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Everything you need to pick the best iPhone, iPad, Mac, apps, and accessories for the new school year!

Everything you need to know about the iPhone, iPad, and Mac in elementary, high schools, college, and university!

It feels like school is always starting somewhere, so if you, or someone you love, is about to head back to school, be it as teacher or student, here's all the devices, apps, and accessories they need to help them make it the best year ever. Whether it's elementary, high school, college, or graduate school, you better believe there's an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and a whole lot of apps and accessories just for them!

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Best MacBook for college students

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the best MacBook college students can buy today. It's inexpensive for a Mac, has plenty of ports, and is light enough to carry with you all day.

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Apple's Back to School promo scores students a free set of Beats headphones

Apple has launched the company's Back to School promotion for 2016, offering not only savings on select products, but also free Beats headphones with eligible Mac, iPad, or iPhone purchases for college.

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Apple making more direct efforts to get technology into classrooms

Despite one high-profile failure, Apple's initiatives in getting iPads and other technology into classrooms seem to be working well in a number of school districts.

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Apple, education, and teaching the teachers

For years, Apple has been synonymous with education. But winning the modern battle in the classroom isn't just about making useful iPads.

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Apple offers tips for using its devices in classrooms with new site

Apple has launched a new site that offers guidance for teachers on how to use Apple devices and apps from the App Store in their classrooms.

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Apple's Back to School promotion offers free Beats headphones with Mac purchase in Australia

Apple has started its Back to School promotion is now available to students in Australia and New Zealand. Students can get a free pair of Beats headphones when purchasing a new Mac with education pricing.

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Empowering education with iPad and iOS 9.3.

Making information in education easier and more accessible for schools, teachers, and students, the Apple way.

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Apple wins big in enterprise and education in 2015

According to a new survey from JAMF Software, Apple made big gains in both the enterprise and education markets in 2015, seeing a significant rise in device support and favorable feedback.

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Speck MightyPack: A bag for all of a student's gear

Speck has made a bag perfect for your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Come take a peek inside the MightyPack.

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Tim Cook stresses the importance of technology in education during new interview

Tim Cook recent sat down for a new interview in which he stressed the importance of giving students across the country access to new technologies, highlighting Apple's involvement with the White House's ConnectED program.

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