Andrew Vyrros, former iMessage lead at Apple, now at messaging startup Layer

iMessage lead departs Apple for messaging startup Layer

Andrew Vyrros, formerly a senior engineer at Apple leading the team behind iMessage, has left the company to become CTO of Layer, a messaging startup. In addition to iMessage, Vyrros' team was also responsible for building and running FaceTime, Apple's Push Notification Service (PNS), and Back to My Mac. Layer aims to build a messaging platform and API that can be built into apps, and Vyrros, who actually left Apple a few months ago, says that he joined the company to help build that platform. According to Layer's blog:

But Layer offers something beyond all that. Because we're not just focusing on a single application. We're laying out a whole dang platform, something that can grow a multitude of novel apps. Leveraging the creativity of a flood of inventive and restless developers. I have no idea what you're going to do, and I can't wait to see you do it.

So, Layer interest you at all?

Source: Layer

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Reader comments

Andrew Vyrros, former iMessage lead at Apple, now at messaging startup Layer


Won't miss him. iMessage hasn't evolved on iOS in any meaningful way since first introduced with iOS 5. Can't leave a group message yet? The guy can figure out how to leave Apple but can't give us that first. Yeesh. What do these people at Apple do all year??

So he was in charge of iMessage, FaceTime, and push notifications...many of the features that lack/suck in comparison to what we KNOW they're capable of (i.e. biteSMS)? Are you sure he wasn't fired? ;)
In all seriousness though, I hope this doesn't push back potential improvements to these services et. al iOS 8. Especially a freaking quick reply feature!
Anyone know who replaced him??

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imesage sucks, its no better than sms - they need to make it robust like BBM or whatsapp, gimme voice msgs peeps!!

iMessage needs to be improved anyway, hopefully iOS 8 improves iMessage it's just not as good as other messaging services (ie: bite SMS)

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iMessage is not a good service yet in my opinion. The day it gets more features and make an app for other platforms I would use it again.

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iMessage has never worked 100%. Sometimes you get messages, then other times it may be hours after someone sent it. You can not rely on it. At times email is faster. Like iTunes, iMessage really needs an overhaul. May be if Layer turned out better, Apple will buy it. Bet that is in the back of his mind.

I'm going to add my voice to the chorus -- given that the list of what he oversaw is pretty much a list of things that Apple has just seemed unable to quite get right, I'm hoping that his successor will actually be able to move things in the right direction. iMessage, FaceTime, and BtMM all need to be way more reliable.