next?

Hard as it may be to believe, we're already halfway through the first month of 2014, and CES is already behind us. We have lots more planned, though. Mobile Nations fitness month is being postponed from its usual February start date to some time just before summer. Macworld|iWorld is also later this year, not rolling around until March. So what might we do in between? We'll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mac next week, and Peter's talked about launching some special, Mac-centric projects right after that. Ally also wants to get back to the DIY stuff. Anything in particular you'd like to see?

Richard Devine used to be 80/20 on iMore/Android Central, but because things on the Google side are even crazier than they are here, he's switching to 20/80 from now on. Should we bring on some new blood so we get even more great perspectives and points of view? Should we try to get some established editors or columnists onto iMore and see if we can be even better together? If the latter, which big Apple personalities would you love to see here?

Yes, there'll be a Talk Mobile 2014 — no spoilers! — and we've got a lot more planned as well. But beyond all that, in general, what would you like to see more of — or less of — from us here at iMore in 2014?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Editor's desk: What do you want to see from iMore in 2014?


I'd love to see an "ask iMore" similar to the "ask crackberry" column from a while back (maybe they still have it, but I switched from blackberry to apple when the iphone 5 came back). I'd love to be able to send in questions on how to topics or trouble shooting, etc. it's very likely that if one or more people ask a certain question, there are thousands of others at home hoping for it to be answered.

Sent from the iMore App

Yes, this is a great idea. I'd love to read a long weekly grab bag of questions/answers about apps, troubleshooting, shortcuts, and the like. Even if it's something you may have covered before, a quick link to where it was covered would be great in case some of us missed it the first time around.

I'd say site specific, but with your volume of readers, not sure it would be the most efficient way.

I've seen podcasts that use Facebook and Twitter effectively, but again, they aren't as big as you guys.

Maybe a monthly poll with multi select that is featured on the right side of the home page? Have to be logged in (so maybe built in to the forums) and that creates your "to do" list?

Corny as it sounds, I'd love a PODCAST to which we could pose questions via Twitter, forum thread, mp3, however -- it's always my favorite part of the Android Central podcast. Have a weekly guest expert on hand to make it interesting. Guy English, for example.

We'll activate the Q&A module on the hangouts, would that work for you guys?

Would you like Q&A every week, or a Q&A special once a month?

Guides to third-party enabled features. Anything that showcases the ability to 'open up' iOS as a platform.

I like when you guys pick a category and list some of the better apps in that category. Saves me from doing the work :)

As an aside, although I'm sure I am in the minority on this, I'd like to see you guys abstain from political articles, involving the NSA and whatever else. I can read all that crap on The Verge and similar sites.

Oh, and when I get a notification via email that somebody has responded to one of my comments, the email body is completely blank, so there's no link to the actual comment. If you guys could fix that, that would be great!

I'd love to see two things:

1. More app reviews! Old apps, new apps, all the apps. Those are some of the best parts about iOS.
2. I believe a while back there were some stories about how people use iOS and Mac products in their careers. Those were really interesting to me. Seeing the effect of these devices on how people do their work really tells a great story about Apple products.

And more writers are great if they can bring some new views about Apple to site. Anything that leads to imore being more about the effect of software and hardware on users is a great thing in my opinion.

  1. What do you find most valuable in an app review? Here's the problem: Most apps are now free or incredibly cheap, and it's easier for people to tap buy and try it than to read an even medium length review. In a perfect world, would you want to literally see every app in the app store critiqued one-by-one, or would you rather see curation as to which out of the many apps deserve your attention?

  2. You, we did a series on iPhone/iPad at work. Any particular careers especially interest you?

1. Perfect world? Every app. Imperfect world? Group roundups would be nice. Pick a topic, ask "What is that app for that?", and go! Curation is good up to a point. I've purchased some of my favorite apps because of curated reviews but we tend to stay in our comfort zones that way.

2. In the iMore podcast about Macworld|iWorld your guest spoke about how the University of Hawaii was coming in to give a lecture about their iOS use and that was what made me think of it. Police, fire, engineers, plumbers, coffee shop owners. I deal with these types of people all the time and sometimes I'm genuinely surprised at the ways they find to work iOS (and Android) in to their business.

