Welcome to iMore 2.0

Welcome to iMore 2.0

Leave a comment below telling us what new features you want to see in iMore 2.0, and be entered to win a $600 Apple Store gift certificate for the iOS 6 device of your dreams!

At the beginning of the year we changed the name of our community to iMore.com. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve the quality and experience of iMore as well. We've invested heavily in having not only great content, but compellingly beautiful content with the best photography and videography we can produce.

We've continuously expanded and improved our podcasting, bringing you the best and brightest hosts and guests on the internet, for shows like iMore, Iterate, ZEN and TECH, and Mobile Nations. We've given the iMore forums a major makeover as well, so they're cleaner and easier to use than ever before. We've released a free iMore for iPhone app that's been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

And there's much more of all of that to come. For even longer now, however, we've been working on something else, something far more important -- a new, more powerful, more flexible platform to drive it all.

And today we made the jump.

Everything has been moved over. Every bit of legacy code from Phone different (Movable Type), the iPhone blog and TiPb (Wordpress) has been end of lined, and everything we've learned from CrackBerry.com and Android Central has been put to use. I'm calling it VISOR (it's Drupal-based, but VISOR better fits our roots and our spirit.)

Our singular goal is to give the iMore community the absolute best experience imaginable on the web and in mobile. Moving to VISOR will let us do that, and in ways that were impossible on our old platform.

This is the new iMore architecture, and the new architecture for a cleaner, better Mobile Nations.

Like any new architecture, we've started with the foundation. Some of the new features are already in place -- you can now toggle between blog view and headline view, and you browse the latest forum discussions right from the home page. More features will be coming soon.

In other words, this is our Snow Leopard.

With any substantial change, there will be a tiny little bit of pain – you'll need to create an iMore account to comment on the posts. The good news:

  • It will greatly reduce the amount of spam we've all been putting up with

And best of all:

  • If you already have an iMore forums account, you're good to go. Just use that.
  • If you already have an account at Android Central, CrackBerry, webOSNation, or WPCentral, you can use the same username, email address, and password to create your iMore account.

The reason for the latter is one of the features we have coming your way -- a unified login across all Mobile Nations community. One account to rule them all.

We recognize creating an account can be a hassle, and while it will give you a ton of great benefits now and in the future, we want to make up for it immediately as well.

You know that iOS 6 dream device contest -- that $600 Apple gift certificate we're giving away to celebrate the iMore show #300?

Well, we're giving away two of them now.

Simply sign in an leave a single comment below telling us what features you'd love to see in the all new iMore, and you're entered to win.

We'll announce both winners next Wednesday, July 11, live on the iMore Show #302.

I want to thank our community and our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to thank our tech team, including our founder, Marcus Adolfsson, our dear leader, Kevin Michaluk, Tom for the bits and David and Jose for the grids and the pixels, and all of our editors, writers, and network and community staff for everything they've done to get us here.

Like I said last time, we're still only just beginning.

Welcome to iMore 2.0.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore 2.0



Everything looks great. I have been o member of CrackBerry, then Android Central, and now iMore. Keep up the awesome work. I really dont know what else to change besides keeping the awesome giveaways rolling and keeping us all up to date with all things iOS as well as other geek stuff too. Cheers!

Comments on the Imore iPhone app are broken. You can't view them, or comment. Would be nice to get that fixed. 
Also, I would say, that sometimes the articles are too wordy for the sake of being wordy.
Otherwise, I'm enjoying the site and its coverage.

More More More video hands on reviews and also an interesting way in which a selected site audience member can particpate in the live podcast/vlogs and give a 'site reader's' perspective to be included in the thoughts shared by the existing team. Just a refreshing perspective. Cheers!

I would love to see more articles spread throughout the day, including good lunchtime reads for when i'm munching and bored. Of course, there's the East Coast / West Coast thing that makes that tough but I'd love a fresh thought provoking article at lunch or in the afternoon.

Wow.  Nice.
I'd like to see Rene, Georgia, Seth, and possibly some of the other Mobile Nations personalities try to seriously predict features of upcoming Apple devices.  Then, after the actual devices are released, you would tally up who had the most accurate prediction(s).  Winner gets some kind of crown or pimp chalice until the next prediction guessing round, then the crown or pimp chalice will be passed on to the new winner.  Oh, and the loser (the least accurate) has to wear a dunce cap or something goofy on the first iPhone & iPad live after the release.
Also, how about a little more humor?  Crazy top 10s, whatever.

$600 prize.... WOW.... I sure do enjoy this site.... Dreaming of winning one of this contest would be icing on the cake!!!

Looking good guys! I'm loving the changes to the comment system, especially this new editor I'm typing with :D Keep up the good work!

Wow - great upgrades! I hope I win - Lord knows I won't be able to afford the next iPhone since the military is making us move soon. Gotta save up for the family - so winning this would be HUGE! 
Regardless, great job on the site again!

Thank you. One feature I would recommend is app category showdowns. I know you do these once in awhile but I would like them to be more comprehensive and more frequent. Best airport app. Best weather app. Best  drumming app. Best  restaurant recommendation app. Best to-do app. Best calendar app. Best mind-mapping app. I could go on and on. Re-do them as frequently as is appropriate according to updates. Organize them and make them searchable. Link them to user comments and reviews. 

Agree with other comments, an iPad app, and the ability to leave comments in the app itself. Thanks for a great job. 

Looking good, folks!  I'd like to see some slight color changes on the threaded comments.  Replies are indented, but perhaps they could be a slightly different color to set them apart from new comments.  Just a thought!

Finally, a unified account for all Mobile Nations websites! Been waiting for it because I don't like having too many logins. :P
Anyway, loving the new iMore look, and one thing I notice from iMore articles is that not enough article or news about new jailbreak tweaks. BUt aside from that, iMore is an excellent site for iOS news! Thank you iMore crew! Also love the interaction between the staff and the readers.

would love to see more coverage on mac side of things. since its all going to be intigrated in the upcoming osx and ios 6 ...

