How to pause, play, skip, and shuffle tracks with Siri

How to pause, play, skip, and shuffle tracks with Siri

Not only can Siri play songs, albums, and playlists from the built-in Music app on your iPhone or iPad, it can also interact with what you're currently playing. Basic commands like play, pause, skip, and shuffle may be easy when you're sitting around casually listening to music, but if you're driving, Siri lets you keep your hands on the wheel.

How to ask Siri to pause, play, skip, and shuffle music on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to launch Siri while music is already playing.
  2. Pause - Say something like "Pause." or "Stop playing music."
  3. Resume playback Say something like "Resume music playback." or "Continue playing music."
  4. Shuffle - Simply say "Shuffle." while music is already playing or say something like "Play the Torches album on shuffle." Basically, you're just appending on shuffle to whatever you'd like Siri to shuffle, whether it be a playlist or a specific album.
  5. Skip tracks - Say something like "Skip this track."
  6. Go back - Say something like "Play the previous track." in order to play a track again — useful when you accidentally skip a track or want to hear a song again.

There are lots of basic commands that you can tell Siri to perform when it comes to interacting with the built-in Music app. If you've found any cool or particularly useful ones aside from the ones listed above, be sure to leave them in the comments!

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Reader comments

How to pause, play, skip, and shuffle tracks with Siri


I like that you can do these things with Siri but honestly the necessary steps far outweigh the practicality. Wouldn't it just be easier to swipe up from CC and tap pause, play, etc.? Maybe runners/athletes find this useful?

Sent from the iMore App

Not when driving. But yeah, play/pause/skip via Siri is too cumbersome. Good thing those controls are on my steering wheel. But Siri to start playing something that is not already queued up when driving is great.

I agree that starting up a song, album, playlist, etc. is pretty useful through Siri and I agree with car use, but I still feel that holding down the home-button (or even however your car activates Siri) is more of a hassle and more time consuming than just tapping the directional arrows or play/pause button.

Which is what I said. Play/pause/skip still works best with the finger controls. Either on the steering wheel or dashboard. The touchscreen has no tactile feel to let me know WHERE my finger is before I tap a button and my eyes need to stay looking ahead, not down at the phone. :)

The steering wheel or dash controls and the iPhone Home button I can all locate by just knowing where they are and feel. The on-screen controls, not so much.

Now if only such basic commands were baked into the local computer and not have to connect to servers for her to understand me. I have a phone plan without paying for data (the 5s with the $25 GoPhone plan, a few minutes, unlimited texting, but no data), you would think small stuff like this doesn't take much memory?

Sent from the iMore App

For the record it's like having a PDA without an internet connection; I use it as an organizer as well, that's why I have a smartphone yet don't pay for data.

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I love this function, you can tell SIRI to fast forward or rewind any time interval you choose! Great for podcasts to replay last 11 mins. For example.

I told siri, "I don't want to hear that song for a while" because it played about 3 times in an hour on shuffle. Siri paused for 30 seconds, then resumed. Smartiepants.

I agree with those who say using Siri to control music in the car isn't practical. I use an app called Listen. It has a great interface to easily control the music without having to worry too much where the little buttons are because it's primarily a swipe on one direction or another. Also, I have my phone mounted on a vent with a holder I got from the online Apple store so my phone is within inches of the steering wheel. I could control my music quite easily with the steering wheel controls but that only works with songs stored locally on the device; most of my stuff is in iTunes Match.

Listen -

Holder -