My fiancé works for a company that designs apps specifically for other companies to manage their sales leads as well as company metrics through Salesforce. Did you know that you could have an app developed for you that uses the Salesforce backend to log clients in at your office and manage their wait time? I had no idea until she showed me a video demo. It can be pretty mind boggling just how much has changed.

More Peter (he rocks). Incorporate more BJJ into the stories somehow. More integration of the mobile nations staff in the articles (it's always a bit odd to see an editor from another site have comments/counterpoints where if the article was designed as a point/counterpoint, it may be better).

So you'd like to see, for example, Phil Nickinson from Android Central write about something here on iMore? Anything in particular?

More of; an article from yourself, and then maybe a counterpoint from Phil (in the same article rather than comments), Kind of like what you did for mobile nations, but for smaller topics and less editors participating

Agree. I love the insight of the other editors from other platforms. I think it builds a true sense of a mobile community, with less (will never be zero) fighting between the platforms that you see on some other sites. The fact that you use other phone OSs, and the same for Kevin (maybe others) but each have your preferred/favorite, it helps give honest opinions/comparisons. It also helps when the inevitable "Hey, Rene, stop being a fanboi" posts appear, you can (as I've seen you do often) reply, "Can you point to something specific that is "fanboi" based?" and the response is either more vague complaining or crickets.

Since you're on TWiT w/ MacBreak Weekly, it'd be nice to see maybe some guest posts from TWiT personalities? Maybe somebody like Sarah Lane, especially since she has iFive and iPad Today.

Other than that, maybe a Q&A with the staff?

Live Q&A's are fun too, and are a lot easier with how Hangouts is now, but even in article form. Perhaps just asking readers for questions and picking out some of the better ones and having answers as a group. I've seen mainly Droid Life do this and it's actually pretty great, because it feels more personal.

I'd be interested in guests on the iMore podcasts. For instance, how about having Leo Laporte as an iMore podcast guest?

More App reviews, recommendations. Game reviews with video would be great.

Sent from the iMore App

What would be interesting is articles on different uses of Mac and iDevices based on professions. For example, I am an academic and still struggling with big .pdf libraries and various applications like Papers 3, GoodReader, iAnnotate, iBooks. Maybe there are other people in other fields (like photography, architecture, musicians) who might also need some extra help and advice on how to get the best out of our devices.

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Things I'd like to see from iMore this year?
> Hoping you would bring back iMore's "Apps of the Week" picks. Can't remember the last time you guys wrote one.
> iMore app for the iPad (I know a lot have been asking for this)
> Updated iMore Forum app with an all new iOS7-look
> More featured articles from Rene (always interesting to know what your thoughts are on different issues)
> More best-of, game reviews and recommendations from Simon (I'm a sucker for games)
> More how-tos from Ally (and maybe a few more jailbreak articles? I'm now considering jailbreaking my device.)
> More accessory reviews from Georgia (a lot of the stuff shown at CES were really nice. I wish you could check on them again after their release.)
> Looking forward to Peter's Mac-centric projects this year
(So that's why I don't see articles by Richard as much as before.)

Apps of the week, while hugely popular on Android Central, wasn't that popular on iMore. One of the problems was the app we'd pick, we'd write about during the week, so it was a lot of duplication.

What would you want to see in an new-style Apps of the week?

What's hot and new on the AppStore, apps that recently got a major update (added more contents and features or a redesigned look), your recommended apps for the week.
I also love iMore's best apps list sorted by category. It helped me a lot clean my iTunes with deleting apps that serve a similar function and choose which one to use.
Also, wouldn't it be nice if iMore could reach out to other developers for an interview of sort like what you usually do with your podcasts but with questions that are more relatable/accessible to your common readers.

For your consideration....

Things I enjoy about iMore:
* Rene: his deep-think opinion pieces about Apple and the tech industry;
* Peter: his perspective on the status of gaming in Mac and iOS;
* Georgia: her field tests in addition to her pieces on using Apple devices to more easily find life balance;
* Ally: her DIY pieces.
* Feedback from iMore team members in the comments sections truly creates a sense of community.