Wow. Just as I was reading the first paragraph of this post I was going to say that you guys should integrate the login with the forum login. And then I read further and was pleasantly surprised! So there goes that improvement suggestion.
I believe you guys are just missing a newsletter. I used to be able to visit the site everyday, but now I have a full time job and sometimes just *gasp* forget to pop on over here. I don't use a RSS reader too. So a newsletter would be great. I don't see it being hard for you guys to collect email addresses and it'll be super valuable to you and potential advertisers in the future. It's easier for the readers to have the newsletters pushed to their inboxes (which you can have exclusive content and giveaways on) then for you to pull them to the site everyday.
Other than that, kudos for always improving!

I just hope I can answer/ view polls and watch videos included on this site while browsing from my iPhone! My iPhone is the only method I use to view this site. 

Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii!  
IMore is awesome and has been quite amazing and awesome!  I commend iMore for the constant improvements and upgrades!!  Thank you for all your hard work and improving an already great place and space for information and resources!
I think the way iMore is now, is truly top notch, but I'd love to see more oortunities to participate in leaving thoughts and in turn, like this, possibly win $600 credit certificate for an Apple product or IOS product!  Mahalo for this opportunity!  And, much Aloha from Hawaii!!

I know there's already a lot of articles, but I guess I check back too often because I want more! More reviews, videos, etc.  Bring it on.

I'm liking the changes from last year to today, but there's one we need fixed...when you login, it takes you to the home page, instead of taking you back to the page you where at...fix please?

Rene and the iMore team... the one thing I'd really like to see is a fourth member on the podcast team!

iMore2.0 looks great, and kind of matches my username. :P

I'd like to see more of everything you guys have been doing so far! Keep up the great work!

I love the unified look of all of the mobile nations websites.  Using the same username and pass that will be active soon is awesome.  Even though i had to register stil on iMore vs webOS nation, AC, and WPC, still cool to have somewhat unified atm.  On the iPhone App i cant seem to find the search function in there.  Either its not their or im a total klutz. cheers, $600 would be cool.

I think what I would like to see is as clean as a look as possible.  With anything Apple, everything they do has a very clean and neat look.  The way I see it, in terms if web design, is that they do an amazing job utilizing white space.  As much as I love the iMore site, it still seems a little cluttered.  I think if there was more focus on the utilization of white space it would have a much cleaner look.  Another good example of what I'm thinking of is any architecture site, they seem to have a lot of white space in their sites.  Obviously this is difficult to explain so I'm trying my best and hope this all makes sense :).  One other idea I had, and think it would be cool, would be to design your own little app icons and have them as clickable links on the left side of the canvas, I think it would give the site a very unique apple-esk feel.  Either way thanks guys you do great work!!

Hi, I like the imore app, but I think it's missing something pretty basic & important. I couldn't find a search option on the app. It would be nice to search all the threads for information.

Create a Dynamic Dashboard on the top of the webpage showing Top Articles from your as well as other webpages (crackberry, android central, etc)
Another interesting thing could be a INSPIRE tab. here people could come with various ideas, put questions, have a discussion forum.

Personally I would love to see tons more Video Reviews of apps, announcements and not just a podcast. Dedicated video reviews of apps, events and prodcut accesories. Somethings I personally enjoy.

Guest Reviews?  Like someone reviewing from another blog? Or magazine...  or hey - how about someone from one of the companies?
User Reviews?  
A solid comparison area...  compare features, specs, etc. of phones/devices
Sidenote:  Please pick me.  We sold our iPhones to go to Android so we'd have money.  Really REALLY miss our iPhones!  :)

I'd love to see some more connections between the iMore app and the website, similar to what the Touch Arcade app has done.

Great news! I'm personally always for a change.
i would love to get some new layout and design in the new iMore 2.0 and would really like you to have Zite optimized version as well.
Keepup the great work!

I caught myself staring at the picture of this article, wondering how Rene snapped a photo of himself with the same photo of himself on the iPad. My head started to hurt but alas, it was the Photoshop gods! Something I'd like to see would be not having to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment. Maybe provide a link at the bottom of the article to have a page jump to positiion of the comment box. Other than that, I absolutely love this website. Keep up the good work guys!

This site is great, and I always reccomend it to people when they ask where to go to get tips and news on iOS devices. Im not sure where you stand on this, but I think it would behoove the iMore community if you addressed more Mac topics. I know that you are a mobile device based site, but with OS X moving more and more to look like iOS, and with many of us having an Apple Computer in our digital ecosystem, I think it would be cool to see the Macs addressed on a more regular basis here. If you need an extra set of hands to type out reviews, feel free to ask :)
Thanks for all you do!

Thank you guys,

You all do a wonderful work of keeping us updated. I would love to have more app and game reviews on your site. The rest for me is perfect.


I would like to see an option to change the font size on the mobile site articles. I can zoom in, but then I have to pan left to right to read a complete line. If I don't zoom in the text was really small, I can use reader but I'd rather view the webpage natively.

I have been happily lurking this site for the past six months and it just keeps getting better. I haven't yet seen a change that didn't work for me. Keep up the great work, I love having a repository of information for when I want to find out how to do the next iOS thing!

I would like to see the addition of smaller news stories making its way into your blog. For example, macrumors and 9to5mac have an iOS blog, and Mac Blog for news that isn't front page worthy. 9to5 has it in-line with their main stories but as a small black strip without a dedicated picture. 
I think this would attract even more viewers to the iMore site because it's still newsworthy, but it doesn't quite make the headline news! 
Plus I like all the technology news I can get!

Amazing job on the site. I really can't think of anything that hasn't been said (Contests,more video "how to's"...etc). Don't know where I would be without this site. Thanks so much for the work!!

