How to: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 - Windows PC QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

A few days back we brought you a simple guide to jailbreak your iPhone with firmware 2.2.1 on your Mac. Well today we are showing some love for our Windows faithful.

This guide will show you how to jailbreak the iPhone 3g only, not the first generation iPhone. Some important notes before we begin: You must have iTunes 8 installed and you must be on firmware 2.2.1, if you are not, be sure to update via iTunes. Also make sure to go into the task manager and disable ANYTHING Apple or iTunes related.

Let's get started, after the jump!

1. Get the tools.

Once you are positive you are running the 2.2.1 on your iPhone 3G and have iTunes 8 installed it's time to get the tools you will need. Create a folder on your desktop named "Pwnage", then download the following files into that folder.

Once you have downloaded the above files you should unzip the QuickPwn zip file inside the Pwnage folder you just created.

2. Launch QuickPwn

This should be simple enough no? Launch QuickPwn from the folder you extracted it to on your desktop.

3. Connect your iPhone 3G

Connect your iPhone 3G via USB to your computer and click the blue arrow to continue.

4. Locate Firmware

Now we have to click the browse button to locate your iPhone 3G firmware.

5. Selecting the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW

Select the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW file from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop then select the IPSW file and click the open button.

6. Firmware Verification

QuickPwn will now verify you have selected the correct firmware. After it is verified click the blue arrow to continue.

7. Customize your firmware

This step allows you select what you'd like installed on your iPhone. You have the ability to select Cydia, Installer, and replace boot logos. Once you have made your selections click the blue arrow to continue on. If you want a full jailbreaking experience, installing Cydia and Installer is highly recommended.

8. Verify connection

QuickPwn will noW verify that your iPhone 3G is still connected to your PC. Again click the blue arrow to continue your journey...

9. Potential Tricky Part - Pay Attention

Ok, this part seems to give some people issues, but I assure you it does work. QuickPwn will now put your iPhone 3G into recovery mode. When its in recovery mode you will be given directions to: Hold the Home button for 5 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.

10. Let the jailbreaking begin - no going back now!

QuickPwn will detect your phone is in DFU mode and proceed with the jailbreaking process.

11. You are officially jailbroken - Congrats!

Well that's it folks, it's time to start exploring this whole new world you have just opened. For answers to more of the questions you may have regarding jailbreaking please head on into our forums. There are always members of our community willing to help you out!

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Reader comments

How to: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 - Windows PC QuickPWN Edition



@DJMaskak, this guide is for a Jailbreak only.... has nothing to do with unlocking. Please read it again...

All is fine until step 10 but then it just stays as the screenshot shows...FOR HOURS!!! What am I doing wrong? I have a Iphone 3g with 2.2.1 firmwear and have no desire to unlock, just jailbreak using Windows (vista if that matters).

question on step number 9 recovery mode, it says hold down home button for 5 second then hold down home and power button for 10 seconds. do i need to let go home button first and then proceed and press and hold home and power button at the same time? thanks

Anyone know where I can jailbreak a version 2.1 8G iphone.. the original iphone.. I can't seem to find any sites that work just seen mostly 3G stuff thx

Eveything goes fine until my iPhone reboots, it stays on the apple boot-up symbol for ages and vibrates once in a while for whatever reason then restarts and does it all again, i have run QuickPwn several times and according to it all is well. Help please?

Oh and iTunes no longer recognises the phone because an ivalid response was recieved from the device so i can't restore.

Actually nevermind, i managed to restore. Getting the jailbreak to work would be nice though...

Before I try this, I just wanted to know if all my apps, data, pictures, etc. will be deleted? My brother gave me his old iphone so I won’t have the same itunes to restore it with.

Process went thru smoothly but all that displays now is the apple logo.
Cant restore in itunes says i need to unlock but there is only the apple logo
Every once in a while it dies and restarts on its own or vibrates Help This is weird
I would appreciate any help possible
my email is
please dont spam
thank you

"i have a problem with my iPhone its a 2nd gen iphone 3g and i used these steps and it says it was successful but my iphone wont reboot and it keeps on turning off and a white screen flashes for a sec and it tries to reboot again plz help"
I tried to Jailbreak my updated 2.2.1 3g last night and got the same problem. Bootscreen with flashes and vibrates twice and then repeat. Here's how to fix it...
Turn off the phone and leave it off overnight like 8hrs. This should turn off any stuff running while it is off. Then open the latest version of itunes on your computer. Plug in the USB. Right away push the home key and the power button and hold it until you see the itunes cable logo. It might take a while. Be patient and wait for it. The phone should then start in some kind of safe mode and itunes will ask if you want to reset the phone. Hopefully you would have backed up the phone before attempting the jailbreak. After you have restored the factory settings you would restore the back up copy of your phone.
Reason for boot log problem might be because you have too many applications loaded on the phone. That's what happened to me. After I restored the phone to factory settings with 2.2.1 firmware it was barebones. I tried the jailbreak again and it worked. Then I re-synced all of my apps.
Hope this helps.

3g 2.2.1 being used with a SIM unlock. Was working fine. Now stuck on emergency dialer. How do I get it back to workig with the sim adapter? Will jailbreaking it do it?
Again I don't want to unlock. I just want off this damn emergency dialer screen so I can use my sim adapter again.