What I'd like to see more of from iMore in 2014:

*More guests on the iMore video podcasts. I notice you have pretty regular, big name in Mac and tech in general on your other podcasts (which also are great, BTW), but it seems like you do not have as many on your iMore podcast. For example, I miss hearing Merlin Mann talk about Apple;
* More product reviews (which may entail hiring new blood due to work required). BTW, I really liked Ally's review of iPad keyboard cases, so more like those for those of us needing help when it comes to making purchase decisions;
* Giveaways/Contests. I hardly enter them (No, honest!), but they can get communities pumped;
* Articles focused on design, both industrial and visual, on things from Apple and the Apple community of developers (Again, this may require another hire due to workload).
* Articles highlighting someone from time to time that works with Apple devices, both pros and non-pros. Also, the occasional feel-good story about tech improving the human condition (ex. iPads helping autistic kids to communicate).
* I enjoy reading good Branch conversations among Apple aficionados when they occur. Perhaps initiating some of them.
* Articles on tech advancements making Apple devices even better (Exs: What is the special sauce in Haswell chips and why are they so great? What do the latest patents filed by Apple or recent hires bode for future devices.).
* Most important: continuing your uncompromising perspective of looking at Apple by being both both critical but fair. I have seen too many tech sites go negative-Apple in what look like a desperate attempt for viewers (akin to if not actual click-baiting) when they do not realize readers can tell.

Thanks! All the best in 2014.

I would like to see the following :
1. Article that explain how to use some of the best apps. There are so many apps out that I've heard great things, just don't understand the basic. I simple guide to using the app. Similar to the tips you do with iOS 7. Maybe even have the developers explain how to use the app on a podcast. For example, I hear about apps like text expander, Alfred, Pinboard, Screens, etc... I just don't understand the benefit. Sometimes the visual is better than written.
2. I would like to see the feature of what's in your iOS device (iPad).
3. More contest
4. A scheduled time for the podcasts.
5. More reports that's no so techy and explained more for the average user. Sometime you guys report and use terms that are not coming for us less tech challenge subscribers.
6. More videos.

Sent from the iMore App

  1. Awesome idea!
  2. We started doing that this week! Here's what's on my iPad: , and we'll be getting Ally's iPhone next week, then Peter's Mac OS X dock the week after!
  3. What do you mean by scheduled time? The iMore show is every Thursday at 4pm ET.
  4. Good point!
  5. Anything specific?

how about a new gosh damn INTRO THEME SONG? your old song was awesome; the modified iPhone ringtone song. the current one is just ugly, stupid, not catchy, dirty and not "apple" at all. ugh.. CHANGE IT BACK!

and a new gosh damn light/Web cam for PETER'S pulp fiction dungeon. God. can't stand imore show cuz if him.

Agreed! I miss that one. And bring back the original two I more podcast dudes!

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I would love to see a jailbreak section/weekly article on new JB news/tweaks/themes. There is only 1 solid place for me to get that now but would be nice to see what iMore could come up with. Especially having a 5s, most of Cydia isn't updated for 64-bit and it's harder to find great tweaks.

Sent from the iMore App

I like the photography articles. I see them as instruction on a larger subject but through the tool of an iphone.

I believe there is more opportunity with this. Organization with the tools of calendar and reminders, perhaps some sort of audio creations, videos, etc.. I Really like when you guys can dumb down a complicated subject, such as photography, and teach me a little something. Then I can immediately take the tool that we have and common and go try.

Lots of good ideas from those who've posted before me.
I'd like to see more reviews and how-to's about third party hardware devices that are used by people to complete their work flows. These could be third party devices for Macs or for iDevices, or maybe they work with both. For those of not in the know, I think this could be a lot of fun to learn about.
Similarly, sometimes these set ups have apps that make these third party hardware devices work with the Apple hardware, ot make it work better, or enhance and/or broaden the manufacturers initial offering. Reviews and how-to's here would be great too.
Surprise is. Thill us. Teach us. We'll be back for more.

Get someone to Sochi. See what the Athletes are using to communicate with. See what the mobile climate is like in Russia.
Then have all the mobile nations editors swap places for a couple weeks. Using the other devices during that time.


You couldn't pay me enough to go so where where terrorist threats are occurring before the games even start.

Sent from the iMore App

Oops I meant common. If the schedules were posted on the site . Maybe I'm overlooking it if it's listed. Contest to win top apps and devices. I have to congratulate you guys on a great job overall and your coverage of CES.

Sent from the iMore App

The theme has been the same for a while hasn't it.

