iMame arcade emulator yanked from the App Store

iMame has been taken out of the App Store by Apple as fast and stealthily as it originally appeared. The app first made its official appearance earlier this week and we thought then that it could be leading a bit of a charmed life.

Mame is a hugely popular app on other platforms as it is an emulator for retro arcade cabinet games from the early 1980’s. The App Store version was a more locked down app that came with a number of built in games but no official way to get more games into the app. This we assume is how the developer managed to gain Apple's approval.

On other platforms, Mame is all about downloading ROM images of old arcade games of which the legality is highly questionable. The iOS version was not advertised as having this ability to accept ROMS from outside sources; but it didn’t take users long to discover how to do just that. We assume that this may well be the reason that Apple has decided to pull the app!

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iMame arcade emulator yanked from the App Store


I understand why Apple would pull the app, but its still sad...anyhow, I am glad that I got my copy...

This is total bs. I'm a newby to iOS 5 with my new iPhone 4s and I don't know how so many people put up with this crap. The way I'm beginning to understand this is if apple can't make any money from it then they won't allow it.