I personally would like to see more game reviews/app reviews and giveaways. I started doing that myself on my own on YouTube but had a very small fan base. I'm sure imore would do good showing off more of the apps since so many are added to the app store every week and we all know how hard it is to find the good apps/games currently on the AppStore. I would help if I could. I know simon posts reviews but it would be cool to see what new releases are coming (usually on thursdays) and when apps become free. I can't wait to explore imore 2.0 more and hope to be a part of it in the future. See everyone in the forums and in the chat room during iPhone/iPad live!

All of you guys are awesome. Your hardwork is appreciated and I check this site daily. the app is awesome and useful. i would love to see more app reviews, more videos on your guys youtube channel, linked to this site, and lastly i would love to see more interviews. Overall the imore is great and thanks for everything!!!

I agree with two previous posts: One, that it would be useful to be able to up or down vote comments so the most relevant ones find their way to the top. Two, that it would be awesome if the Mac line got some more love. If I had to cut back on anything it would be the videos since most people I know, also including myself, don't usually have the time to watch them. Other than that, I find this site very entertaining and informative.

All I can say is this is AWESOME! What I'm trying to figure out is there a Mobile site or is this it? I logged in fine but I noticed the mobile site is no longer there?

The site looks very nice.  Would be nice to have a Tip O The Day section at the top, and more news if possible.

Been a daily visitor of your site after i got my iPhone 4S .. it's a very helpful site .. it keeps me updated with the new releases/updates regarding iOS .. Very informative! 

1. as many people said. make the imore website mobile friendly 
2. make the website lighter. so it loads better on slower connections
3. improve the imore store, catogories, new, best sellers, recently sold etc. 
4. increasing shipping locations (add india!) 
5. add a "how to" section on the site, with how to guides for all things ios, beginer guides, more advanced, keep in all in one place for easy access, and quick reference. ( forums help, but u still need to wait for a reply, or search really hard for the relevent thread.) 
6. pick me! woo who!!

Hi, I'm a freelance artist and would love to see imore have an artist "corner" of paintings/drawings done on any idevice.  Listen to your show regulary great job guys!

I would love the forums to be a bit more prominent.
the news and how to sections are good but i find a lot more information in the forums and they seem to be less well visible

Please bring back the weekly picks for interesting or fun apps? I loved that feature. As well, could you make grammar a higher priority in your articles?

My wish is simple...the ability to view unread emails.  This feature, common to every other smartphone makes email management much easier.  It is easy to miss an improtant email on an iPhone screen and, on my BB, I used this feature daily to scan my email and make sure that I hadn't missed anything.

I would love to see more video reviews of apps. Sometimes I prefer to watch a video than read an app review. Apart from that, keep up the great work! This is a fantastic site. Wouldn't mind seeing Read it later / Readability integration in the iMore app as well. 
Also, hope I win :)

Another milestone for iMore! Really like the improvements and can't wait to see how things move forward from here on in.

Nice work on the site...  May there be a plan for the iMore app to be a unniversal binary?  Heres to trying to WIN :)
Thanks again iMore team!

Congrats on the new design!!
My biggest wish was an improvement over the comments section and that has been taken care of with this update now!!
I guess if I could add anything I would say, how about a section where users could get a "directory" of other iMore/Mobile Nations users in their area.
I'm thinking maybe having a small map of the USA/Canada and when you click on a certain State/Province you would get a list of all memebers from that location. Of course it would be based on people actually filling out that section in their "About Me" section, but still I would think that would be a cool little option.
Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work!!

You guys truly have the best site for i-related news!  I told everyone I work with about you guys over a year ago, and now I'm the one getting links to articles from them!  
The newer site design looks great, and everything looks very clean.  The only suggestion I can think of for iMore 2.0 is having a user-centric customizable page (i.e. "My iMore").  Among other things, this page could contain a newsfeed of stories that I am interested in, based on customizable criteria and/or products I'm following/watching.
Otherwise, keep it up.  Can't wait to see more!

The new site is awesome. But rather than what I would like to see, I have to post what I don't want to see. I know ads are very important for websites these days, but I don't want to see an ad that is larger than the headers on the page. Anyway to reduce the size of the Verizon ad?
Thanks for all you do!

Since I use the other MobileNations sites as well, I am not entirely i-Centric, how about their top headlines in one of the sidebar scroll boxes along the right?

Nice update. I like to see an iPad app. Sometimes stories appear a little slower than they do on other sites. 

I don't really utilize the forums on the site, just the editorial section. That being said, I think that you guys already do a fantastic job on the web site of covering the things that need to be covered. My only complaint is with the iphone app; I'd love to see a unification of newsfeed sections. When I use the mobile app, it's because I want the information quickly, at a glance. With the current layout I'm forced to click on multiple tabs and scroll through multiple pages in order to get the information from the news, apps, and accessories sections. I guess you guys spoiled me with the unified page on the full site.

Thank you guys for curating and providing the best apple site out there. From this post I see that it only stands to get better. The reviews you guys do are great and very in depth, and I can see that you try to be unbiased in your opinions. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more posts here and there, but I know that when a post does occur it will be of the utmost quality. One of the best things about this place is the community, so I'd say that however you can keep that growing is the way to go. I'm glad that you require a user account on this site in order to comment, it will severely deter the spammers. I created an account in order to get this comment up, but also in anticipation of switching from android this fall as soon as iPhone 5 is launched. A $600 gift card would help very much in my quest for an iPhone and an iPad (maybe a mini if they exist). I look forward to being an active member of this community, just as soon as I can get my hands on a device! Thanks

One more thing guys: I really like that you are consistently in touch with the other platform sites, and bringing the opinions of guys like Phil Nickinson over to this site often. Phil and Co. were my favorite thing about owning an android, and I feel like you guys will be one of my favorite things about owning an iPhone!

