Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!

Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!

Happy birthday original iPhone! 5 years ago you went on sale with nothing but a 2G radio, full capacitive touchscreen, and dream. Now look at you. You brought a world of tic-tac keyboarded Treos and BlackBerrys kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Half a decade ago I had a Treo 680 and was waiting desperately for an iPhone to hit Canada. (Ultimately I had to smuggle one in to Canada, and fight an ongoing battle to keep it jailbroken and unlocked so it would work on my local -- and back then insanely, like $200/100MB -- carriers.

It had no third party apps. It had an aluminum back. It cost a bloody fortune. And it was utterly amazing.

Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!

Even now, looking at my original iPhone side by side with my iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 4S is better in every way, I still love the original. Everything from Steve Jobs' introduction to the first time I used the iOS (then iPhone OS) interface, made it such a memorable year and experience.

Did you get an original iPhone when it came out in 2007? Did you line up? What phone did you have before, and what was the transition like? And how do the memories of the original compare to what you have now?

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Happy birthday! Original iPhone turns 5!


I got one of the original iPhones, stood in lines for a few hours at an Apple store. Opened up an AT&T account just to get one. It was nice, but it took a 12 step program to get away from the BB style of phones. Now I've got a 4s on the Sprint network, which works great for me and have a hard time remembering what the BB OS was like.....

Happy Birthday!
I did not buy an original iPhone and was very skeptical of it at the time of it's launch like a lot of people were. I came from the Blackberry world, tried the Samsung Jack 2 after getting fed up with BlackBerry - and then went to the iPhone 4 and have not been tempted by another platform since.

I didn't get the original iPhone but I did get the original iPod Touch. The first time using it, I was hooked. I loved everything from how the OS worked and the ease of use. I got my girlfriend the iPhone 3G when it first came out. My first iPhone was the 3GS. Then I upgraded to the iPhone 4, and now the 4S. I will be getting the new iPhone this fall. Amazing product that just gets better and better every year. My girlfriend and I will be in line for that new iPhone.

I stood in line for the first iPhone(still have it to! Displayed on my dresser! Along with the 3G, 3Gs, 4, and 4s in my pocket) I just can't get rid of some things... They look so cool all lined up! ;) with their boxes...
Anyway, thanks for the Video! Havent seen it for years... Sure was great when it came out, changed everything! They really did reinvent the phone! Amongst other things... As I'm typing this on my "new iPad" ;) what a great time for technology right now...! Thanks Apple!

Cost a fortune? I got mine for £175 brand new from O2 in the UK, no contract. Less than half of the cost now. The only iPhone I ever jailbroke. Let's face it, they had a nice screen but did nothing amazing. I've moved on through 3G, 3GS and settled with a 4 now. Still the best phones I've ever had.

Tried it out a week or so but way too slow on edge. It wasn't really a smartphone at the time since it had no third party apps. Hard to justify the price losing the functionality I was used to. Went back to Treo and bought Centro later in year. I went back to apple for good with the iphone 3G.

In about 3 hours from now 5 years ago I was standing in line at my local AT&T store ready to hand over $600 for that original iPhone. The memories...the next day everyone told me I was crazy for spending that much. Especially being it did very little in that state.

I remember not understanding the hype. It wasn't even available in my area because we didn't have AT&T. And even if we did, the iPhone was nothing more than toy at that time which made it completely worthless for my use.
When I think back it still amazes me how a device so limited in so many ways was able to gain enough popularity to grow into what it is today. I don't think any other company could have pulled that off.

I had the original and all others since then. IPhone made my life easy to organize. I also had Blackberries, HP, BlackJack, Treo, but iPhone was designed using common sense.

Hi everyone, my name's Chris and I'm a former Apple hater.
I was at Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia 5 years ago and laughed at the thousands of people lining up to buy a $500 phone..
Boy... do I feel sheepish now..

awesome product, happy birthday & your numbe rs continue to ascend, I jumped in at iphone three, best upgrade & decision ever.

I thought it was a simple and easy way to report comments like these but I don't see it.
My first iPhone was a few months, ago. I had a Treo years ago when the original iPhone lacked just about every bit of functionality that I valued in a smartphone.
HP and Palm stayed alive just long enough for the iPhone 4S to debut on Sprint – the first iPhone that met my major requirements.