And ok yes more me! Poor everyone else who voted for less Georgia.....

More "How-to" tutorials on the Mac: explanations of how Macs work, e.g., why the Finder's folder structure is the way it is, how to best speed up workflows, etc. In other words, more from Peter on the Mac......and he starts a new column: "Peter Cohen's Band/Album of the Week"!

And I'd really like to see Rene & Peter travel to the Twin Cities and do an in-depth article on the oldest Apple retail & repair store in the world, First Tech in Minneapolis!

Great that everyone is responding! For me
1. More cowbell
2. Like to see follow-up articles on some of the more popular CES (and other) startup companies that were featured. For example, it would be interesting to see how the iSense digital scanner is progressing through development/testing.
3. Creative app of the week? ie: puppet pals, cubasis, songwriters pad.

I would like to see a guardian newspaper-style "In praise of" column where perhaps a member of the community ( I am happy to kick start) writes about something they love e.g "In praise of apple earbuds". The column could focus on oft forgotten announcements or products that are the revisited. Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, you could have an "unthinkable" column where you guys think of something that Apple is unlikely to do but perhaps either ought to do, or may do in the distant future. A bit like your "imagining" pieces but a little more out there.

Keep up the great work.

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When it comes to Apple related news, I'd like to see articles be written by "pairs." Maybe get someone from another Mobile Nations site to give another side to the same topic within the same article. I hate to seem like the "anti-Apple guy" but when I read your articles Rene, I feel like I might as well be reading Daring Fireball and not come here. There's no need to flat out bash Apple for clickbait like so many "reputable" sites do, but when I see your articles I sort of just know this is going to be "Apple is getting lambasted for X. Apple is good and did nothing wrong. Everyone just loves to lambaste Apple. Why hasn't Y been lambasted for X as well?" The articles are well written, for sure, but they aren't stimulating. Well, at least for me, but that's just the nature of opinions.

Also how about a history of Mac OS series? You did say you wanted to cover more things Apple and Mac.

Like many others (and i know its in the works) I would love an iPad iMore app! Also perhaps a way to upload photos straight from the app for photo contests would be great if possible. Perhaps more options for prizes of those contests like new olloclips 'cineskates', gift cards for apple store and App Store, tripods, and others. More videos for app reviews similar to videos made for CES 2014. I'm sure I'll think of more but this is a start.

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Would be very cool to post a readers article maybe once a week? For example a review, experience etc could be submitted and chosen appropriately? I have two blogs of my own and would love to contribute here.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I like the idea to have readers submit things at time or maybe have guest writers. Lets see how we can get that together.

I'm fascinated with seeing peoples iPad/iPhone home screens. I think it's interesting and a great way to discover apps. Maybe a 'Reader's Home Screens' section.

Sent from the iMore App

I think you need to hire a couple new writers to cover some news that you miss. I can't remember exact examples, but there have been instances in the past where I have read news on another site because it's not been published on iMore.

I also think you need to work on your breaking news. Quite often you are late to publish a certain piece of news, sometimes by a few hours. The new writers should help you solve that problem.

I know it's a long shot and probably quite difficult, but you should try to hire Akshay Shah from Hi-TechRevolution.com. His articles are generally interesting and informative, and I love his stuff. I'd love to be able to read him on iMore instead of two different sites.

You guys are doing a great job though. Congrats on the past year and good luck in the future!

Sent from the iMore App

I'm not sure how to handle news these days. There's just so many sites reblogging the same story over and over, it feels like a glut in my feed.

Do you just want to see the headline on iMore? Are you looking for our take on a story? (Which takes longer).

It's a bit of both really, Rene. As I said, there are instances where I go to sites like 9to5mac and Hi-Tech Revolution to get news I don't see here. I understand that there is a lot of reblogging going on but I guess that's how news gets around the Internet.

I don't want to just see a headline, but at the same time I don't want a full-fledged opinion piece for every piece of news. I want my stuff fast, and efficiently.

Sent from the iMore App

I'm not sure.. You did well this year I think. I would like to see some more detailed discussions on Mac and iOS oriented services and development (I'm heavy geek though, so not really your demographic)..

I'd like to see more tips and tricks for Mac and OS X. Like what Allyson does with iOS. I went to a Discover Your Mac workshop at the Apple Store this past weekend and learned a few thinks, like how you can highlight text and have my MBP read it back to me. As the iMore community grows I think it would be safe to say that the people switching from PC to Mac will also be growing.