I did the JB and things went fine all the way to the final step. Now the phone stays stuck on the pineapple for hours. I tried to go back to Itunes and it says that it cannot read the phone until I unlock it with my passcode. However I cannot see my screen to unlock it with my passcode. ALL I see is the stupid pineapple. SOME ONE HELP.. My phone is stuck cannot not unlock it with my passcode!!! to even restore it back!

@Jeremy Sikora.
You're right, I'm sorry. :) My mistake.
Are you from Poland ? If yest please write e-mail to me :)

@ Rayven, go onto youtube and type in how to restore iphone, it will be by a guy called "howtoiphone" that'll sort it, i had the same problem

Hi guys. Does jailbreaking also means unlocking the iphone 3G. Cause I dont see an option for unlock like it used to be with the 2G.
I just wanna be sure before I start the process.
Thank you

No it's not. To unblock your 3G phone you need to use yellowsn0w trick, but ONLY if you have firmware 2.2.0. If you have firmware 2.2.1 already installed then, there is nothing you can do now.

i jailbroke yesterday folling these steps and everything worked just fine… until the next day all day I used my phone then all of a sudden i found out my phone wont make ANY CALLS it texts, goes on the internet and everything! but when i click on the green phone symbol to make a call it just freezes and goes to the home page!!! what should i do!!! the phones kinda useless without being able to make or recieve calls….HELP PLS.. Thanks in advance

I have firmware 2.2.1 already installed on my phone, i purchased the phone with it already on it, tried jailbreaking it and was unable to use my phone again until i restored factory settings..
Any tips on getting jailbreak to work on my phone,
thanks in advance

hey all
ive had my phone for a couple months now but im really scared to jailbreak because of all these problems ive been hearing about
are there any permanent problems that could result from jailbreaking that i cant fix with a restore?

Hi after my jailbreak using the software the phone cant start up it only show the apple logo.

Me and my wife both have Iphone and i was wondering if I dl the software to JB my phone and it works on mine, will it effect her phone as well if she does not choose to JB her's. Would we have to jailbreak both is what I'm basically asking. Thanks.

@ Jeremy Sikora: One more thing...I have an 8 Gig it worth the trouble? will I have enough memory to carry the apps that are worth it? Thanks.

Im using a pc. Im stuck at the recovery mode. Hasnt started the hold home button process yet. Is that okay if I've been on here for about 30 minutes?

Hello, I used quickpwn to jailbreak my iphone today but I cannot seem to install any of the cracked apps I downloaded. It keeps on telling me that the content cannot be verified on itunes. Is there anything I can do about it??? Please

thank u so much for your tutorial.
the jailbreak was a success but i didn't get any signal from my carrier. the wifi worked fine. fyi, i bought my phone unlocked.maybe anyone can help ? thanks in advance:)

i just unlocked my iPhone, i dont know why i did but i know i would like to the looks. is there a web site i can go to to gwet themes ect. from ?? thnx

Hey Guys,
I jailbroke my 3g iphone today and after it was done it froze on the apple (when booting). After 30 mins it finally went to my opening screen, everything was ok and the jailbreak was successful. I would concur that it was due to my 20 apps I had downloaded...maybe it locks for 1 minute or so per application? Scared the crap out of me though....

I have been on the screen where it says waiting for phone in recovery mode for 10 min now, How long does it take to go to the next steps in unlocking/jailbraking.. HELp

I've already gone through the whole process and reached the "Successful Jailbreak" screen, but it's been about 45 mins and my iTouch still hasn't shown anything but the pineapple...Should i pull the plug on the USB or should i just wait for awhile longer?

Well i decided to just pull out the USB cord and now iTunes doesn't recognize it and it won't load up either, my computer still "dings" whenever i plug in the USB and i can still turn on and off the actual iTouch, but it still won't do anythign more than the f***ing pineapple (even though the design is BAMF)

i have a problem when i begin the jail rbeak processs i get to the part where i have to get ready to press the buttons a number of seconds but it doesnt go any further it doesnt go to the next step where i actually have o start pressing the home and power buttons im running on windows xp any one know what to do ?

hi.. i got a problem. please help.
I have brought a phone in the US and using it in india using turbo sim. now when i did an update to latest latest software with a normal sim, it gives me an error message, that NO SIM card installed. Insert a Valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iphone.
please help what shld i do... im struck.

So guys i've jailbroken and restored my iphone 3g 2.2.1 like 100x's with no probs (same way as explained above) now i know 2.2.1 fucks up installing downloaded itune apps (like a collection from a torrent site or smthn) altho it did work once (no clue why) anyways everytime i try to install the apps with itunes it says cannot be verified! i've tryed to seauth and reauth with itunes store and abunch of other things anyone know how to get this to work?? if not with itunes mabye vis ssh? lemme know please i'll check back here or u can email me tnx alot!!

i jailbroke my 3g unsuccessfully. It froze on the apple screen on startup. i let it sit, and sit, and, sit, and all it does is flash and go back to the apple scree. Oh and occasionally it vibrates. I tried re jailbreaking the phone and now the phone has gone completely black. it won't turn on doing the reboot sequence, when I plug it in my computer or plug it into the wall. I think i am royally %$#@ed. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!

hi there....i got the same problem with the guy above,actually i jailbreak my iphone succesfully but same thing happen it turns on then off then vibrate...the apple icon appears on the screen too...and its already 2 days...can somebody help me solve this....thanks!!!

