How to: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 - Windows PC QuickPWN Edition

Disclaimer - Neither TiPb nor I take any responsibility for any problems/issues/bricking/etc. that may occur while using this software to modify your iPhone. Please be aware of what you are doing.

A few days back we brought you a simple guide to jailbreak your iPhone with firmware 2.2.1 on your Mac. Well today we are showing some love for our Windows faithful.

This guide will show you how to jailbreak the iPhone 3g only, not the first generation iPhone. Some important notes before we begin: You must have iTunes 8 installed and you must be on firmware 2.2.1, if you are not, be sure to update via iTunes. Also make sure to go into the task manager and disable ANYTHING Apple or iTunes related.

Let's get started, after the jump!

1. Get the tools.

Once you are positive you are running the 2.2.1 on your iPhone 3G and have iTunes 8 installed it's time to get the tools you will need. Create a folder on your desktop named "Pwnage", then download the following files into that folder.

Once you have downloaded the above files you should unzip the QuickPwn zip file inside the Pwnage folder you just created.

2. Launch QuickPwn

This should be simple enough no? Launch QuickPwn from the folder you extracted it to on your desktop.

3. Connect your iPhone 3G

Connect your iPhone 3G via USB to your computer and click the blue arrow to continue.

4. Locate Firmware

Now we have to click the browse button to locate your iPhone 3G firmware.

5. Selecting the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW

Select the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW file from the Pwnage folder you created on your desktop then select the IPSW file and click the open button.

6. Firmware Verification

QuickPwn will now verify you have selected the correct firmware. After it is verified click the blue arrow to continue.

7. Customize your firmware

This step allows you select what you'd like installed on your iPhone. You have the ability to select Cydia, Installer, and replace boot logos. Once you have made your selections click the blue arrow to continue on. If you want a full jailbreaking experience, installing Cydia and Installer is highly recommended.

8. Verify connection

QuickPwn will noW verify that your iPhone 3G is still connected to your PC. Again click the blue arrow to continue your journey...

9. Potential Tricky Part - Pay Attention

Ok, this part seems to give some people issues, but I assure you it does work. QuickPwn will now put your iPhone 3G into recovery mode. When its in recovery mode you will be given directions to: Hold the Home button for 5 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.

10. Let the jailbreaking begin - no going back now!

QuickPwn will detect your phone is in DFU mode and proceed with the jailbreaking process.

11. You are officially jailbroken - Congrats!

Well that's it folks, it's time to start exploring this whole new world you have just opened. For answers to more of the questions you may have regarding jailbreaking please head on into our forums. There are always members of our community willing to help you out!

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Reader comments

How to: Jailbreak iPhone 3G 2.2.1 - Windows PC QuickPWN Edition



It would be really great if QuickPWN would not crash on me every time I try to do this. After I get through the pushing the buttons section it says that it has encountered a problem.

hey guy..i finish all the info u teach now my phone got problem.
only one apple on the screen now..go to itunes cant detect my iphone!!!
any guy teach me at msn pls!

I just jailbroke my Iphone 3G but at the very end when it was restarting it froze. Did it actually freeze or is it just going to take a long time to start up again.

The iPhone 3g 2.2.1 IPSW file is a winrar zip file, so the quickpwn program will not load it. When i unrar the file it becomes alot of folders and files and not a ipsw file. What to do? I have tried downloading a similar ipsw (custom made) file from another place, but then quickpwn sais it doe snot match any firmware version quickpwn supports,even though the file is supposed to nbe for 2.2.1. Isa you might deduce from the above, I am a total newbie at this, Please help :-S

Everytime I click on the Quickpwn icon to open it, I get a notice saying that quickpwn has encountered a problem and has to close. what can I do to get it to run like in step 2?

After following the steps, my phone is supposed to be rebooted. but instead, only the apple icon appears at the center. I tried on/offing the phone but after that, only the apple icon appears and not the menu. please help me

I dont know why but my iphone wont be detected by my itunes either. i want to restore it back but it wont happen. any help?

Hi guys, can anyone tell me after jailbreaking can it perform COPY, CUT AND PASTE on email, notes and SMS, just like the OS 3.0? Your soonest reply will be appreciated.

