Imagine Dragons rock the iTunes Festival, talk the band behind the music

Imagine Dragons

The first night of the iTunes Festival at SXSW had a pretty stellar line up, including Imagine Dragons. Besides completely rocking Austin, Texas, they also took time out to talk music with Jim Dalrymple of The Loop:

“The separation between the artist and the listener is getting smaller every day. Yes, albums are great and the artwork is great, but our iTunes Festival show is being streamed to millions of people tonight—that never would have happened back in the day.”

If you haven't yet caught the set from the opening night of the iTunes Festival, I urge you to fire up your Apple TV, iOS device or iTunes and take a look. Apple has a habit of attracting stellar artists to its festival lineups, and Imagine Dragons were no exception.

It's also great to hear from the band behind the music. Performing at something like the iTunes Festival is a big deal, and it's great to hear the thoughts of the folks bringing us the fantastic live music. Head on over to The Loop to read the rest of the interview, it's well worth a read. If you managed to see the performance, what did you think to it?

Source: The Loop

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Imagine Dragons rock the iTunes Festival, talk the band behind the music


They rocked it, indeed! Attendees, and viewers across the planet, witnessed the band’s dynamic display of musical talent and their gracious appreciation for the privilege to perform during this historic live event. I watched the opening night performances on my Apple TV 3, and enjoyed the music through my sound bar and sub.

I didn't see this performance but I saw them at the VMWorld conference (it's a technology thing) last year and they were great. Very percussion heavy. Much more so than what you hear on the radio. I'm definitely not a fan of their recorded music but the live set was very impressive. I'd go see them again.