I'm new to this community but iMore made me feel home really quick, thank you for that!
What I'd like to see would be mor reviews of jailbreak apps and tweaks, maybe also theming guides and so on. I love customizing my device so that would be really interesting. =0)
Oh, and as a student i really really need a iPad, so winning would be fantastic!
Thanks for your work! Keep it up =D

I would like to see two new things added to imore.
1) A daily update on the latest Cydia apps/tweaks that are out.  Programs are updated and released daily and would love to get imore's take on it with comments from users.
2) Daily price drop of apps and games on the appstore.  Sometimes apps go free, would like to know here with comments for others to post if they are good or bad.
Could really use an Iphone5 when it comes out.

I would love to have a better Forum, this may get people to post more on the IMore Site. Right now I go mostly to macrumors.com because there are so many posts there.
Bring some of that community chat back to iMore!

iMore's videos are so helpful and interesting what iMore 2.0 needs is a "Videos" sections or tab would be awesome, a place to quickly find visual resources, reviews and how-to's. 

Love the new home page layout and hell, this new comment box is awesome too! I'd like to see more features user's favorite accesories or have an agree/disagree vote box on your reviews. 

Some articles about how people in various professions use iPads in their work would be interesting -- what types of tasks they use them for, and which apps.  I'm curious how iPads are working their way into various sectors of life/work.

Love the new site. Would like to see more of an integrated twitter section with up to date tweets from individual team imore members. Otherwise the site is ver pleasing to the eye!

The new name is sooooo much easier to remember  then the old one; as a former BlackBerry user I had to always go to crackberry to find the link to this site...much better now.
And the layout is much more fluid and easier to follow. Articles are well written and informative; things that are becoming less common around other tech blogs.
Also as a side note, is your imore app working correctly? as of yesterday (july 5) it no longer works for me, I can see the title of articles but when you go view/read it, it comes up empty and no comments. Everything comes up as "null". I haven't tried reinstalling but I don't know if i'm the only one with this problem either?

I would likes better way to narrow down the reviews section. For example going in and wanting to look at the reviews on stylus. I can do a search but it doesn't seem to sort them in a particular order and then pulls in shopping links, etc. Maybe categories or something.

Really like the content and new stuff that has been added and built up. Keep up the good work!

Love everything about the site and how far it has come. It started as a here and there visit to now visiting first forum coming news and numerous times through out the day! Thank you for your hard work and I love the new commenting section. Though here you are asking for thoughts about possible improvements... Well the blocky layout...I spend a ton of time scrolling (swiping) to get past the lengthy article to get to the next one. I honestly like simple and neat. I love the layout out of something like gizmodo. Of coarse throwing in your own creative design. Simple descriptions on the right that would be scrollable and continuously updates along with main window your article you read. The main thing I can't stand right now is the stuff on the right side here...it seems useless and boring. Just tid bits 
I certainly would love to win cause this would really help since money is strained!

Love the the new format. My only suggestion would be to improve the " Search " in the forums section. I can't seem to find my answer most times in the forum section. Keep up the great work guys. You all are awesome.

the site is already awesome and thanks for the changes.  I have no idea how hard it you be to have themes?  I like dark websites.  It's better to read in the dark and uses less battery hehe

iMore 2.0 is going to be great, and I have all the trust that the MobileNations team and iMore team will continue to make the site even better, daily.
A couple of things that have come to mind:
1. Move/Add a "Add New comment" box to the top of the comments.
2. How-To's - I haven't seen many How-Tos for a while (not even on the backend)
3. Keep It Awesome! :)
That's All, Just throwing my hat into the ring. *hat* --> *ring*

Nice work, This has always been my favorite site. It's always very informative and the people are great, staff and members. I also really like the iPhone app, but the iPad app would be great as well. Keep up the good work, it is paying off. Thanks for all you guys do keep us all up to date on the latest info!

Great job guys. Love this sight. Would like to see some articles featuring some of the editors favorite apps or some screen shots of their i-phone or i-pad configurations.

Great changes for iMore 2.0!
Someone already told my idea but here it is anayway : More interviews with key members of the iCommunity. App developer talking about their apps, the process, the changes, the design, etc.
And please, continue to do app review for a certain topic (ex: best notes taking app)!

I would love to see more content daily. I know that may be asking for a lot especially on slow news days but that would be the only thing I could come up with. Keep doing awesome work!!

Love the new layout. Very easy to navigate through. Only thing I would like to see is a favorite apps section so I can find new and useful apps. Also I can pass these on to friends with new iPhones 

You know what would be really cool?
More contests!
Just kidding. You guys have more contests than I can shake a pointy iPad at. It's hard to keep up with them all.
I'd like to see the iMore podcast page work again so I can browse previous shows and see show notes, post comments, etc. The main podcasts page here seems to be pulling general news instead of podcasts (e.g. it included a link to this very news post, which does not seem to have a podcast attached to it).
Also, needs moar iMore Live. Something like the Mobile Nations live page, but right here on iMore so more people can find it when the show goes live. Possibly show the chat IN the video itself when released as a podcast so people can see the stuff fly by and see what the podcasters are commenting on when they mention something from the chat. That might be a little tough though, since the text would have to be enlarged to be readable, and then it'd take up space you normally use for your handsome faces.

First let me say I love iMore, it is my primary source for anything iOS.
Your website along with the podcast keep my iOS geek mind well informed.
 My only comment would be more content. I check in several times a day and some days there are only a few articles. I would love some daily features that we could depended on for a little iOS news or information every day.
Keep up the great work.
Thank you,

I think you should rename the old TiPB app on the App Store to iMore.  It's been quite a while since that app was updated.
Other thank that, lookin' good!!  Keep up the good work!

How about better search functionality?  I have read about different 'how-do' or 'accessory' reviews and then when I want to try something or buy something I can't find it.