Every time i try with my Firmware: iPhone1,22.2.15H11_Restore.ipsw
it says "Firmware Error Strin"!?
I also downloaded a the firmware from the link above and tried to use that, but the same error message came!
Please Help!

if iphone 1,22.2.15H11 doesnt work try downloading iphone1,22.0.25C1Restore or iphone1,22.25G77Restore

i ve just made it (without installer and reboot) in 10 minutes. everything seems working properly.
thx to everybody,

i did it! yess!
if u guys have no connection issues after you jb, make sure you ACTIVATE your phone after first, updating the firmware and before you jb.
good luck!:)

dude i have prob ...when i go for jail breaking my i pod touch with 2.2.1 framwork........ my quick pawn 2.2.5 show error of ipsw is not support or its is corrupted i know its have2.2.1 (5H11a) and i have downloaded from every sourse but its not workin plzzzzzzzz help i fed up to download 242MB every time

THANNNKK UUU SOOO MUCH THE DEV TEAM I OPENED MY SECOND IPHONE 16GB 3G MYSELF IM PROUD OF MYSELF =) even though i had to pay 50 bucks for a friend to jailbreak my first one :D thank u :p

1 question...(moree like a couple)
is it legal
will my iphone crash
please comment
thx for reedin

If you're getting stuck at the load screen (apple/pineapple) then you need to restore in iTunes. Hold Power and Home and iTunes should recognize it. Do a restore with the file you downloaded above. When that's done, re-try the QwickPWN and you should be good to go. I'm all set. I'm now re-syncing the apps from my iTunes library.
I'm on Windows Vista.
Question- where do I download the new application? Like categories.

i've been trying to jailbreak my iphone for 3 days. I found this cite and it took about 15 minutes...MAX. TOO EASy... good looking family....

Ran this on my iPhone and had a glitch others had mentioned, it froze at the apple boot screen.
If I had to guess I would say it was something to do with the configuration or apps installed prior to jailbreaking because of what I found...
There is a simple fix. I probably could have found this on the forum but since I had played with my 4th gen ipod I pretty well knew what to do, and this worked.

  1. Restore your iPhone.
    a. hold the home button for 5 seconds
    b. continue pressing home and hold power for 10 seconds
    c. release power button and continue holding home until the iphone boots in restore mode
    d. restore your iphone using itunes
  2. Re-run the jailbreak process and enjoy.

Hey i just got my iphone and iam trying too find a good fireware for win2000 i got itunes 8 and it doesent work for the the files quickpwn and the fireware.

i went through all the steps. it said appears to have been installed correctly at the end. But when i restarted my phone it just sits at the black screen with the apple icon and doesnt do anything. after awhile it vibrates. does this mean my phone if broke for good?

I went through all the steps and it seems to have been installed correctly at the end. But when i restarted my phone it just sits at the black screen with the apple icon and doesnt do anything. after awhile it vibrates. My iTunes doesn't recognize the phone being plugged in .. so I'm unable to even restore it! What are my options to fix this problem?

i have followed the steps and now my phone is just showing a black screen with the apple icon what do i do now

It finally worked:). It did not work on my first two attempts. I had to do a restore, than it worked like a charm. Thanks for all the hard work. I had to put phone in dfu mode in order for itunes to recognize my phone.


I used the quick pwn to jailbrake/unlock my fist gen. Iphone. However, after I insert my Tmobile sim card I get a dysplay message reading"different sim detected please connect to itunes". the phone wont go past the emergency call screen. Can any one help?.

After I restored my phone and launch Quickpwn it will ask to locate the firmware and then it will verify it but it gives me the following error. "firmware string error"
Can anyone help me please

If I jailbreak an iphone, and slip my sim card in, will AT&T know, especially if i DONT use the internet, except for wifi ofcourse. and will gps work as well?

Thank you KOA! You are a complete life saver! This phone is giving me so much grief .. would you believe I have gone back to the store 4 times already?! I was seriously going to lose my mind ... but your advice worked. You are amazing!!

Can i jailbreak with my work computer which is window and then go back to mac which is my home computer? will there be any problems using my mac

i just JB my Iphone and everything went smooth until the last step , it said that everything went well and that phone would restart and then nothing , the apple logo comes on and stays on , i figure i need to wait , but how long.....
email response to

I tried r.estoring and then running qwkpwn again, but it does the same thing, stuck on the pineapple. any ideas

I allready installed the version but I cannot install my previous apps that I had on the version the iphone does not update them gives me error. What can I do? I have an 3G iphone.

It says the app could not be verified! What can i do??? before with the 2.2 I didnt have this problem and now with 2.2.1 I cant install all my app

Brilliant you guys, worked first time. Perfect instructions, a lot of the commercial software industry could learn a thing or two from you all, take it from me... in the commercial software business. This is a slick and well put together system!

thats what i did kurogane, but it still hung up on the restart. I finally did see a pic a dude with like russian in the dialog box eventually, but i stopped there. Had to crash for work so hopefully i can get somewhere with it today. All tips and pointers greatly welcome

finally got it, and saw my mistake (i think). i was kinda tired. When i restored, i fully restored. The logo was stuck. This time, with a clear head, i stopped after the factory restore and there it is. Ill probably jb my wifes tomorrow. Ill see if that really was my problem.