I'm really happy w/iMore.
I love Ally's iOS How-Tos. It'd be a nice addition to see DIYs. Peter's Mac coverage is outstanding. Rene's coverage for all things Apple and beyond is top notch. I love the Top App reports.
These things & more are why I love iMore. You guys & gals always seem to have the right balance of pertinent information & insight to what's important for Apple users to be aware of in ALL aspects of Apple's activities & offerings as well as how we users can get the most out of our Apple products.
The only thing I could think that I'd like to see more of is - videos. I love the video reporting. Being a looong time gamer, I like the idea of more gaming coverage.
It's too bad iMore can't provide some type of direct petition to Apple w/concerns & issues that we users encounter w/our Apple experiences...
Here's to 2014! I know y'all will be busy bringing us the best and I know you'll balance new ideas with prudent candor to make sure the quality is not lost over quantity.

Sent from the iMore App

Definitely app reviews, but of paid apps only. I have an Ipad air and a nexus 5, not being able to buy a game with the safety net of a refund requires a leap of faith.

Also, have you thought about aggregating all your talent to create a mobile nations site covering more tech stories, possibly featuring more editorials from yourselves and guest writers.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

More than anything what I want to see from iMore in 2014 is a post confirming a larger screen for the new iPhone coming this fall! =P

Seriously though, a couple of things I'd personally like to see...

Deals! This is the main reason I hit another iRelated site before iMore - they have deals from around the web in their sidebar (discounted iTunes GC's, apps, hardware, cables, etc.). I never see those things here. It'd be a great service to visitors and could generate some referral income.

Reviews... I'd like to see more reviews in general - apps, hardware, cases, etc. I'd also like to see more depth, especially with the app reviews. Not just WHAT they do but HOW they do it. For instance, I'm most interested in to-do list apps. And with to-do list apps I'm most interested in how they handle recurring events. And while your reviews may point out the app handles recurring events it doesn't tell me HOW it handles it. I know you could write a book on how most apps work and I'm not expecting anyone to do that, I'd just like to see a little more than what I could learn by visiting the app's page on the apps store.

For the most part I think you guys do a great job! Thanks!

We used to do a lot more reviews, but very few people actually read them. Since apps became essentially free, people just downloaded them instead of researching them first.

What's the most important thing in an app review to you?

What would I like to see in 2014.....less ad's on your pages. There is so many ad's, even on a corporate fiber line this is the slowest loading web page I can think of. It's slow enough that I only visit maybe once a week at this point.

Those already exist on the web site. Just check the box below your reply that says Notify me. Or did you mean in apps?

In apps, as that's how I usually access your sites. But will bear in mind when I fire up the browser!

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I would like to see more focus on the jailbreak scene. Reviews of new Apps, Tweaks, themes, tutorials etc. There are already a tremendous amount of tweaks that are out for iOS 7 and its hard to find a good site that reviews them. Maybe even like a Jailbreak Tweak of the Week or something..

I'd love to see some articles about how iPads and iPhones can used in schools and by students. I'm thinking f.ex. reviews of education apps, as well as telling stories about which possibilities iOS gives teachers and students.

Sent from the iMore App

To add on to a couple of suggestions...

1) my favorite articles are category app reviews like "which is the best weather app?" That lists pros & cons of maybe top 5 apps. I've ended downloading and even purchasing apps based just on those type if articles. There are just too many apps out there for me to go through and the search category section on App Store is horrid

2) I love the idea of Q&A articles where people submit questions. I would suggest best method to submit questions is through Twitter because it's it will keep the questions focused and shirt because of 140 limit.

Finally, and this is just being honest from my view, I have not liked the expanded coverage of Mac on the site. I've always looked at this site as an iOS related forum and not all things Apple - these really are 2 different realms. Whereas I bet "all" Mac users are also iPhone users, I'm sure the vast majority of iPhone users are not Mac users. You have a great niche in all things iOS and would hate to see that diluted. Maybe a poll would be in order to see what kind of Mac/iOS overlap there is by iMore visitors...I could very well be way off on this.

Sent from the iMore App

Or perhaps some kind of filtering on the homepage would be a happy middle ground? We're really happy with our expanded coverage, especially tapping in to the wonders of Peter Cohen's experience.