I would like to see something like an app central where everything app related could be combined in one central location. The app central could have a section for apps reviewed, newly released apps, and updated apps. I think it would also be nice to have all the app related forum topics in one place with subforums for each section (new, reviewed, updated, and beta test requests).

Honestly though, everything about iMore is great - I really had to stretch my brain just to come up with something to post!

I have always enjoyed your app comparisons and reviews. Keep those up and I'll be a happy camper. 
I recently downloaded the app and it tells me I have no Internet connection when I clearly do and won't load anything. So far it's been a disappointment. I'd really like to see it work and add some forum support.

Yes please!  Definitely would love to be able to upgrade to the new iPhone in October for free for both me and my wife...

I have been following iMore (and previously TiPB) for the past 3+ years and I love what you've done with the site and how it has evolved.
Two things I'd like to see are:
1) More accessory review videos and accessory comparison videos (i.e. you reviewed the Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard - I would like to see a video of the Logitech Ultrathin compared to the Zagg Folio, as I am torn on which one to buy).
2) More jailbreak coverage, i.e. weekly new/updated jailbreak tweaks, jailbreak tweak "sales", etc.
Keep up the great work, and I am looking forward to the upcoming changes!

Congratulations on all the hard work. The site looks better than ever. I am always impressed with the information I get from iMore. Keep up the great work.
One thing I'd like to see would be a Tip of the Day type feature. I know you run them sometimes. Maybe make a place for them on the main page? Some place a newbie or even a power user could get to easily.

It may be silly and useless but I would like a take a Poll category or tab.
Thanks and keep up the good work. You all are great.

It would be nice to have more functionality for the rss feed, like separate feeds for iPhone news, iPad news, etc..
Also, the Mobile Nation header doesn't render correctly on the iPad (it doesn't go completely to the right) but that's not a big deal.
Anyway, I love the site, keep up the good work!

Hey iMore.com! Add app reviews specific to Macs, iPhone, and IPads... But individually. I would find this info very useful :) ps pick me to win please.

Looks great! Very clean. One thing I'd like to see is a running "Best of the Best". Kind of like your end of year picks, but continuously updated. Every time I'm looking for an app that does a specific thing, I check your recommendations first. Sometimes the reviews/advice are outdated or you've found something better. 

Hey, so I've been a regular here at imore and I seriously enjoy the enhancements over the years. One thing which I would really like is a comprehensive iPad app for imore, an app whereby I can be logged in for extended period and comment and start discussions very easily. Some of us use our iPad more than the laptop so it would be really cool to have an iPad as part of imore 2.0.
Btw great new login page!

First off, you guys do an amazing job. You're the first news site I go to when I roll into my office in the morning.
My suggestion:
Twitter feed - Under the "Contact iMore" widget on the top right (or replacing it), you should add a Social Network Feed for Twitter. Everytime one of the editors or writers for iMore tweets its added to the timeline. Also, you should run a script so everytime someone tweets and hashtags #iMore, it is also added to the timeline widget on your screen. This is a great way for the iMore community to stay connected (without the bickering of a comments section). We can share articles and gain quick access to what you guys are tweeting about.
Apologies if this has already been suggested, I didnt take the time to read through all of the comments before posting this. 
Thanks again,

Congratulations on iMore 2.0 and thanks for all the hard work! I'd like to see more video podcasts and larger font options. Keep up the great work! :-) 

First off, iMore has and will continue to be my first stop for iOS information. If I had one suggestion it would be to expand the information you provide on Jailbreaking and Cydia Apps. I have jailbroken both my 4 and 4S but I still consider myself a novice and navigating Cydia can be a monumental task for someone like myself. I enjoyed the comparison article you did with LockInfo and Intelliscreen, and this is just the type of information I would like to see you expand on. I know you are one of the few sites doing both JB and Stock articles, I would just like to see the JB stuff expanded. Love the site!

I'd like to see a gallery of apps, with screenshots, short descriptions, ratings and prices. Easily filtered.

Love this site. Haven't missed a single day since I first discovered it as TiPb.
My desire is that  Rene and all continue to trust their instincts. They have already  proven themselves to be sufficiently insightful and I fully trust in them to continue in that direction.

I'd love some talk about Mac apps. I think iOS and Mac OS are becoming more and more alike, some talk/reviews about Mac apps would be cool.

Keep up the awesome work guys! Been reading since the TiPb days when I had a blackberry and was planning to upgrade to an iPhone. Now I own an Apple device from all the major categories and the information you guys post is invaluable in keeping me updated on the stories regarding all my mobile Apple devices.

TIPb>iMore>iMore 2.0 This place gets better and better with each update. Your hard work is outstanding and very much appreceated. Thank you!

Thank you for iMore.  I came from the Crackberry side of the world.  I've learned much from the site and forums.  The only thing that I really wish would change is the way wallpaper and ringtones are offered.  The Crackberry side was clean and easy to navigate.  Otherwise great job to all of you.

I think the last redesign of the site really made a difference.  It is very clean, neat and easy to navigate.  Hard to think of anything that really needs additional improvement.  
I think you guys do plenty or great sales and giveaways, but I do not think I have seen many app giveaways.  Maybe when an expensive app ($5 plus) gets a good review, give a few of them away to the readers.
Keep up the good work and well written articles and you guys will continue to grow.  

Thanks, iMore, for keeping me up-to-date on everything Apple and iOS since I came from webOS & PreCentral last fall. First the Sprnt iPhone 4S, then an iMac, and finally an iPad 3.
About to add my wife and 2 kids to the family with iPhone 5s when they come out.
Only suggestion for now: add the ability to edit comments. Thanks!

How about the history of posting on each Mobile nation site in your profile? Along with the phone ownership history

I wanna see a better ipad and iphone app with a better UI and interface. And also do more app reviews but other than that you guys are doing great!

