Google Slides for iPhone and iPad completes the Google productivity suite

Google Slides comes to iPhone and iPad

Google has released its Slides app for iPhone and iPad, an app dedicated to viewing and editing your slideshow presentations from your iOS device. Like Docs and Sheets before it, Slides is independent of the Google Drive app, focusing on a single area of productivity.

Google Slides lets you create new presentations, edit existing ones, and more. You can import and edit documents from Microsoft PowerPoint, work offline, and of course, present right from your device. As with the Docs and Sheets apps, attempting to open a Slides presentation in the Google Drive app for iOS will now open it in the Slides app itself.

Be sure to check out our reviews for Google Docs and Google Sheets for iPhone and iPad to see what we thought of the first two. Google Slides is a universal app, and can be downloaded from the App Store right now.

Source: Google Drive Blog

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Google Slides for iPhone and iPad completes the Google productivity suite


I'm sure a review of these. We google apps will come, but the best way to know if actually using and comparing them yourself and deciding which one suits your needs better.

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