Horizon: The one app everyone who takes portrait, sideways, and crooked videos needs to straighten them out!

You see an amazing moment caught on iPhone video... in portrait instead of landscape. Sigh. You watch an unforgettable scene unfold before your eyes... sideways. Ugh. You see the most beautiful memory imaginable... that's so crooked it looks like it's sliding off the edge of the world. Rage. If you know someone who absolutely, positively just can't get their videos right, grab their phones, punch Horizon into the App Store, and have them buy it and use it. Yes, the greater the angle of rotation it has to fix, the lower the resolution of the video will turn out, but that's the price that has to be paid to straighten it out.

Because friends don't let friends screw up their movies.

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Rene Ritchie

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Horizon: The one app everyone who takes portrait, sideways, and crooked videos needs to straighten them out!


A simple but brilliant concept. I can't believe it took this long for an app like this to come out.

Ha, I really thought the article was going to say "grab your friend and punch them"!

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It reduces the resolution considerably to achieve its goal. For example, instead of 1920x1080, you get 1080x608, so it's not ideal. It's more like punishment for not doing it right :)

That's disappointing. I was just wondering if this would make a welcome addition to my imaging library, but maybe I'll wait 'til Apple incorporates this feature into the default iOS functionality. I can live w/editing the way I have been for a little longer.

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What's with this "do it 'right'" nonsense when it comes to vertical orientation vs. horizontal? Sometimes a vertically-oriented photo or video makes more sense and just plain looks better.

I like the fact that I can just take video and know that it's in landscape for that quick video capture. I also like that someone is trying to bring the cure to VVS! Hopefully future updates will permit to capturing video at higher resolutions!

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