I love iMore!! It's where I get all my iNews and info. I'd like to see more contests, and maybe a comedy/funny section?  Make people laugh and or smile and they'll keep coming back for more. Thanks again-this is great!  Love the new look!

I love iMore, and have been a member for 4 years now. I love all the changes you have made through the years and I look forward to more. The site is great. I cant really think of anything I'd like to see more of or less than. I do wish that you could log into the forums on the iMore app, that would nice.

So far, I'm really enjoying the new iMore.  I like the current format, but would love if you added a section just for rumors of new Apple devices.  I enjoy the other content on your site, but that's usually the first thing that I'm looking for when I hit your site.  I'm looking forward to more great things to come.  Thanks.

Blog entries as tiles - tiles are the new black! What about better intergration with Mobile Nations? A more seamless expierence from moving between the different sites/stores... and apps!
One app, access to all sites? Why encourage insular communities when the "backstage" for the different portals is integrated?

Got to admit, the giant MS Office ad on the front page threw me off when I stopped back into iMore.

I'm a new user to iMore, but something that I find extremelly confusing is the front page. While I am a fan of minimalistic approaches, the white on white "theme" adopted for each post makes everything become jumbled as you scroll down the posts. My preference would be to have post titles in a different color, perhaps not a drastic change, but enough of a difference to provide at a quick glance the distinction between the two parts of each post.
I would also love the ability to have posts I have already viewed while logged in be separate from the new posts available.

I'd love to see the twice-a-week podcasts come back, if that's possible. And I'd love a contest every week to be a guest on iMore live!

I came to iMore from Crackberry.com about 2 years ago and see this as my permanent home for my iOS devices. I love the Team iMore section on the homepage, but my suggestion is to have each of the members personalize it more. Coming fromCrackberry.com one of the things I liked most about the site was that you felt like you knew Kevin.....the blogger side and the personal side. This allowed for people to connect with him on a more personal level when you become aware of things you may have in common. I would like to know a little bit of a back story of the members. Thanks. :)

Please do something with the mobile version. This is an iPhone site, but viewing the site on an iPhone is a pain. The old mobile version may have been harder to interact with, but it was much easier to read.

Contests that run on a set schedule, with consistent start and end dates (the photogrpahy contests, while a great concept, suffer from a complete lack of consistency).  Or even updates when a contest doesn't work - remember the Pinterest one?

With my five Mobile Nation accounts that I have (and each one has a different Login ID from before mn), I really would like to have a new account (I use unique ID's for security reasons and to track which sites I am using) where I can merge my history into and not have to start all over again. This would not be simple, but if MN can do this, it would make an MN users online life easier.

Thanks to iMore and Mobile Nations for feeding my online need for .......

IMore is my go to for news in the mobility world. I like the format and my only wish is that the most current news is first. Lately  that has not been the case for me. iPad issue maybe? Keep up the great work.

you guys have been great through the years... awesome to see how far you're moving forward!

I am a crackberry convert. Love Love Love the apple products.  If you could make the mobile iMore app like more like the mobile Crackberry app it would be great. Very user friendly on a mobile device.....

I'd like to see a section devoted to those who are new to iOS.  This would make it easy for beginners to find answers to some basic questions without having to hunt throught the site.

Congrats on getting iMore to where it is today, first off, however as for things I'd personally love to see added/changed...

  • You should make a filter, kind of like how Android Central does, where the more higher priority-type of articles are there in plain site, while skimming off the fat. (By fat I mean adverts towards stores, or lesser accessory/app reviews, etc.) I know that there compared to other Mobile Nations sites, there's not that many BIG headlining articles in regards to new 1st party devices and hardware, but it's be nice to see some sort of cohesive filter.
  • I agree with an above commenter in which you guys should have a type of wrap-up/review of the previous 24 hours on your site with some sort of lunch-time digest. You could call it "An Apple a Day" or something cheesy like that. :D
  • There should be some quality guidelines/cohesive-ness amongst your editors and writers that do video and or photo postings for the site, but that is just a minor nit-pick on my part. It's really nice to see someone have really good quality photos/videos, and the other have decent pictures and shaky, poorer quality videos with bad audio. It's more of my OCD kicking in with that one, plus I know it's not fiscally feasible to have EVERYONE with the same equipment. ;)
  • It's also been a while since I've checked iMore on my phone, and my website coding skills are rusty, but is there code you can put into your mobile version of articles that resize the picture to fit inside the screen resolution that the device is viewing it? I hate going to any mobile tech site, and try to read articles in the mobile versions on my browser, only to have a HUGE photo only show 1/4th of the whole photo without scrolling.

Other than that, I am digging the clean layout. Keep it up guys (and gals)!

I think the site/app is GREAT!!!!! It's nice to have someone keeping up with the latest mobile news!!!!!  I would like to see more detailed accessory reviews, cases, screen protectors, etc.!!!

I see a ton of posts about everything related to using your iPhone and apps for it, but I would love to see a weekly article about developing for your iphone. I would love to see articles about design and development, including developer and designer spotlights.
I think it could potentially be very helpful to people who want to create apps. 

This sounds like a great addition to iMore! I can't wait to see the final result (much like iPhone 5,new iphone, whatever) Hope I win! 
Matt Huntoon

So far I think this site is doing a great job.  I think one thing I would like to see, is support for the Forum Runner app, so I can browse the iMore forums from my phone more conveniently.

Rene and company have done a fantastic job on the site redesign. The site is even easier to use, and the new features are fantastic.
Here are my top 5 feature requests for your consideration:
1. More grandular filters for the posts. In particular, filters for the following: videos only, reviews only, podcasts only, contests only (this is particularly difficult to find), repairs, and jailbreak news only.
2. Better tie-ins to cases & accessories currently on sale at iMore. Rather than separate posts, link to current sales at the end of related news & article posts.
3. The new design looks funky in some browsers, such as Firefox 3.x (I know this is old). The entire right column got shifted down.
4. The podcast directory is out of date. Some of the shows have been renamed long ago and should be updated. Other shows, such as the accessory show, are entirely missing.
5. More Rene & Georgia videos, particularly product try outs!