I cannot longer use my regular crack apps that I used to have on my iphone 3G firm 2.2 because I upgraded to 2.2.1 why is this? What can I do? should I go back to 2.2?

I am trying to get my iphone 2g 4GB unlocked but it wont do it using quickpwn. I am repeatedly getting error message that my usb is faulty or I might not have followed the instructions right.

i've just jailbroken my iphone3g.. but how can i use it to activate another sim card? thanx i need answer...

how long does it take after you jailbreak your iphone said it has finished but apple signs still on phone and its still plug in usb ..

Hi I installed the 2.2.1. firmware,un my iphone 8GB (1st generation) using quickpawn on my pc (WinXP) and all went well. The problem I have now is that I can't install any of applications I have on my hard disc trough itunes...Any help???? tnx

i dont know what happen but when i finished mine it froze n now i dont know what to do cuz i held tha home button with the power button but it styl doesnt come

Solution for iphone that hang at the logo after jailbreak.

  1. Backup your iphone.
  2. Restore to factory default (clean state, do not sync).
  3. Jailbreak.
  4. Sync back with your backup.

Iphone hang after jailbreak because of the installed applications.

hi, i did it. it works so good
when i turned of 3G n go outside
it shows up E on top
i tried to use the internet and it works
can you tell me why?
do i be charge money or on my data plan? thx lot

Hi Help anybody
i read all those instructions and tried to jailbroke my iPhone 3G but forgot to disable my passcode before the jailbroke and now i have a problem that when everythings done while jailbreaking the reboot process is still on after it has been already 12 hrs or more
and my iPhone doesn't turn on
so Anyone with better idea?

ya Sean u n i have the same problem
so any body can help how long does it take to reboot it still showing apple logo

i have a 3g iphone w/ 2.2.1(5h11)version and 02.30.03 modem firmware will this change my baseline to the 02.28.00 baseline?

I have a 3G iPhone, the version is 2.2(5G77) so the problem is I want to update to 2.2.1 but I'm afraid I will get block. What can I do to migrate to 2.2.1 and then unblock my phone.
Kind regards,

And what does jailbroke mean? I'm new user and I have started the task to be familiar with.
Thank you in advance.

Jailbroke means you can install non apple approved software on you iPhone. And don't update to 2.2.1

I tried to jailbreak my iPhone, everything went on well, but the phone stays in black screen with the apple in the middle...seems it's not restarting.
what should I do?

I've tried to jailbreak my iphone and i followed all the steps but when i get to select firmware it keeps saying firmware error string. what does that mean? and how can i fix it?

I've bought a locked 3g iphone but without the original operator's simcard. Can I still jailbreak and unlock with a different operator's simcard?

Is it just me, or can u others on vista not save the firmware onto the folder? I wish i knew how to do it. Help please. It just keeps saying cannot open, and then when i save it to that folder, it does not appear. Help

When my iPhone 3G (firmware 2.2.1) got stuck at the logo screen (with the apple/pineapple), i just ran QwkPwn again and Jailbroke it (while still in the boot logo screen), and it worked!
Good Luckk!

AND, if that doesn't work:
1)Close iTunes
2)RESTART computer (while iPhone/iPod is connected)
3)Wait until iPhone unlock screen comes up
If that doesn't work, then I don't know what to tell you... Restore?
Good luck!

i held it for seconds but i guess it wasnt long enough now its stucked there n its not recognizing my iphone is connected.....wat should i do

can anyone give us a good answer to "rebooting problem"? what we have to do when it happen to us for example?

Hey there, haven't purchased the iPhone yet. Was going going to get a blackberry after finding out jailbreaking. During my research I found many instances of people saying:
a. Visual Voicemail is GONE BABY GONE
b. end call button GONE BABY GONE
c. restart your iphone to END A CALL
Is this true? Visual voicemail I don't really mind, but the End call button...
Can anyone confirm the End Call button is still there after jailbreaking?

Not worth the trouble. I wanted to jailbreak it because I liked the idea of intelliscreen application. But the phone kept freezing at the apple logo after jailbreaking. I will see if factory restore works. What a waste of time!

Hi there I have iPhone and looking to jailbreak my iPhone I bought my iphone a few weeks ago at at@t I was wondering if I jailbreak my iPhone will I be charged texting for convo with friends on yahoo messanger and how about using as a modem for my laptop how often do u think I should use without any problems

I have jailbroken my iphone 3g and now im trying to restore my if possiable, but i would be happy with just the contact..Any ideas on how i can do this? is it possiable?...

I have downloaded the software but i keep getting a message telling me that i dont have the right .NET something or other. Whats going down??

I was wondering if this was the program than can change the background theme, get free games this etc.