Ok, so I jailbroke my phone and it all went fine and I got the last screen and the pineapple message and all that and now I'm waiting for it to reboot. It keeps vibrating every 2 to 3 minutes or so and all I have is the pineapple logo (I changed my boot logo). How long before it starts up?

Hey guys, im trying to jailbreak my iphone. I have got the iphone 3G which was bought a month ago brand new from carphone warehouse so it already has the 2.2.1 (5H11) firmware on it already with the 02.30.03 baseband!
I have downloaded the required files and following the instructions as provided.
Although when I get to step where I select the IPSW in QuickPWN, it can't find it! the file is there... even when I do a restore in itunes by holding select and clicking restore it still wont find it.
It downloaded as a ZIP file and it doesnt have the .zip ext on the end of the file! I'm really struggling
any ideas?
Thank you

What a great walkthrough. Thank you.
Hey, if you re-write, you may want to warn the reader before they initiate the key sequence, that that they will be expected to start holding buttons without an intervening prompt. It caught me off guard and I had to do a hard reset and start over.

Okay! everything went smooth, inserted by Tmobile SIM. Only emergency calls are allowed... detected different SIM...
I don't think it unlocked :(

I am trying to jailbreak my Iphone 3G with 2.2.1 firmware and i cannot find a 2.2.1 firmware download that isnt in winrar format. My phone was already updated when i purchased it. So I dont have a copy of it in my itunes folder.please help

Am real keen to jailbreak my iphone 3G. Am just worried about stuffing it up. Currently downloading the latest version of itunes. is version 8 and 8.1.1 the same thing.
cheers appreciate your help

i went through the jailbreaking fast and everything seemed to work but now after its all done and did a restart it seems to be taking a long time to go through with the reboot and have been waiting around ten minutes to start...someone with a quick comment please

i have done the jailbreak it said it worked succesfully but when it rebooted it has stayed on the apple simble for like 30 minutes help please

Is anyone able to jail break and unlock 2.2.1 ? Looking at recent comment its seems that all failed. I want to jailbreak and unlock my new iphone. Please suggest.

Is itunes 8.02 strictly required for this, or may you use a later version? (I have version

i have done the jailbreak it said it worked succesfully but when it rebooted it has stayed on the apple simble for like 30 minutes help please

Hi! I've tried to jailbreak my iPhone 3G 2.2.1 and everything was great except for the fact that after finishing the installation it restarted itself over and over again for almost an hour and I had to restore it with iTunes. I tried again twice but it just won't start, it's allways stuck with the apple logo. Any help plz?

same here!! im looking forward to unlock my iphone 3g!! not just jailbreaking!!

If you are trying to jailbreak using Windows Vista you might need to restart your computer every time before you jailbreak. This is the only way i could get quickpwn to work

hi everyone i really need some hlpe,i got my iphone 3g in another conutry but i live in italy..i did the jailbreak and now is jailbroken but i still can't use any italian sim it,plz i need some hlpe av tried all sims but it wont work...any hlpe??

If you are on the iphone 3g 2.2.1, and you can’t get past the apple logo upon completion, restore your iphone by opening itunes, then hold down the Home button for 5 seconds, then hold the power button until it turns off. Let go of just the power button, then press the power button again (while still holding the Home button) and iTunes will eventually recognize that it’s in “Restore Mode” and you can restore from backup. (If you have one). This will take a while.
Now to attempt QuickPWN again correctly, realize that they left out the first step in the program. Open iTunes, click on your phone on the left, hold the shift button down, and click the Restore button. This will open a file browser where you can select the newly downloaded iPhone1,22.2.15H11_Restore.ipsw. Restore to this file. This is an important step because it starts the iphone from scratch. At the end when it prompts to restore service to the phone click yes. Then, open QuickPWN and browse to the same Restore file. When running QuickPWN 2.2.5 or 2.2.1 it will close iTunes. This is okay, don’t worry about it. When it gets to the third step and asks you to hold down for 30 seconds, really hold down for 30 seconds. Don’t let go when it moves down to the next process. Still count down from where it leaves off to zero, then let go. Let it do it’s thing. You should only have to wait about a couple of minutes for it to finish completely. If it sits on the apple or pineapple logo for more than 5 minutes it didn’t work and try again.

i just wanted to say that i got my iphone 3g 2.30.03 phone unlocked and every thing and it is not working with all the programs and my not AT&T sim

just finished the jailbreaking process in 10 mins. great install with very clear instructions. thanks for the post jeremy, and the team that made this possible. great work guys.

hey i have a big problem ,it stays on the reboot screen for like 30 mins and keeps vibrating evry couple of minutes…what am i to do?

