Happy Independence Day USA! + iPhone 3G Line Up Has Begun!

iPhone 3G Independence Day Line Up

You knew it was coming, inevitable as the rise of Old Glory on July 4th -- the first iPhone 3G line up has begun at the NYC Apple Flagship Store!

Or should we say... Tailgate Party!

(iPhone launches are the Superbowl of consumer electronics, aren't they?)

The line began forming today, the Friday before the Friday of launch, just 1 week (and a few hours) before the first iPhone 3G goes on sale at 8am (and, if an AT&T estimate of 30 min. per activation is anywhere near accurate, likely 7 days and many hours before the second one will be up for sale!)

Geardiary reports there are almost a dozen people lined up already, with security being very obliging, and Apple Store employees playing nice.

So, here's to the USA, and to the few, the ultra-devoted -- those who dare to phone different first. We're with you in spirit.

Save some for the rest of us!


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Happy Independence Day USA! + iPhone 3G Line Up Has Begun!


only in America!!! where sex change freaks give birth to kids, why is a week long queue for a phone not a surprise?