iLife 2010's New iDVD to Include iTunes LP, iTunes Extra Creation?

iTunes LP and iTunes Extras Hero

Boy Genius has an unconfirmed source claiming that, as part of Apple's rumored iLife 2010, long-ignored iDVD will finally see an update -- and that update will be support for iTunes LP (and we're assuming iTunes Extras) creation/authoring.

It certainly makes sense, not only to keep iDVD relevant (though would it need a name refresh as well?), but also since Apple recently made iTunes LP and iTunes Extra (and TuneKit) resources available to developers. A consumer/prosumer-friendly development environment, similar to GarageBand or iMovie, makes the kind of sense that does.

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iLife 2010's New iDVD to Include iTunes LP, iTunes Extra Creation?


So I can cut old baby footage and trips to disneyland together and them put up the extras on iTunes?? Um......