I am probably being a complete noob here, but I understand what to do with QuickPwn225-2, but what do I do with the restore.ipsw that also has a ownload link in this tutorial?
Your help and patience will be greatly appreciated. Thx

i have downloaded the programe correctly and follow the steps but when i opened cydia it post me "HOST UNREACHABLE" AND INSTALLER DID NOT GIVE ME ANY APPS .... ALTHOUGH IT WAS DOWNLOADED SUCCESSFULY ..plzzzz reply quciklyyyy ANYONE

I have jailbreak the phone. Now I have the pineapple log but my phone is not rebooting. Anyone can help & guide me how to reinstead to original setting? it worth it? NO!
I was scammed into buying this crap at $24.99 and then found out it is FREEWARE!
After I followed everything correctly to set it up, it did NOT work!! The screen hung for an hour before I realised it fu**ed up my iPhone!
Now I've had to restore everything to factory settings and LOST all my music, photographs and apps.
This page should be taken down to avoid losses by other users!
I'm claiming my money back through PayPal dispute! What a complete RIP OFF!!

Hi, I have iphone 3g FW: 2.2.0 and already jailbreak. After i install some application from Cydia, I cannot sync with iTunes ( V: 8.1.1) anymore. the Dispay said: "The sim card inserted in this Iphone does not appear to be supported"
Any one can help me, to make iTunes work properly?
Please send email to:

i hv an iphone 3g with firmware 2.2.1, modem firmware 02.30.03 and bootloader 6.40,
will this jailbreak work for me?
if no then pls suggest any other way to get it unlock rather then the turbo sim.

I went to all the procedures. it worked but when I put an AT&T sim card the phone is not working. what can I do?

So, yeah i followed the directions, really easy. THough once it started to reboot, it locked up on the apple icon. SO im restoring it now but im wondering if i should try it again or if i try again, would it work? please send me help, or advice please. Thank you

I went to all the procedures. it worked but when I put an AT&T sim card the phone is not working. what can I do?
Could anyone help?

With Iphone 3G 2.2.1 on Vista I can't even get past device detection... I plug in USB when prompted but get nothing. Any ideas?

after it did its thing on the comuper and it said just to wait till its done restoring to its modded state, its been showing the little pineapple thing for soo long, did i do something wrong?

Hi All,
desperate here. I tried to jailbreak my friends iphone 3G but forgot to take the lock code off the iphone. Now when I try to run itunes I get the message "cannot use itunes as the iphone is lock." also when I try to run QuickPWN I get the message " This version of QuickPWN can only jailbreak devices with versions >= 2.0. ???
Now the iphone is frozen with the apple logo and won't go any further. please help asap.

After I jailbreak my iPhone is not recognized by iTune at times. My iPhone doesnt get fully charge when I'm using my usb port. I researched on the net and its talkin about something about libusb, what is libusb and how important is that? Can anyone help me understand how to get my usb port to recognize my iPhone and how to get my iPhone fully charge after you jailbreak it. Thanks...

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me i jailbreak my iphoen the first time and it worked perfect and then i dropped it in a cup of water oops!! but i got another iphone and when i did i tried to jailbreak it and it froze up on me and it broke i really want to jail break it again but i am afraid it will do the same thing is there something different i need to do i have 2.2.1 any help would be great thank you

I followed the steps up to the part where I am supposed to locate the firmware inside the Pwnage folder yet It will not recognize the file. I re downloaded the files and confirmed I am using all the file versions specified yet I cant get quickpwn to locate the file. Any ideas? Im sure this is something small Im missing but let me know if anyone knows what it may be. Thanks.

