Get the boards! HUVr Tech announces "real" hoverboard in hilarious, star-studded video

Since Back to the Future Part II debuted in 1989, many of have dreamed of owning our own hoverboard, and now an entity called HUVr Tech claims to have made that dream a reality. In a video featuring appearances from celebrities including Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, and Moby, HUVr demonstrates it's supposed gravity-battling skateboard, modeled after the ones found in the movies. Going further, HUVr says that the board is controlled with an iPhone app that also tracks speed, distance, path, and travel time. The app is supposed to connect over Bluetooth. HUVr Tech says that the boards are coming in December.

A hoax to be sure, but it begs the question: if it ever did come around, how much would you pay for a hoverboard? Let us know below in the comments?

Source: HUVr Tech

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Reader comments

Get the boards! HUVr Tech announces "real" hoverboard in hilarious, star-studded video


Sweet! In time for the holidays, and to make the movie accurate (there, anyway). Add to the point that Nike self tying shoes and we are good.

Now, for that fax connected 4:3 screen?

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Oh, and hoax to be sure (there are giveaways in the video). But fun and I wouldn't be surprised if this is Kimmel or Funny or Die.

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It could be a video simply for the sake of the virulency of “Real - Not Fake” videos that are fun.
Laughter can be an agenda.

Very cool concept... Hope it generate a significant amount of money for the author on Youtube... Yaun!..

If Hoverboards do become a reality (as they are, ahem, supposed to by next year), I'd be willing to spend $150 for a basic model, $375 for a Pit Bull. :)

$150 for a base model?!? A base iPhone costs around $600! And this (albeit fake) product would utilize the same but probably more expensive technology.

And based on prices from 1985 (Marty McFly's home year in the trilogy) I'd say $150 is a pretty fair price! After all, a Walkman is nearly $50!!


For more technology in the board than in the satellites launched in 2010??? It's gotta be around 1.21m dollars!

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It seem like it would be some what of a cheap thing to invent ... since the earth has a magnetic feild and all it probably wouldn't have a motor why would unless it used air to push off the ground... but they shouldn't be expensive phones nowadays are like computers so thats probably why they cost so much but the only thing the board needs is gps it's fairly cheap and that seems to be tbe most expensive aspects is getting it to connection to a phone. me personally I do think it should be 200 -400 but I think we all know it will be pushing the thousands... why cause they can and there is no one with the same product... I want so bad for this to be real

No. It doesn't seem like something that would be cheap to invent. Nothing with "more technology than satellites" would be under a million to manufacture, and way more for the Research and development.You're oversimplifying science. Yeah the Earth has a magnetic field, but we also have super magnets with an unbelievable amount of controlled force yet no one's using that to make a hoverboard. Connecting the board to your phone via bluetooth wouldn't be close to the most expensive aspect of the board. I'm not trying to be mean, but you're kind of ignorant to the whole process of producing a product and the science that goes along with it.

Lol cause a "hover board is more advanced than a satellite" ok well why dont you message text call me with more detials.... ha ok ill just float by your house with my magnate track and a 2x4... so if the Bluetooth is not the most costly part what would be? Because unless they use moon rocks to make the board I damn sure dont see it costing millions to produce one to have one

Your an idiot if you expect to pay $150 for a basic model. A descent skateboard cost $150 sometimes more so there is no way a hover board is gonna be any lower than $250

Must be a very slow day in the news department, but entertaining nonetheless

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ok, I watched it again, Now I am really seeing the movie flaws. But they did a really good job. Look at the shoulders, they seem to wearing a body suit harness under the clothes. Look at TO's tight V Neck tshirt when he is talking, and then when on the board, it is a loose fitting round neck. It would have been great it not for the guy somehow kicking off of the air to make it go faster??? Does he also have huvr shoes?

Funny stuff. but I think we have finally found the first thing on the internet that might not be real

You actually see the wheels and stabilizers of the rig crane at 3:30, at the upper right corner of the frame.

I didn't even notice that at first. What caught my attention was all that black plastic on the fence in the background. Clearly trying to hide what was going on.

I knew this was fake right away. If we had this technology then EVERYONE would know this. Cool idea though.

We have enough trouble trying to get Americans to believe in science without people making fake technology videos prefaced with the insistence that they are real.

I am convinced it is actually for a 25th anniversary blu-ray release of the movie. Or something like that. Like you buy the movie and get a overboard replica or something

I want to know where they found a DeLorean that is actually drivable!

You can see the harness pull the shirts out of many of the "riders" and you can see the base of the frame in several of the shots.

I can't wait for the other shoe to drop and we find out the rest of this story.

It would have to be pushing 10,000 for the amount of money they have put into it. This is the problem with all of this crazy technology is that it takes millions and millions of dollars to construct a prototype, put it into production etc, that when the product finally goes on the market, they have to charge thousands and thousands to make any profit. With all of that being said I would be willing to spend 500 on this. Of course I've done research and as far as I know they are only offering one model to start off. If this business actually takes off, they could offer a new model with a bigger magnetic field, and then there is some major money to be made. Until then, I don't see this company succeeding on the market.

It a cool thought! But its all made possible with movie magic! Its made to trick the mind that's why you have to really pay attention to what you are watching to catch there mistakes!

Well for me I would pay R3000,00 for starnderd and R4500,00 for a bulldog but you should make a store in South Africa or do free shipping for purchase and for repairs.