I think it would be cool to have forum posts that you have commented or subscribed to, on the right side of the page.  I'm a huge fan of iMore and really enjoy the podcast.  Iterate is the best!!

I would love to see more of a responsive site for my iPad! Also use some of the awesome jQuery plugins for touch 
Been a long time reader! looking forward to many years to come!

The one i'd like to see is a search engine by categories, the one i want the least is a french version of your site cause Macquebec do it well. 

I would love to see a more iPhone friendly mobile site, or perhaps some customization options, such as font size, etc. overall, looking great though!

I love the site re-design, nice and clean, uncluttered.
I would love to see integration between the app and the site that would allow me to tag certain topics and or keywords that I would then get notified from the app via push notification when there is a new article posted on that topic.  This way I would never accidentally miss out on content.
As far as content goes, I like the tutorials and unique content that I cannot necessarily find on other sites.
Keep up the great work.

I would like to see a section were the users can upload video app reviews of apps that they pruchased. I think iMore is the best place to go for all other iNews so why not add this as a tab so we can get a better look at an app before we buy it. 

I am loving this site more and more with each visit.  The content is always helpful and informative.  I would love to see more video content, maybe a star or thumbs up on comments that are helpful and relate to the article, and also a way to scroll to the bottom for comments, since it is rather a lengthy page.

New features? Why? Its already so good...!!! I came to know abt this site today...had a quick glance at the contents and voila...I was hooked! Good work guys...

I think more sites could take a page out of imore's book. You guys only post relevant articles and not the link bait these other so called apple sites tend to post. I would love to see more jailbreak articles but other than that you guys rock.

Awesome Blog that looks like it will even be better than iMore or iphone blog.........looking forward to reading it and winning the $600 winnings!

This will be awesome, looking forward to a new experience. My one request would to be able to edit text size to make reading a little bit easier. Thanks for all the hard work!

Don't go changin'.......
Looks great guys!
If there is anything that could improve upon the site.....more Georgia!!!   :)

Hello iMore,
The new design and layout looks great! We have an innovation and technology title coming out in the fall featuring the contributions of Steve Jobs and would love to include iMore in it somewhere. www.legacyseriesmagazine.com is the URL.
With that being said, tips for ways to get more out of our devices are always appreciated. Also, insider interviews and discounts are great too. 
Really love the new clean layout.  Keep up the good work!  This is a one stop shop for Apple fans.

Great site!  My 'go-to' place for all things regarding my iphone and ipad!  My request would be an easier place to navigate when going mobile.

The site is great! Only thing I would like to see as others had said before is a more zoomed in look on the mobile and better view for typing when using an iPhone. Thanks keep up the good work!

Keep up the great work. I have seen the growth over the years and it keeps getting better and better. 

Very good redesign. I like it a lot. 
I'd like to see some features that highlight some lesser known apps that we would have passed over. 

The only change I can think of is making it tipb.com again...  Still typing that in the address bar every time i visit. 

I'd like to see an option to share the great articles to instapaper or Read Later!!!
congrats on the 2.0, lovin it so far, keep up the good work!!!

I really like the weekly breakdown across all the mobile nations, but why not have a video that comes out on Fridays that sums up the week just at the iMore nation! That would be cool. 

Hey guys. One could never bash your content as it's right on par and better than most of the other sites I visit. However I hope the change somehow scales down on the advertisements. I understand it's a business and you have to pay hosting costs and I respect that but when you visit the site and are thrown a Huge advertisement in-between your content and links. It really takes away from the overall experience. More so when coming here on an iOS device.

This is the #1 go to site for all things mobile!
It is difficult to be critical of what you do and give suggestions, Because you are in a class all your own.  In most cases providing some sort of suggestion requires something to compare to,  Something that might be dissatisfiying, something lacking, or just something you want.  iMore really does a wonderful job and is quite satisfying, bringing lots of useful information, presented in a beautiful and exquisite way, with lots of already great features.  This leaves me only with the option of comparing to the way it use to be.  We read articles about how apple uses skeuomorphism, perhaps iMore can follow a bit in the same direction, not forgetting their roots or how they have become who they are now.  As much as I love seeing well thought-out, expressive, competant articles.  Rich with thought provoking data and relevant content.  I would not mind seeing more of the little things.  I remember back in the day TiPb would share all sorts of useful but somewhat minor information.  Regularly making it very difficult to go an hour without checking for new updates.  Sometimes it just feels like there is more focus on the BIG news topics, and not much interest in anything else.  So to suggest a desired featured is very difficult to do, when you already do such an excellent job.  I guess, the bottom line is, I want more, more, more. . . iMore.

I would like to see easy navigation on the site for certain tags.  When I arrive on the site I can click on a tag and bring up all the stories with that tag.  
iMore you continually amaze.  Hoping to get one of those gift cards. 

Just got an iPad receintly and would like to be able to watch your videos on it when I'm viewing the website.

I've moved from Crackberry to Android Central now to iMore as well and love all three sites, they each have their own personalities but have a unified feel.
Can't think of any features off hand that I would add except start working on that iPad app :) just keep up the good work and I can't wait to be apart of the iMore community now after switching from Android back to an iPhone.

I would like to see more daily columns on the home page from the writers on advanced how 2s not just on iOS but iOS in conjunction with itunes and even beginner How 2s on anything from creating your own ring tones which seems obvious to many but not all.
Anything to do with making your iOS device work better for you both personal and business would be a huge plus.
Thank you to all and keep up the terrific work that keeps me coming back here each and every day. Love the contributing writers like Rene and Georgia and all the others.