I tryed jailbreaking twice today and each time it just stays on the apple/pineapple logo for ages! how long does it normally stay on the logo??
All it does is vibrate a few times and flash,but dosnt start up as normal. Ive now resored my phone - which is a pain in the ass.

I have the exact same thing happening - - any help? Im on my third try!
I tryed jailbreaking twice today and each time it just stays on the apple/pineapple logo for ages! how long does it normally stay on the logo?? All it does is vibrate a few times and flash,but dosnt start up as normal. Ive now resored my phone - which is a pain in the ***. PLEASE ANSWER FOR ME….

my dad is really paranoid about me jailbreaking my phone...does the warranty really void? and if i restore it does it unvoid (not even sure thats a term)

Hi i open pwnage but i get to step five and when i hit browse and open the pwnage folder there is nothing in there wat do i do?

This did not work first time round for me. However I restored my iPhone then did it a second time and worked fine.

I did this successfully and everything was going great until I realized I have no safari. Is this bad? Or is it supposed to take it off? How am I supposed to use the internet then? Thanks!!

I did everything step by step everything works fine but when I try to install a app to my iPhone it says iTunes cannot read that file any ideas why?

so if i jailbreak my iphone now and the iphone 3.0 software comes out in july i will be able to restore my iphone and download the software????????????

i got through the whole process up to when the apple logo goes away and then the apple sign shows up. but then it just stays on the apple logo. once in a while it will flash and then the logo will reappear but it doesnt load into the icons. how long should this take?

@Tony #485 - I had the same problem as you (not being able to dial out or "touch to return to call"). I uninstalled "Kate" and my phone now works properly. I know I'm late with the response and my solution may not even help, but I thought I'd post it just in case.

I just download quick pwn and 3g 2.2.1 IPSW FIRMWARE.. then I unzip the quick pwn.. I can't launch the quick pwn.. any idea?? I'm using Window XP
My is Canada I phone 3G w/ Fido, shouldn't be a problem right?

can anyone tell me how long it will take the apple logo appear in my screen after jailbreaking it? thanks in advance! :)

after downloading, the 2.2.1 firmware IPSW file is not in the folder after downloading, just a bunch of unopenable .dmg files, this obliviously results in quickpwn not being able to open the IPSW. anyone having the same problem?

when i open the QuickPwn it said "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application" then it terminates ... i can't open it for the 1st step ... please show me how to fix this error ....

Can anyone help please? I have successfully unlocked my iphone 16gb 3g but I am still getting an invalid sim error on my phone. What do I need to do next so that my phone will work with t-mobile.

to Frank,
I had the same problem, Im assuming you've used yellowsn0w...make sure your SIM pin code is off otherwise it wont work

I followed the directions to a "T" and it seemed to work fine but the first app I downloaded put my phone itno a loop that turns it on for about 1 to 2 minutes and then shuts it off, I can't restore it in I tunes or anything, it just restarts and is stuck in this loop, any ideas or suggestions????

I jailbreaked my ipod yesterday but i dont think it worked it did say that it was successful but the pineapple logo has been there for the longest time...i even left it all night and i see no advance to is stuck to dfu mode and when i tried to restore everything back to normal...the ipod wont appear on itunes..i dont know what to do...plz someone help how can i make my ipod work again!!!!

Just for general info, ive struggled to get this to work, it all loads fine, and as the phone tries to reboot after jailbreaking it just freezes. I tried to plug it into itunes and it would pick the phone up, however i figured out if you start i tunes and press the same button pattern on the instructions, itunes will pick your phone up and restore it to its previos state, hope this helps.

got same problem as Jason.
ipsw file is not inside firmware zip file. couple folders and some other files but no ipsw file.

ok so i downloaded like 10 different iPhone1, files from various websites. they are all 246 MB and none of them have the ipsw file. am i missing something in the directions? is it in one of those dmg files?
in other words, WTF?!

man thank u so much for all.ive jailbreaked my iphone 3g,16gb,,and its working just fine.thankz

I did everything as explained. when i get to the part where i have to put the firmware in, i put it in and it does not verify it for me! Can someone help me please???

