How to manually set up iCloud mail using IMAP and SMTP

How to manually set up iCloud mail using IMAP and SMTP

If you want to access your iCloud mail from a non-iOS, Windows, or Mac mail program, or with an alternate smartphone platform like BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, etc. you'll need to set it up manually using the IMAP and SMTP standards. While it may not be as pretty, it will be functional, and once it's set up you'll have access to all your iCloud mail, wherever you are.

How to manually set up iCloud mail in Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and more

  1. Launch the Mail app of your choice.
  2. Add a new account.
  3. Enter the following IMAP server name:
  4. Toggle SSL encryption to On or Yes.
  5. Set the port to 993.
  6. Enter your iCloud email address as the username, using instead of — example:
  7. Enter your iCloud password.
  8. Enter the following SMTP server name:
  9. Toggle SSL encryption to On or Yes.
  10. Set the port to 587.
  11. Set Authentication Required to Yes.
  12. Enter your iCloud email address as the username, using instead of — example:
  13. Enter your iCloud password.

Apple advises that, if you receive errors using SSL, you try using TLS instead.

Once you have it set up, let me know what platform you're using it on and how it's working for you!

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How to manually set up iCloud mail using IMAP and SMTP


It should be mentioned that STARTTLS can also be used for the outgoing server settings, because when I chose the option SSL/TLS on my Android tablet, it gave me an error.

I'm trying to set this up with Dream Cheeky's Webmail Notifier that works with the USB device from Think Geek. I know my account and password are correct, but when I use the settings you have in the article, the connection fails. They don't have a TLS option available in the program (the only other one is POP); is there another port I can try besides 993?

After trying several times without succes I found the answer here. Just did everything it said and it works great (in Outlook from Microsoft Office 365) on my Mac. Thanks again iMore! :)

Thank you so much. I’m still working with our legendary Snow Leopard I was successful with configuration. Obviously doesn’t work but I could do it without service into Snow with a new email as other message clients -X- writing, IMAP server name: and and voilà.

It wasn't necessary write any number port by defect did it.

I tried to set up my ICloud email in the updated Gmail app. I kept getting error messages. I finally tried this method and it worked! I did try the suggested app Sync for ICloud but that app has a lot of ads. Another app that works great is Blue mail. The set up on Blue is automatic, no ads, great UI, and plenty of options.

I found that if 2 factor authentication is turned on then you have to log into your account and generate an app specific password. Then using that instead of my usual email password worked.