iMessage, some iCloud services down for small number of users

Apple is currently experiencing a number of service outages that it says affects "less than 1% of users." The affected services are iMessage, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, iCloud Backup and iPhoto Journals. From the Apple System Status portal:

Multiple Services - Less than 1% of users are affected Users may be unable to use iCloud Documents, Photo Stream, iPhoto Journals, or Backup & Restore. Users may also be unable to send or download attachments in iMessage.

Thankfully it's isolated to a small number of Apple customers, though it has lasted for around six hours so far. Any kind of outage is frustrating to those it affects, are you one of them?

Source: Apple

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iMessage, some iCloud services down for small number of users

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I like iCloud, but Apple hasn't had an easy time of it. I wasn't in to technology before so I don't know if Google had these issues in the beginning.

Really the only problem I've personally has with it is that emails are very slow to send. I sent a message with only a subject and it took about 15 sec to connect and send, which is long for email.