Multitasking now provides full on background processing for every app — and intelligently so! Basically, iOS waits until it thinks you need something, then makes sure it's there when you do. If one app needs access to data, it organizes other apps that might need access too. This all combines to let your iPhone and iPad stay responsive, and your battery life stay long-lasting. But what happens when something goes wrong, or you decide you want to quit or kill an app and its processes? Easy! With the multitasking card view, you can close up to three apps at one!

How to close up to three apps at time on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Double tap the Home button to launch the fast app switcher.
  2. Close a single car by touching it and flicking it up and away towards the top of the screen.
  3. Close up to three apps at once by touching each one with a finger and flicking them all up at the same time.

It's much easier if you see it in action, so make sure you watch the video above before you give it a try. Once you do, let me know — how does it work for you?