How do you celebrate the Year of the Rooster with iMessage, Siri, and Apple? Like this!

Apple has added a special variant of the iMessage "Celebration" screen effect — complete with lucky red bubble and prosperous gold text! — for Chinese New Year. Siri has also gotten in on the celebration and you can even find some festive wallpaper on 新年快乐 indeed!

How to get the iMessage 'Happy Chinese New Year' Celebration effect

To get the Chinese New Year effect, which is a variation of the sparkling firecrackers found in the Celebration effect, simply type "Happy Chinese New Year" into iMessage and hit the upwards pointing SEND arrow on the right.

How to get the Chinese New Year responses from Siri

If you have Siri set to Cantonese or Mandarin — yes, Siri speaks multiple languages! — you can also trigger some Chinese New Year responses. Here are some phrases you can try!

  1. 鸡年大吉/新年快乐/新春快乐/春节愉快 (Happy year of rooster/Happy New Year/Happy Spring Festival)

  2. 你打算怎么过春节?(How do you celebrate Chinese New Year?)

  3. 你能陪我过春节吗 (Can you celebrate Chinese New Year with me?)

How to get the Chinese New Year wallpapers from

In celebration of the 2017 Chinese New Year, Apple has some amazing wallpapers available on their Hong Kong site.

How are you celebrating the Year of the Rooster?

Back in my high school years, Chinese New Year meant getting up on stage and doing demos surrounded by lion dancers. These days things are quieter but just as fun. How are you celebrating the Year of the Rooster?