IFTTT reactivates Twitter Triggers

IFTTT reactivates Twitter Triggers

IFTTT - the web site and corresponding iOS app that lets you create connections and actions involving the different web services you use - has announced the reinstatement of four Twitter Triggers.

It's the first step towards reactivating Twitter support for the service, which was removed last year after Twitter instituted user caps on client software that made use of its features.

Four new Twitter Triggers were announced:

  • New tweet by you
  • New tweet by you with hashtag
  • New link by you
  • New favorite tweet by you

You can do various things with these triggers, such as sharing links on other services like Facebook or Tumblr, adding content to Google docs and saving links for later viewing with Pocket.

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IFTTT reactivates Twitter Triggers

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This is quite possibly the most interesting & helpful app have downloaded in quite some time. Well thought out and executed.