iMessage is down. Again.

iMessage is down. Again.

Apple's iMessage service, their iOS and OS X SMS- and MMS- like service, is currently down for a lot of users. It's been going down fairly regularly as of late, though not for lengthy periods of time. Game Center, Apple's online gaming service, has also gone down or suffered from poor service over the last week.

Everything goes down. Google goes down. Amazon does down. RIM goes down. Microsoft goes down. We go down. But reliability is a feature and if something goes down or suffers from poor services too often, or even if perception starts to give people that impression, it's a problem.

Apple's building more data centers and hiring more internet services engineers, but this is absolutely a problem they have to fix and fast. iMessage and Game Center -- iCloud in general -- has to feel like power, like something that's almost taken for granted as always being there.

And when it does go down, it should be so rare as to be truly shocking. Not simply, "again?"

As always, let me know if iMessage is working for you, and if it isn't, when it starts working again.

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Reader comments

iMessage is down. Again.


It is back for me...but it seems that Game Center is sharing the same infrastructure, as my Letterpress was useless for the duration as well.

App Store is down for me aswell as iMessage in the UK. iMessage was fine before and App Store was working well till about an hour or 2 ago.

Doesn't seem to be down here, but I'm telling you, as much as I complain about Google mining my data, I stick with them...because it FEELS rock solid - and has the reputation to back it up. iCloud feels like a flimsy, band-aided (iTools/.mac/MobileMe/iCloud) mess. Not only is reliability a feature, but so is confidence in the product to work as designed. And sometimes people were not getting emails from me, calendar invites/syncs don't work, etc. Google just WORKS, at least for me. I so want to be 100% Apple, but can't risk it.

Agree. I don't really depend on anything from icloud. Which is why I keep mentioning ecosystem updates from Apple would be nice.

Pathetic, I'm gonna start calling Apple and emailing them each time to waste their time like they do mine.

Being just a bit of a drama queen, don't ya think! If it's really that big of a problem, then you need a serious reality check.

Not at all. I don't spend my money on all of these Apple products for them to go down multiple times per week. Being a bit of a dick, don't ya think! The serious reality is I don't have money to just blow around and when I spend extra to get a "better" brand I expect the experience to be near flawless.

One more thing to blame Scott Forstall, I guess. Now they can clean up iCloud and finish throwing the guy under a bus.

I like Scott he's the only one that can give an entertaining Keynote presentation since Jobs.. the rest of those guys are boring.. I wonder if Ive will start to take the stage..

Just curious-- when iMessage stops working, do they go through as regular texts or just not at all?

Hmm iMessage has been down for me over the last two hours or so. First time it's ever happened to me.

For me, iMessage has been hit or miss all day. Weird thing is, once while I was waiting for a message to go through, the clock on my phone was off a good 5/6 minutes. It caught back up after it decided to send as SMS.

Just curious - is iMessage handled through one bunch of servers globally or is it divided into areas/countries...? I'm in NZ and have occasional iMessage issues - sometimes it makes the 'sent' noise and then 2 minutes later I hear the noise again and the blue bubble has turned green and it says 'sent as a text message'. Earlier today someone sent me an iMessage and it took about 20 mins to arrive - global issue or local problem?

My iMessage and Game Center was intermittent (mostly out) from around 1pm until around 8pm (central time in San Antonio Tx). Weird thing was from around 3pm - 7pm I couldn't send MMS to anyone, iMessage or not. Kinda sucked bc my daughter was just born and I was trying all day to send out her first pics to friends and family.

Just think about... if was BBM the blackout, all we have talking about it, and RIM dead... but we are talking about Apple, so is ok.... Jesus, no fair

So is it back up? How will we know? I still can't seem to iM my wife....everything is defaulting to text..

EXACTLY! I was going to post yesterday about what if BBM was down, but my iPhone tethering stopped working, too. I have the AT&T iPhone 4 and Vz BB 9930. I will never give up my BlackBerry. Too many little things it can do (sound profiles, one touch calling, keyboard shortcuts) that I just can't give up.

Y'all know a Hurricane just blew by right? Ever wonder if that has anything to do with the outages?