Georgia gets tased at #CESlive by a Yellowjacket iPhone case

Yellowjacket makes very special cases for the iPhone - they're for self-defense. They incorporate a non-lethal stun gun right in the cases. It's not like the ones the cops use - this won't make you fall to the ground. But Yellowjacket says that it's enough to scare someone off.

The case houses a rechargeable battery that doubles the battery life of your iPhone. A battery switch turns the case off to prevent accidental discharge, and a safety switch underneath the activation button is another measure to keep the Yellowjacket from going off when you don't expect it.

Georgia wanted to experience it first-hand - watch the video to see the results!

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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Georgia gets tased at #CESlive by a Yellowjacket iPhone case


And for her bravery in the face of danger while in the pursuit of ground breaking tech news...

Hazard pay, roses, chocolates...

A Porsche BB?

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I give you props for doing that Georgia. I've been OC sprayed for LE purposes and it sucks! I work with electronics as a job and have been shocked and I can't imagine doing that lol.

He is actually very humble and very funny.
Link for those who want context.

Life gets weirder and more enjoyable every day. An iPhone case with a damn taser? Good on you for trying it out.

The question is will she have to go into therapy after a tazing :)

(since that's kind of her area in the 1st place...)

I cannot believe they wouldn't do it! Whoever was filming should've done it so she didn't have to tase herself!

Georgia deserves a raise! That's crazy..... This is a great product for women who are single are work in crazy locations .

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That's very brave of you Georgia to take one for the team.
For the product, I just hope whoever buys one doesn't use it to do something reckless.