This was super easy, and super fast! I have Vista 64-bit, and it worked FLAWLESSLY! As a precaution, and this is likely not necessary, but it can't hurt, I launched QuickPwn with Administrator privileges. :D

I downloaded both the tools into pwnage folder on desktop like recommended, but when i try to open quickpwn an error screen pops up and wont let quickpwn run. is this a common problem and how can i get past it?

Redmoon i assume u didnt open the task manager to close all tases running by Apple.
Does anyone know if i will be able to update to 3 version when released when i have done all these?

I'm on .NET 3.5 SP1. U can download it from
Shut down anything Apple-related, and don't forget Bonjour.

This totally worked for me! Don't be scared to try this method to jailbreak your iphone. The hardest part was the timing in step 9 - the tricky part. Took me 3 tries but it does work! I am loving this iphone even more now!

Yes. Exactly. It worked the first time for me, but I've jailbroken two previous OS builds. The "tricky part" with pressing the Home, then combo Home/Power buttons, then Home only again is not always exactly as many seconds as it says. If you know what to listen for, the device will "tell you" when you can "let go" ;)

I have iphone 1st generation which is 8GB, I bought it from iphone store in New York, later I unlocked it for all networks, please let me know if it has 3G option, I am not sure, now I am willing to use for down loading data and e-mails, I am not sure if it could work or not. I also have fear if it could be locked during updating by itune then how can can I unlock it? I will appreciate if you could guide me & help me!

Hi everyone I just bought the iPhone maybe three weeks ago and have wanted to jailbreak it ever since. But I was reluctant to do so because of so many complaints I saw on different blogs about people's phones failing. Well I followed the steps above and was able to succeed, I did make sure though that all my data was backed up on iTunes in case anything did happen. So far it has been one day and the phone is working perfectly. If anything does happen I will post up again. I just want people to realize that if they follow the instructions on here and on quickpwn they will be able to succeed in jailbreaking their phone. Good Luck.

Oh and in case anyone is interested, I was working on Windows XP SP3 while doing the jailbreak.

i just jailbroke my iphone and it said it was rebooting and its like it just keeps restarting and it wont go off the apple screen like when you turn it on and it will come up on itunes but i have a passcode on it and it says i have to type it in on the iphone but i cant because its stuck on the screen where its just the apple can anyone help

ifti: No, what you have is the original iPhone, which is EDGE-only, or 2G. It does not have a 3G option.
I have a new one for sale, by the way, if you're interested. ;)

I have a 3G but I don't know if I can jailbreak after update from 2.2 to 2.2.1, Can anybody advise me to know if it is possible?
I appreciate,

What you mean? it is autentically a 3G iphone, 2.2 version. I am not sure if I can jail break once I update to 2.2.1, that is my question. Any kelp?

So, i did this jail and everything went fine. but the phone keeps on telling me "different sim detected" and when i connect it to itunes it says that the sim isnt supported... did i miss something or do something wrong?
please help a guy who isnt very technical!

so i tried to jailbreak my iphone 3g I was in 2.2.1 installed qucikpwn and got stuck at pineapple screen, tried to reinstall this time with the apple logo instead and got the same stuck on apple so I did the power off hold power/home and once apple appears release power and hold home to restore via itunes, it starts to restore but then says iphone failed to restore itunes cannot restore, what should I do? I think i lost all my photos contacts music apps? please help

How do I unlock my 3g iphone to use different service providers? anyone can help? I've used pwn and it worked. But I'd like to change my provider so any thoughts on this?
Tons of thanks in advance.!

How do I unlock my iphone 3g? will this ispw update the baseband to 2.30.3 ? Or will it stay 2.28.0! By the way my iphone 3g 16 gigs white is currently on ispw 2.2.01 and it wont allow me to creat my own firmware. Anyhelp guys?
Thanks :)

I jailbreaked my 3g firmware 2.2.1 phone with no probs at all, began to enjoy all the benefits... then found my "phone" function was greyed out and inoperable. It seems my iPhone had become an iTouch !! I have re-installed original firmware and it is working fine in its factory condition now. Anyone know what went wrong?? Could it be that I am in the UK where the iPhone is designed to work on the UK based "O2" network?
Thanks in advance.

I jailbreaked my 3G without problem 2 weeks ago . since yesterday cycoder dosn´t work . i ve reinstalled but i didn´t work . please help me Thanks

I jailbroke my phone from this site and it was really easy. I then started to install a bunch of apps, BUT now after rebooting it will not start up again. It gets to the pass code screen but will not allow me to do anything. It keeps restarting itself every 10 min's. I tryed hard booting but still the same. Anyone know what could be wrong and how to fix this problem?? please help

I have the same problem with freezing logo (apple or pineapple). Besides, Iphone doesn't appear in Itunes as well- so I can't restore. If anybody would help I would be really thankfull.
you can email

okay no such reply, i restored my iphone and lost all contacts photos songs apps ect, so i figured mine as well jailbreak to see if i can use diskaid to bring back my contacts so i'm jailbroken with no numbers all for some crap streaming videos i could get before I jailbroke, I was thinking i could watch flash and other video files which i should be able to and can but can't with the video out and thats the only point, i jailbroke to make my $50 tv out cable worthwhile only to find out I can't use the tv and now i've lost all of my information, what a waste, i wish i just kept things how they where,