I would like to see a section with reviews of the most popular apps of each category, especially productivity apps which can be very useful at work.

The new site looks great. Great look, great content, great staff. I would like to be able to read summaries of the video Q&A sessions done by the team. The videos are great, but sometimes I would just like a quick Q&A writeup or what was discussed in video.

Great job on the new site. I'm happy that profiles from other Smartphone Experts sites can now be used here. It seems that people are jumping around from site to get info on a possible new device or to just hang in forums  for a device they used to have. Defintely builds the community more. Keep up the good work for the best group of moble technology sites on the itnernet. 

I would like to say that a love everything that you men and women are doing is great. One thing I would like to see is more contest because I never win anything.

Cheers on the upcoming new iMore. I would love to see more "in-depth" coverage for jailbreak usage for newbies. And a more focused App of the week category perhaps.... Congrats and keep up the awesome work

Love the evolution! I've been into mobile computing from the windows ce & psion days to the present crop of mobile devices. Love to see more reviews of accessories and apps. Keep up the great work!

iMore 2.0 is amazing, fast and it works great!!! the best thing is that is only going to get better with time... I can't wait!!! :D


Nice to see all the new stuff happening. I follow iMore for anything iOS and iDevices and the stuff I read here gives me a lot to impress my friends with ;)
One thing I would love to see added is a 'top commentor' feature wherein the top commenter every week or month is given a discount code or even a free product from the iMore store. 


I have enjoyed iMore the last few months. I would love to see more articles, more tutorials and information about taking pictures with the iPhone camera. I think it would be awesome if you made an iPad app like you have made for the iPhone. I am looking forward to what you will be bringing us next. 

As a new user, I've been reading some how-to books. I would like to see some book reviews or suggestions for books.

I gotta say, it REALLY looks good the way it is. I wouldn't change a thing. But then again, I wouldn't have thought to change the smartphone market, either. lol. I'm not extremely creative, but a frustration I have had is in the search area of the site (I haven't tried it since you guys released "2.0", but I figure it probably wasn't touched). The frustration is that no matter how specific I get with my search criteria, I get a pretty wide-spread result page. So maybe fix that? Yeah, that's my suggestion. ;) But overall, the "iMore 2.0" site looks GREAT!

I'd like to see a little more real reporting. Instead of just repeating stories scraped off the web, what if you actually did some digging? Called a few sources? Added something other than your opinion? That would make iMore stand out. Formats, and even platforms, come and go. Content is what really matters.

Love the Comments section...it's been a while since I comment here but it looks muche better now..keep it up !

Love the new site. Would love to see more articles about creating apps and submitting them to Apple. Keep up the fantastic work. You guys are the greatest.

This is a great site and the photography is always excellent and sharp. I would like to some slightly longer articles with a little more in depth analysis. Keep up the great work.

I applaud the the idea behind a dedicated iMore app for iOS.  However, I'm discovering the app has some issues updating articles.  It could be just me, but iMore may want to look into this issue.  I tap on an article to read it, and there is nothing there. 

Thanks for all the awesome info you all give! Would love a more dedicated hints and tips section without having to head to the fourms. Love the new site!

I would love to be able to make more purchases from your store... from Canada.  Shipping costs to Canada are huge compared to shipping costs to US addresses.  Why is it that I can buy an accessory that ships from Hong Kong and have it shipped to Canada for less than it costs to ship something from the iMore store?
Other than that, I think iMore is great.

I'm hoping for more great features, news I can get anywhere, but iMore is a great place for insightful commentary. Looking forward to even more amazing coverage!

Hey, iMore is fantastic the way it is.  I honestly could not think of something that needs improvement.  It offers a large variety of coverage but also an easy way to filter that to find what interests you.
More articles is all I can think of.  Great work guys.

full page width usage.... I use a wide screen and about a third of the screen is not even used when I am viewing iMore.com, then you get down to comments and it goes to 1/2 the screen is blank.
optimize the sight to optimize my screen size...

I would like to be able to see a little more of the article from the desktop and mobile sites. I feel like don't get very much from  just the title and the little bit that is there. 

Congrats on he redesign.
I would like to see more contests giving away $600 gift certificates. But since that's probably not a sustainable model, I really enjoy the app reviews (and lately, any jailbreak tweak/app reviews). The head-to-head reviews are also very informtive, and I'd like to see more of those when possible. Thank you for being such an informative site.

I'd like to see more software reviews for the Macbooks, etc, rather than app reviews. Perhaps more in-depth? Also, it would be nice to see guides to existing software, like Adobe CS, or other well-known software packages.
Best of luck!

I would love to see a more beautiful way to integrate ads. I know they are necessary to keep the site going but there must be a more attractive way to display them.

Well, currently, the site is cluttered with links at the top. So that would be an improvement if you were to clean it up a bit.

Since the iDevice ecosystem is relatively small, would it be possible to be able to have a listing of all the devices, and when you click on your specific device, you get the stories that apply specifically to your device. For example, my wife has an iPhone 4. I can go to the iPhone section, but the Siri articles don't apply to her device. I'd rather see articles that only apply to the 4.

just switching from a Blackberry to an iPhone I've noticed the mobile sites are different from each other. I'm still an active member to crackberry and now a member of imore. It would be nice to have all the sites be consistent on the layout in the forums. 
I would also like to see smaller advertisement banners and focus more on the forums and blogs.

When I read articles on top whatever it is, I like to see a list. Lists first then maybe some discussion. That way I can get info fast.

I just started browsing iMore in the last couple of weeks because I am thinking of switching to an iPhone. I like what I have seen so far.

The new hompage seems awfully busy, especially depending on how flashy the banner ads are. I know you have to make money, but the look would be a lot cleaner without the one banner at the top, at least on the homepage!