I have downloaded everything and the download went through fine, but now it is stuck on the apple logo, it shuts on and off but then goes right back to the apple logo. I had a passcode to open my phone originally, therefore I am not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I went on to Itunes to try and restore, it stated that my phone has a passcode to unlock, but because my phone is frozen on the apple logo, i don't even have the option to unlock my phone, therefore not even Itunes will recognize my phone where I can do a restore...PLEASE HELP!

Thank you very much for this. I went through lots of steps over and over again but this one REALLY worked.
Now I just have to figure out how to unlock my iphone. I can google it anyway.

I got to the "verify still connected" when Quickpwn crashed. Started again and in the same spot it did it again but this time the Iphone screen showed an Itunes icon and a usb lead but nothing happened, I needed to restore - could someone tell me what happened and how to get around this please? Thanx

536 has good info if you're stuck with constant re-boots after the jail break process.
I tried, did the jail break and got stuck at the end. PILE OF CRAP! I had to restore and loose all my data.

One thing the guide doesn't mention. If you have a pass code you must disable before the jail breaking. It will make things much easier for you.

Umm, I have a question. After you do all of the stuff it says, how long does it take for the iphone to reboot itself?? I just finished jailbreaking my iphone, but it is taking quite a long time for it to reboot itself. Is that normal?

I got to the “verify still connected” bit when Quickpwn crashed. I started it all again and in the same spot Quickpwn did it again but this time the Iphone screen showed an Itunes icon and a usb lead but nothing else happened, I needed to restore - could someone tell me what happened and how to get around this please? Thanx

I have been researching jailbreaking for quite some time now and i have seen more people with issues here recently than i have seen in a long time. Think i am going to wait until 3.0 comes out in a week, then wait until app is updated or created to jailbreak it...

What do I do if i get the error message: Your device has connected to the wrong mode. This can be caused by incorrect following of the instructions or a faulty USB connection. Please Try again

Please Help - I have done all of the steps above, then when it says you have sucessfully jailbroken your iPhone, please wait for it to restart with the new modded software(somewhere along those lines...)and then it wont stop what i think looks as to it restarting itself over and over. Also it never leaves the boot screen. then i tried it again to see if i did something wrong and this message showed up - "This version of QuickPwn can only jailbreak devices with versions >=2.0.". And when I go to iTunes to see if it's connected properly, it says it can't access it because of it being locked, when in fact it hasn't left the boot screen in the past hour.

I get to the second step and double-click on the pineapple and I get a QuickPwn.exe - must first install .NET Framework:v2.0.50727
And I have had all the trouble in the world. Anyone know what I'm talking about or encounter this problem? any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had just attempted to jailbreak my phone. I followed the directions exactly and I had made sure all the programs were up to date. The download said it was a success and that it needed to reboot for me to enoy the phone. Trouble is the phone can no longer reboot, it is currently stuck on the apple logo start up screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? please email me if you do, I feel like I have just ruined my phone. I cant even restore my iphone because an error message comes up saying it cannot connect. please help~!!!


I jailbroke my 2G iPhone already and inserted my AT&T GoPhone SIM card afterwards. But I have no signals yet. Somebody please help!!!

i can not open qwicpwn after i downloaded it. it says orror initalizeing. i restarted and re downloaded but nothing

I've just tried it and now I'm left with just a pineapple on my screen and it won't do nothing else :s Any suggestions ???

To get the Iphone back into recovery mode simply follow the steps you had used to get it into recovery mode in the first place (IE holding the buttons down for 5 the 30 seconds then letting go of the power button but keeping the home button down). Doing this will allow your Iphone to be recognized by itunes again so you will be able to restore it. (this is for people who had the same problem as me with having their phone stay on the boot up screen for hours).
as for people thinking of jailbreaking their phone, I suggest waiting until firmware 3.0 comes out as the trouble you are going through now might not matter because your jailbreaked applications may not work with the new software. I would wait it out...
for the people running XP and other successful jailbroken did you successfully do it while others (like myself) have failed?

not that I mean when you are ay the screen with the instructions but ir says to wait for your phone to connect into recovery mode... I'm wondering how long that takes..

umm i just jailbroke my iphone and it was pretty easy but after it was all dont and still now my phone is just black with the apple in the middle and i tried hooking it up to my computer and nothing happens and i cant cut it on or offf it just stays like that . is this supposed to be this way or what should i do please write me back cause i need help?

step 6 is not working for me. i try doing 1_2.2.1 and i put it in and it doesnt do the checkmark please help!

i'm having problem getting past the part where you hold down the buttons is there a trick to it or am i suposed to wait for it?

hey wats up .... y isnt there the unlock option for the 3g like there is the original.... does it just automatically unlock it as well plz email me the ans

so i tried this for my 3g and it says that my fimware doesnt match what i downloaded. my modem firmware is 02.30.03. any suggestions?