If you're not into Mac coverage, that's totally fine. Would it be better for you if you could say, hit a tab and only see iOS features?

I'd love to see more people come in and work for iMore (I'd throw my hat into the ring). Other than that it'd be awesome to see some debate style posts and/or podcasts where you take a topic and have two people debate it. Something like point-counterpoint. Those are always fun to read.

I think your contests need to be revamped. That's great that you offer a free iPad, or iPhone etc.. but the chances of winning are worse then the lottery and if you're offering just one device, why bother to enter with the amount of readers that enter.
How about offering multiple iTunes gift cards for these apps you review? Or find a way to mimic what the Starbucks app does, with the redemption codes through the app?(I understand your budget isn't as big as theirs)
Something to give your readers a feeling that they can actually have a chance at winning and be a part of iMore.

I would like to hear the authors share more about what Apple products they own, how they use them, as well as what apps they favour plus any interesting use cases. You know, like those Mac Setups on OSXdaily or idownloadblog. More personalised (and opinionated, if need be) articles. The articles here, while undoubtably well written, have always felt quite distant to me, like I have trouble connecting with the writer. You don't have to be rude and bash Android products, but at the same time, since we all clearly own and love our Apple devices here, I feel there is no shame in celebrating that.

I can't explain why, I have always enjoyed reading about how other people use their Apple devices. Maybe it's my way of sharing other people's experiences vicariously since I obviously can't afford to upgrade every time a new device comes out. :P

Love to see a " If you liked " section where you show apps that work like or are better.

Say if you liked endomondo.. Then review a few similar apps like strava.

This isn't a iMore specific recommendation necessarily but I'm surprised to see Mobile Nations not covering a huge area in Mobile - business and enterprise. Granted it may not be as exciting to some as the latest consumer news but there are many of us 'Nations subscribers that also work in IT (or simply interested). Part of my job, for example, is running the team that supports all of our mobile infrastructure and the changes we've gone through over the past two years... mind boggling.

There are other sites out there that probably also cover this area but it seems like Mobile Nations would be uniquely positioned to bridge the (quickly shrinking) gap between the consumer and business space. This especially considering your cross platform focus.

I want to see more coverage of the Jailbreak scene. I know the forums are helpful but some readers might not know about the forums. They might look to the site as a source of info.

Sent from the iMore App

This is my go to site for apple news. I appreciate all the hard work you guys put in. I just wish the site would format like it use to in Tweetbot. It loads like a regular web page and the words are really tiny. Thanks

Stop talking about rumors and what's coming and focus on the here and now. There is so precious little about in depth usage of what we have before us. I don't care about what the next Apple device might be, I don't care about specs, and I really am not interested in superficial mentions of various apps.

We have devices now and it is seldom to never that a particular task is discussed in depth in the context of what additional software and hardware are needed to do something. There are wicked difficult and powerful apps out there. My God, have you ever mentioned something like the maximum number and resolutions of monitors you can hook up to a particular machine? How exactly does one make a movie in iMovie from selecting a camera, to shooting footage, to getting that footage into iMovie without losing the original clips, to the editing the movie. There is never that sort of in depth coverage and step-by-step how-to's on anything ever. There is plenty of soap box and platitudes.

iMore sounds like it should be about iOS. When have you shown how to capably edit a Numbers spreadsheet? Instead of saying something like, "I like Spotify better than iTunes Radio", actually make it absolutely clear why by concretely showing exactly what each one does instead of saying something vague like, "I like the way it works better along with the selection of songs". That tells me zero.

You give me value when I learn how to do something, not to get all excited about what is coming in the future.

Less opinion, more about how to use what I have. I want value and empowerment.

I would love to see curation and reviews of paid Mac and OS apps, perhaps even iMore's version of the App Store's "App Collections"—but, NOT the same apps that all the other websites already talk about, or that Apple promotes already; it seems that all the tech news sites review the same apps. Try to find fresh apps that nobody has discovered yet, that are off the collective radar. Discovering gems on the App Store is very difficult, as its search feature is close to hopeless.

It can be win a separate section. It doesn't have to be on the front page. JUST BE VERY CLEAR TO STATE THAT THEY'RE ONLY RUMOURS.