I did mine yesterday with this method. After being on the apple logo for 2 hours and it keep going on and off and vibrating I was like fuck this and closed the quickpwn screen and turned off the phone. Turned it back on and opened iTunes to just restore to my last sync. The phone turned on fine and I saw Cydia and Installer were there and it was jailbroken. Messed around with Winterboard and other apps and just decided it wasn't worth it to void the warranty and shit if something happened. I restored it fine and am happy with the regular old iPhone.

i got my iphone bj few day ago it find and very thing work good but can get the installer and i try redo over few time but still not. can anybody help thank you

I went through the process and it said it was successful, but it hung on the pineapple logo and wouldn't boot. Every so often it buzzed twice but that was all. I tried using iTunes to restore but it wouldn't recognize the iPhone. I had resigned myself to the thought that I had bricked it when iTunes suddenly recognized the iPhone and started trying to sync it. I quickly hit Restore and it tried to do a backup, gave me some errors, and then lo and behold it said the sync was complete, and my iPhone was alive and had Cydia and Installer on it. I don't know what went wrong or how it resolved itself, but it scared the crap out of me and I wouldn't do it again. This process is not as bulletproof as the docs make it sound.

i feel like i got a problem at the process of "wait for ur iphone to connect in recovery mode..."
How long do i have to wait?? it takes too much time so i think it is not going to continue working anymore??
please help

very nice tutorial, it worked exactly how it said, little messed up of holding buttons, its too quick, but it gave me second chance and i could able to do it, now i have a jail broken phone, thanks to the team who did this.

All went well, very easy instructions, JailBreak successful> HOWEVER> I am unable to launch my Phone app, I am able to make calls using contacts, etc but cannot hangup as I am unable to launch the UI for phone. Any Help will be appreciated, extending my Iphones features is great but losing the basic phone feature is another.

I successfully jail broke my phone. I want to install Flash Player, but I am not having any luck. =( Please Help... Thanks

Will not take 2.2.1 from 2.2????
Currently running 2.2(5G77), Modem Firmware (02.28.00). I've jailbroken many of iphones, so this ain't my first rodeo. Downloaded both the windows quickpwn and ipsw 2.2.1. Launched quickpwn and ran thru the entire process 2 full times. I'm still on 2.2 with the same modem firmware. Hello? what the heck is going on here?

By the way, the only way to NOT update your baseband is to use the PwnageTool 2.2.1 for Mac OS X. I would not trust ANYTHING else. The PwnageTool will not update your baseband allowing you to use YellowSn0w. You can take the factory ipws that iTunes downloads for you and just point the PwnageTool at that file.
go here:

i have an iphone 3g and it is not activated yet. i used quickpwn and it ask me for firmware 2.2.1.. i dont have a provider sim to activate the phone. question is will i be able to bypass the activation screen using this tutorial?

i jailbroke my iphone 3g on 2.2.1 and it ses at the end wait for it to reboot in its new modified state but its just stuk on the apple logo what can i do???

after JB, i put in my sim card, but can't connect the sim card at all - now the phone totally no signal.
any bros out there can help?

hi when i get to the stage where i search for the firmware i manage to search but i have dowwnloaded over 4 now and non of them seem to work and the big green tick doesnt come up any help please would be apreciated

Well i have already break an iphone.. by updating the baseband to 02.30.. i wont do that mistake again everyone be ware.. who doesnt use AT&T .. Dont update your iphone to firmware 2.2.1 because it cant be unlocked yet!!!!! well we are waiting for Dev team unlock the 2.2.1 ver..

My 3G runs Safari. How do I (being totally new to the whole iphone thing) switch to say windows explorer or one that I can actually look at the websites that I want to look at!! Thank ya

i jailbroke my iphone 3g on 2.2.1 and it ses at the end wait for it to reboot in its new modified state but its just stuk on the apple logo what can i do??? but i stay in japan and here dont have atet.
please i need help because i cant use my iphone now,,,

I just jailbroke my brand new 3g US iPhone yesterday ! Everything seemed fine,. except I tried some of my app store applications. Got the usual programs starting then closing scenario it did this to the main phone application! some jailbroke apps good but none that really made me think it’s worth the main phone app not working (why is that?) .anyway thanks again like everything and the how to step by step, will try again soon when I’ve a weekend free. Any ideas on what might have been the problem with the main phone app would be appreciated... great work, perfect tool... lets get it sorted so we can open this baby up for everything (like true file sharing)

i jailbreak my iphone but it does not read my sim card even thought my service is at&t. Can any one help me

hey i had bought the 3g iphone but is 2.2.1 5h i want 2 know if i can still unlock it plz thank you...

im trying to JB my 3G and ive followed all the steps..but im now stuck on the step that says "Preparing your device." "Wait for your iPhone to connect in recovery mode." and its been on this screen for 45 minutes now..please helpp

PLEASEE help quickpwn is not reading my iphone whyyyyy it took me all day to get this program to work with all the .net programs please help

yo i just finally got this to work . I have an AT&T version 2.2.1 iphone and wanted to use tmobile simcard. It didnt work at first, but finally worked. Follow instructions as well as post #137, that post fixed it for me. I think the problem I had was restoring the updated itunes software with the old AT&T simcard in. DONT DO THAT THE SIM MUST BE OUT. google how to put the phone in recovery mode if you cant get itunes to read your phone without the simcard. (I just had it hooked up to itunes and was on the restore page and then took the sim out and only the phone screen changed to emergency mode but itunes restore wokred). Immediately after the restore was complete and the phone was booting up I unplugged it and then let it boot, which went to the emergency call screen. From there put the simcard in which you are trying to use in. Then open the QUICKPWN program and then go through it. Bam thats what solved my problem hope it helps.

