How to get humidity, chance of rain, wind, and more info from Weather for iPhone

The Weather app for iPhone provides easy to see temperature and precipitation information for one or more locations, all at a glance. But what about humidity level? Chance of rain? Wind direction and speed? And what the temperature actually feels like when you go out? Luckily, Apple's built-in Weather app provides all of that information as well. It's hidden behind a gesture, but once you know it, you can get to all of it with just a simple tap.

How to switch to humidity, chance of rain, wind speed and direction, and more in Weather for iPhone

  1. Launch the Weather from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap the large temperature number at the top to switch to Humidity, Chance of Rain, Wind, and Feels like.
  3. Tap again to switch back.

Note: iOS 7 only. In iOS 8 all this information, and more, comes out from behind its gesture and is listed in plain sight, right at the bottom of the screen.