#FollowFriday @iMore for your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!

Here's the deal! Our awesome CEO, Marcus Adolfsson got his hands on some $50 U.S. iTunes gift cards and he's doing with them what any awesome CEO would do — letting us give them away to you. We'll be doing that over the course of a few contests over the next few weeks, and we'll be starting with a good, old fashioned Twitter contest! We're giving each of our iMore editors and writers here at iMore one of the $50 gift certificates to give away. And yes, that means you have multiple chances to enter and to win! How exactly do you do that? I'm glad you asked!

Use the widget below to enter. Each option gives you more entries, and if you do all of the things, you'll earn yourself 10 entries. Not bad! If you don't use Twitter, don't worry, you can still earn two entries by leaving a blog comment, just make sure you click that option in the widget. We will announce the winners next Friday. Remember, the gift cards are only redeemable in the US iTunes store, so if you don't have a US iTunes account, they won't work for you. Good luck everybody!

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Reader comments

#FollowFriday @iMore for your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!


Well first off, I'd buy iWork for iOS since I've heard it's worth it and then Clear to do app and finally some music :) oh and modern combat 5 on the 24th of July :D

my household can sure use the card. iPad enabled high school students in our home, so will help with the books

Ima gonna win
You all gonna see me win
If I don't win I a gonna be all like "why I no win"
But I'm never gonna have to say that
Cuz ima gonna win!
You all gonna see me win
Spending money on cool apps
And the latest music
And maybe catch up on some reading
Cuz ima gonna win
You all gonna see me win!
(But good luck to everyone else, so if I don't win I don't look like a loser)
But I don't have to cuz...

Love giftcards!
I also want to say that @reneritchie is a fantastic tech journalist! Started following him on TWIT.TV with Leo LaPorte!

Well, I will certainly feel like I worked for this one ...compared to other iMore give-aways ;) Thanks for doing these!

if i won, i would use it to buy the new series (capaldi) of doctor who & save the rest for when the inbetweeners 2 comes out on itunes

If I win this, I'm going to complete watching 5th and final seasons of Breaking Bad, like I am on Crystal Meth...

I could definitely get some movies with a $50 gift card. And those movies will look great on that iphone 6 in September. P

This card will do me well. I need to download some movies before i fly out to london for school

Aah, I so need one of these. My iTunes account is set to the US Store, but I'm in Malaysia. And I haven't gone to the US in a long time, so I haven't been able to stock up on store credits :(

I would really really like to buy me a good game, cuz I love games. But still I love iMore I use the iMore app every day to get updated with the new apple updates.

Sent from the iMore App

I'd definitely purchase a couple of new albums like sia and sam smith ones, a couple of new games from this week and save the rest for modern combat 5

I will use this gift card to purchase some apps that I really want, like iPhoto, Shazam, Need For Speed and also some music.

I did all the steps, I hope I will win the itunes gift card, For me will be an amazing gift from iMore :D

I'd love to buy a lot of movies and apps from itunes. Not music since i have spotify premium. It would be such a present

I need to renew my spotify premium suscription with itunes credit so this would be perfect for me :D