How to change your Apple ID security questions on iPhone or iPad

How to change and update the security questions associated with your Apple ID

If you own and iPhone or iPad you almost certain have an Apple ID. It's what you use to log into iCloud and iTunes, and it's what a lot of new iOS 8 features like Continuity use to make sure you're you, and to keep your documents and data private and secure. In other words, your Apple ID is important. If you don't use two-step verification enabled — and you really should! — if you forget your password, the only way to reset it is with your security questions. That's why it's a good idea to review your security questions, make sure they're easy to remember for you but not easy to guess for anyone else.

How to change or update your iCloud login security questions

  1. In any web browser — including mobile Safari — go to
  2. Click on Manage your Apple ID in the right hand column.
  3. Log in to your Apple ID using your current username and password.
  4. Once logged in, click on Password and Security in the left-hand column.
  5. Choose new security questions and type in answers you will remember.
  6. Click on Save at the bottom.

That's it, you're done. Even though good secret questions may be able to keep out some unwanted characters, they still aren't fool proof. We highly recommend using two-step verification instead of secret questions altogether. If you aren't sure how to set up two-step authentication for your Apple ID, you can follow our guide via the link below.

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How to change your Apple ID security questions on iPhone or iPad


So, you have to answer your current security questions before you can change them. Unless you have a Rescue Email set up.

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No, I went to do it and if you want to change the questions you have to enter your old answers, if you've forgotten your old answers, like me, then you're stuffed

See the thing right below that, the "Temporary Support PIN"? Call Apple, read that, and be able to verify one other thing, can be a few things they have on your account, and they can reset the questions, without you having to answer them.

Guys, please remember to use a random dice-ware type of passwords for the security answers, not "easy for you to remember". It's easy for me to remember "blah blah" but that's not a password.

Do not actually answer the question truthfully as that's an easy mark for any social engineers can figure out quickly via social media and/or other methods.