I have the 3g iphone, I have at&t service but I also have tmobile service what I want to know is will be able to get my phone unlocked for tmobile cause my at&t plan don't support the I phone any moor anybody please let me know

so when i download 2.2.1 firmware and QuickPwn and get to step 5 in the tutorial my computer cant find the ipsw file 'firmware bundle' wat do i do :"(

I just tried to jail break and when I did launch of the Quickpwn i get an error message that says i need to install the version of the net framwork. Does anyone know what that means???? please help

if you care about your iphone DO NOT USE THIS SOFWARE it fucked up mine and now its frizen at the boot logo thanks a lot u stupid quickpwn

can anyone tell me how to unlock my i phone 2.2.1 i have successfully completed the jailbreak process and i have vista. Too much confusing information out there.

i got thru everything fine i been waiting ten min. for the phone to connect in recovery mode, is it suppose to take this long

hii i buy iphone 3g version 2.2.1 and ths is locked ,,, is nybdy hav idea hw i unlock ths iphone ,,or is it possible to unlock iphone with my self ,,,, i dnt wanna spent mre 50 pound to unlock it,,,,

Hi, I tried all the steps given in this site... at the end I was waiting for my iPhone to reboot.. it has never rebooted. I just see pine apple logo on my iPhone 3g 2.2.1. Please help to fix this problem or let me know how to undo it.

Dont try any of the winpwn...quickpwn.... all r waste of time.... The only best solution is downloading REDSNOW application from dev blog website and follow d instructions...
It can successfully jailbreak the phone in few minutes... I tried 4 other solutions for nearly 9 hrs and found this one and dis s sucessfull one.. Easily jailbreak..
Ur comments pls...

dude worked, too bad installer is down forever though. will its apps be avalliable ever again on a different installing app. e.g cydia, icy ????

I did all the steps but when i got to the firmware part i couldn't find it. I downloaded the firmware like half a million times and i still can't find it. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?

hello, what do i do if i only downloaded 2 of them , the blue & purple one.
do i need the other one?
& if soo how do i get it?

hey,um what does jailbreaking mean?
i dont understand? and will you get in truoble for it?
& what does it do for me?

When having step# 6. Firmware Verification,
I got message:
"TheIPSW file you selected (iPhone1,22.2.1) does not match the firmware versino of your device (iPhone1,23.0). Please note that QuickPwn does not upgrade your firmware, it only jailbreaks whatever firmware you currently have on your device."

The only question I have, while all this seems really simple is, will this work with AT&T users? I've read there are special ways to do it if you are. Supposedly you can't do it the normal way. As this true? I ask only because I have heard people will jailbreak and then not get any service after the break. If I do have a problem, do I just restore from itunes? Thanks alot guys.

i have jail broken my iphone but now it wont charge can someone plz help as to why it wont?

ok i have an important question before i try this whole jailbreaking thing. i just bought my iPhone while on vacation here in FL and i plan on jailbreaking my phone on this computer and I'm going back home in a few days. When I hook my jailbroken iphone up to my computer at home will anything go wrong? also i don't have itunes on my computer at home.
haha i'm new to all things iPhone.
Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance ;]

I JUST WENT THRU ALL THE steps with my 3g 3.0 iphone and its at the recovery screen and its purple? whats wrong???

um i extracted the ifone firmware compressed thingy but i cant find the actual firmware file any suggestions?
thnx in advance
-da spaz

Just tried to jailbreak my iphone and it goes to emergency calls only. When I press the arrow at the bottom of the screen it sends me to a purple screen with USB attachment. When I tried to connect to itunes it stated I was not a developer. Haven't a clue what all this means and my phone does not work. Despairing and seeking guidance. Andy cheers

can this be use to other country like libya? because my father will use this iphone there. looking forward for your help.. thanks!