CORRECTION **** apparently the post # 137 that i was talking about is now gone or has changed, but anyways follow what I said above if you have problems. FYI i was stuck in emergency mode on my first attempt but it read my simcard as tmobile and i could send and receive calls, but then I restored as said above without the simcard and immediately closed itunes and unplugged the phone while it was about to boot up. Then I clicked all apps. on the quickpwn and held the buttons down for how long it said ( I actually counted the last step and let go of the home button after it stopped counting down with you because it stopped on 22 seconds and then went to the next step so I just kept holding the home button in and counted down still then let go) yeayea hope it helps

when i plug in my device once im to that beginning part of the tutorial. a dialog box pops up and says 'this version of quickpwn can only jailbreak devices with version 2.0" what gives? is this because of the new agreement laws for third party apps? if so this blows!

hi guys, ive managed to jailbreak my 3g phone 2.2.1, 2nights back.installed some jb & apple store apps.tonight however, I cant launch the apple store apps, i can launch the jb swares and can make calls. please advice..

Hi anyone! I need help! really think i've done my iphone 3g over for good! i jailbroke it as instructed and then i got stuck with the pineapple logo and nothing is loading. I cant restore with itunes either because when i load it up it says my iphone requires me to enter my password before it links with it. I assume this is my lock code, but how the hell am i meant to enter it when the phone wont turn on!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP I AM STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there. I just followed this tutorial and used QuickPwn to jailbreak my iPod Touch 1st Generation (2.2.1 firmware). The first time I tried to put it into DFU mode, I didn't hold the home button for long enough, so it told me I had my iPod in the wrong mode. I did it again, and it worked. It installed everything, went through the pineapple in a jogging suit thing, and then said it was rebooting.
And it still is rebooting, 15 minutes later. It's currently in my Belkin iPod Dock, which does have a steady connection to my computer. It does the normal reboot, registers with my computer, then a little white flash, then back to the boot screen. And then the same thing happens again. Ideas, help? Thanks.

Not worth your time. I tried this on my windows xp this morning. Frozen on the apple since. FINALLY after hours upon hours of trial and failure, I got my iphone 3g into recovery mode. Then, it bricked and shut down COMPLETELY again. After another hour of messing around, I got it all to work, now in the process of restoring from back-up. Not worth the trouble, I reccomend staying with what you have. Not worth it. In addition to that, im not a tech-moron, I am an expert graphic designer, programmer, and coding expert. I've never dealt with such a pain in the ass experience like this.

INSTRUCTIONS for anyone with the Frozen at Pineapple/Apple logo. (MAC)

  1. Get your phone on (pineapple/apple logo)
  2. Turn it off by holding power/home for 10 seconds, LET GO IMMEDIATELY after it turns off.
  3. Leave the phone alone for 6-8 HOURS
  4. Open up iTunes(6-8 hours later)
  5. Connect iPhone via USB
  6. Hold power/home until it turns on
  7. IMMEDIATELY let go of power and HOLD home for as long as it takes for you to reach the "Steve Jobs" screen (I dont know if this will be the same if you have the apple logo, it may be the connect to itunes, Im not sure, but for pineapple this is what will show.)
  8. Here is where you NEED patience.
  9. Wait for iTunes to recognize your phone, let EVERYTHING load, dont rush or anything.
  10. After it is all loaded, locate your 2.2.1 firmware download (you should have it if you previously tried jailbreaking...duh)
  11. Hold Option (alt) and press restore.
  12. Select the 2.2.1 firmware
  13. Restore as you would on any other occasion.
  14. Hope this helped, any other questions?

Email Brett.E.Greenberg@Gmail.Com

sorry to ask but cant find any IPSW file once i unzip the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW, only .dmg files? please someone help

I had my phone stuck on the pineapple for ages but i sorted by doing the following:
I connected my phone via usb and loaded itunes. It wouldnt connect at first and kept giving me error messages. I needed to reboot it but it wouldnt let me. To overcome this, i put the phone in DFU mode. To do this you need to hold the home and on/off key down untill it turns off, then continue to hold the home button. I did this and the phone flashed white, then itunes offerd the re-boot to factory settings. Seems as it was fixed but had nothing on it worth losing, i attempted jailbrerak again, opting without the pineapple logos, and it worked just fine. no problems yet

in the ninth point, I no longer continue.
for me is that I had a bad / faulty connection. I came to the conclusion, (five seconds before the run) then came the error. I hope someone can help me.
I have a swiss iphone 3G (firmware 2.2.1).

i just took all the steps to jailbreaking my iphone 3g and i successfully completed the process, but my phone has been showing only the quickpwn pineapple for ten minutes now. after it said to wait for it to reboot in its new state. is this typical??

