Get your iMore, Iterate, and Debug t-shirts here

Get your iMore, Iterate, and Debug t-shirts here

We made some special edition iMore (gray), Iterate, and Debug t-shirts over the holidays as thank-yous for the hosts and staff, but enough of you asked about them that we decided to make them available for anyone and everyone who wants one. Since we don't want to get into the t-shirt business (at least not yet), we simply uploaded the designs to CafePress and are letting them do the heavy print-on-demand-and-ship lifting. We're also offering them at cost. That's right, no markup. We don't make a dime off of them. Our shows and sites are successful because of you, and if you enjoy them enough to want shirt, we're honored to provide them.

They're all black, available in both men's and women's sizes. iMore features a gray version of our iconic logo in its new, 16:9 style. Debug and Iterate feature the podcast artwork in "worn"-looking blue and red respectively.

I've received mine already, and they're terrific. I'll be wearing them at Macworld|iWorld.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Get your iMore, Iterate, and Debug t-shirts here