Worked perfectly the first time, follow the directions make sure your version 2.2.1 with a 3G Iphone.

its told me to wait for my iphone to connect in recovery mode for 10 minutes now. how long does it usually take.

When my quickpwn searches for the frimware it says i need a firmware thats starts with iPhone 1,23.0. but the firmware i have is iPhone 1,22.2.1 so it doesnt work, why is that? :S evrything is fine except that part it doesnt let me continue cuz the quicktime says its not the correct frimware but on this site 1,2_2.2.1 is the correct one.... can anyone helppp??? please

i jail broke about 6 months ago,it worked perfectly, no mistakes at all, untill i tried to restore it 1 week ago for the new update of software, it completeley fucked up on me, now wen i start it, there is a cartoon dude saying something in a speech bubble thats in russian or some language with symbols ( could also be greek but im pretty sure its russian).. any ideas? i tried to re plug it back into itunes a day later, it just says iphone is in recovery mode.. i tried the hard reset aswell, to no gain, BTW its iphone 3g.. submit help pls..
thx in advance.. i probs will never find this page again lol, so email me if u find a solution to this horrid problem...
thx guys n gals.

How long is it supposed to take to get it into recovery mode cause im on that page but it still didnt get to the countdown where i hold the home button etc?

whenever i download the firmware and put in the pwnage folder, when I go to get it when restoring, it is NOT seeing the file. It downloads as a zip file and not ending is .ipsw can i solve this problem? tks

I have the I phone 3g now updated thru I tunes with the new 3.1 software. I have installed both programs that I was instructed. I unzipped both files and then ran redsnow. This is where I'm stuck? Redsnow when I hit browse cannot find when I go to click on the iPhone1,13.07A341_Restore files any file that it will open. I have spent 4 hours today and with 2 different computers trying this but redsnow cannot find the file. Can someone Pleaseeeeee help???? What am I doing wrong?

I reset the phone to factory settings with nothing on the phone at all execpt for what it comes with. I went through the jail breaking process and downloaded all the necessary stuff. I went through each step and everything worked great. It rebooted fine and I can connect to wifi and use everything on the phone EXCEPT the phone. I have no signal and on the home screen there is a red dot on phone icon. How do I fix this? The phone and everything worked fine before doing this. I have seen where several people have commented on the having the same problem but I have yet to see a solution. If anyone has an idea or if someone has already posted a solution PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thank You

i downloaded the windows quickpwn software to jailbreak my phone but when i try to open it it says i need to install the right .net framework i have no clue what that is and i have the 3g 3.0 iphone can you send me everything i need to jailbreak it

I can't find the firmware to complete step 5. Can anyone help me out as to what the problem may be?

Please all, I updated the i tunes and followed the steps then my i phone locked & went to the emergency mode & i can't unlock it... :(
There's also a message appears 2 me on the i tunes tells "THE SIM CARD INSERTED IN THIS IPHONE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED"
Can any one help me please???


In this forum most of the people are stuck at recovery mode. This happened with me also. Well, I just went to Settings -> General -> Reset and did Reset All settings and it worked for me. Hope this helps to all the friends who are facing this problem. Good luck!!

my iphone is jailbroken, i reset all settingg, now phone icon comes on like its loading but nothing happens, wot do i do cos i was asked not to update software on itunes

hey i am just having some problems right now tryin to get my phone to restore from 3.2.1 to 2.2.1..
its gotta be easier than im making it out to be..

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i cant get the windows quickPWN to open from this site. when i click on it my computer tells me that there is an error on the page and to dignose it (tried doing that and nothing) then i tried to download it from another site and it downloads but it wont open! what am i doing wrong?

With all do respect, this doesn't work. I mean look at how many problems and questions people have. Thanks but I think I'll go somewhere else.

i have an iphone, its 3Gs 4.1 i accidentally upgraded the in itune. pls help me un lock it. thank you so much and hopping for you kind support

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If I jailbreak my iPhone 4 not the iPhone 4S just the 4 will these directions work? And will I lose my text messages ?!