Wow this was extremely easy. Alot of my co-workers and now me have gone through this process. And I love it as much as them. Thanks a million. Later.

please help my question is simple, but nobody answers me
i bought my iphone on 2.2.1 software and 02.30.03 modem already installed so where can i find the ipsw file when asked by quickpwn?

this worked perfecly at the end when it reboots it stuffed up for me on the first time but i tried it again and when the apple logo came up i just left it and it worked perfectly whooooo XD

i did what the instructions you have given on how to jaikbreak the iphone 3g... and it works .... but one problem is it sayss "no service" or " no network" please HELP whats my best option. anyone!!! i just upgraded it to 2.2.1 from 2.2.0.


hi i jailbroken my iphone 2G with firmware 2.1 using QuickPawn. It worked well and everything is sorted except i cant use some other network simcard even though i used the unlock option of QuickPawn and it given me the message of successfully installed

the quick pwn program couldnt load because of a .net framework initialization error. i dont know what that means. can someone please tell me.

I have an unlocked iphone, using turbosim, and I have succesfully jailbroken my phone, but it has now become locked and will not recognise my sim.
Not sure what will be the best way, and help please? Running 3g 16gb, 2.2.1 firmware

I have an Iphone 3g (16GB) and downloaded everything correctly. It jailbroke fine and when it was rebooting, it is frozen on the pineapple. I have no idea how to fix this, if there is any way please let me know

I did everything per instructions and my Iphone is stuck on the pineapple logo and itunes don't recognize it. I tried a reset but is not working, I thing I lost it. Please help!!

Thanks to entry 454 I was able to restore my iphone to factory settings. Did the jailbreak again and it worked. I reccomend you back up your iphone, restore it factory settings and then jailbreak, that way the initial reboot won't take hours (I left mine more than 7 hours and didn't work never got it back).

472 pucho i had same problem but opened quickpwn again to re-try putting the firmware on and my phone decided to boot up after an hour of the apple logo

My iphone stays at the pwnage symbol at startup, it just stays there, black screen and the pineapple symbol. Can anyone help me?

Hello, can any one tell me. I Jawbreak my iphone and then when i restore it in Itunes, it lock again.
So How can i do this..?
And which is the option button ? as it say press Option and then press OK to restore. and it will ask for the Frameware file. so what is it ?

Hello, I upgraded my iphone to os 3.0 and when I restore it to 2.2.1 and jailbreaked it does not recognise any mobile network.
What's the problem?

1st time kept getting stuck at the browsing for firmware stage.
2nd time worked a treat... just tried the whole process from scratch and done and dusted within 20 mins... sweet

if you jailbreak your iphone 3g and for some reason you have to send it into apple for servicing, what happens. If the phone is still under warranty or you have the protection plan, is all of that voided if the phone is jailbroken? Or can you just restore it and they wouldnt know the difference. thanks

can any one pls help me how to find out whether my phone is 1g,2g or 3g pls?? m a dumbo:-)

Heyyaaa .. Just did the jailbreak ,, Wondering how long it will take for the startup screen to go away ??? Cuz its been there 4 a few mins but the phone did vibrate twice..??? How long will it take??

The startup screen still there (has been 4 bout 15 mins so far??) IM SCARED MY IPHONE WONT WORK ANYMORE!!??? :'(
plz help

restarted without any sim in and still wouldent load up... how long will this take??? will my iphone ever work again ?? PLEASE tell me im scared its not going to work again!!!????

still on home screen!??? OMG why did i do this now i have no iphone ! WIll I EVER GET IT BACK??? Please somebody help me!??? PLEASE I WANT MY IPHONE

I just jailbreaked my phone and everything works fine expect for the calling. When I make a call, there is no phone screen. It is just the home screen and a green bar at the top saying touch to return to call. Even when i press it, it doesn't do anything. Also, I can't use the "phone" button. The dial pad comes up, but I can't press any numbers and I get kicked out shortly after. I've tried turning my phone off and back on but no luck. Any help?

Hey Can anybody tell me how to fix your iphone if youve jailbroken it at the apple start screen will dont go away??? It just stays there till the power runs out and vibrates allot?? Help..?

I just jailbroke my phone and lost evrything that was already on my iphone. how do i retrieve it?

Hey ..! Good instructions . = ) Just one thing, can i unlock my iphone 3g using this .? Or does this just jailbreak?

I just Jailbroke my iphone and the cops showed up at my house, is there a problem...? (oh, and i got a boner right when they handcuffed me)

i would also like a answer to question #490
could someone please answer it because i dotn want to jailbreak my iphone and have to restore it because its not unlocked

hey i have a big problem ive tried this 3 times now but everytime when everything is instaled and my iphone is rebooting it stays on the reboot screen for like 30 mins and keeps vibrating evry couple of minutes...what am i to do?

I downloaded the apps but the quickpwn will not open. It just gives me an ignorant windows error that says: "the application failed to initialize." blah blah Any help or suggestions???

i have the same problem as #476...i restored my phone to 2.2.1 after i had 3.0 and now when i jailbreak it doesnt recognize my cell carrier (not unlocked...still att)

hey, my iPhone 3G is stuck at the startup screen(the one with the apple logo). What should i do?