Welcome to iMore 2.0

Welcome to iMore 2.0

Leave a comment below telling us what new features you want to see in iMore 2.0, and be entered to win a $600 Apple Store gift certificate for the iOS 6 device of your dreams!

At the beginning of the year we changed the name of our community to iMore.com. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve the quality and experience of iMore as well. We've invested heavily in having not only great content, but compellingly beautiful content with the best photography and videography we can produce.

We've continuously expanded and improved our podcasting, bringing you the best and brightest hosts and guests on the internet, for shows like iMore, Iterate, ZEN and TECH, and Mobile Nations. We've given the iMore forums a major makeover as well, so they're cleaner and easier to use than ever before. We've released a free iMore for iPhone app that's been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

And there's much more of all of that to come. For even longer now, however, we've been working on something else, something far more important -- a new, more powerful, more flexible platform to drive it all.

And today we made the jump.

Everything has been moved over. Every bit of legacy code from Phone different (Movable Type), the iPhone blog and TiPb (Wordpress) has been end of lined, and everything we've learned from CrackBerry.com and Android Central has been put to use. I'm calling it VISOR (it's Drupal-based, but VISOR better fits our roots and our spirit.)

Our singular goal is to give the iMore community the absolute best experience imaginable on the web and in mobile. Moving to VISOR will let us do that, and in ways that were impossible on our old platform.

This is the new iMore architecture, and the new architecture for a cleaner, better Mobile Nations.

Like any new architecture, we've started with the foundation. Some of the new features are already in place -- you can now toggle between blog view and headline view, and you browse the latest forum discussions right from the home page. More features will be coming soon.

In other words, this is our Snow Leopard.

With any substantial change, there will be a tiny little bit of pain – you'll need to create an iMore account to comment on the posts. The good news:

  • It will greatly reduce the amount of spam we've all been putting up with

And best of all:

  • If you already have an iMore forums account, you're good to go. Just use that.
  • If you already have an account at Android Central, CrackBerry, webOSNation, or WPCentral, you can use the same username, email address, and password to create your iMore account.

The reason for the latter is one of the features we have coming your way -- a unified login across all Mobile Nations community. One account to rule them all.

We recognize creating an account can be a hassle, and while it will give you a ton of great benefits now and in the future, we want to make up for it immediately as well.

You know that iOS 6 dream device contest -- that $600 Apple gift certificate we're giving away to celebrate the iMore show #300?

Well, we're giving away two of them now.

Simply sign in an leave a single comment below telling us what features you'd love to see in the all new iMore, and you're entered to win.

We'll announce both winners next Wednesday, July 11, live on the iMore Show #302.

I want to thank our community and our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to thank our tech team, including our founder, Marcus Adolfsson, our dear leader, Kevin Michaluk, Tom for the bits and David and Jose for the grids and the pixels, and all of our editors, writers, and network and community staff for everything they've done to get us here.

Like I said last time, we're still only just beginning.

Welcome to iMore 2.0.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore 2.0



Mostly everything you guys do is great! The only thing i can think of is a bit more coverage on jail breaking and a way to make those articles more predominate. Great work!

I would love to see a Text club that could be subscribed to. Something to let people know about deals, and featured articles, news, etc..

Loving the new site.  I would like to see the Jailbreak expanded to make it easier to find the specific information since every device and every OS is slightly different.

I think you all do an awesome job.  Keep it up!!  The only change I would make pertains to the live blogging of Apple announcements.  I'd love to see a seperate space for the photos that are uploaded.  They are often out of sync with the comments being generated and it would be nice to have them in a different window that does not interfere with the text stream of the blog.
Thanks!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

I would really like to see a daily list of reduced priced apps with ratings. I'm not sure how this would be accomplished but I hate it when I find out that one of the apps I really want went on sale last week and I missed it.

I think with the redesign you're proving that you're willing to move forward and always keep things current.  Not sure what you can do better, since you seem to be doing it already! Keep it up!

iMore 2.0 is pretty much flawless and barely needs any updating. However I think that iMore should have an easier way to scroll through the content and if your on the iMore site, a little notification that tells you a new post has been published. iMore should also have Podcasts that show Apple trends, Cool Apple Mac Apps, Cool iPhone Apps, etc. iMore should also have more opionon pieces and also more more speculation and more Apple leaks as possible. I know the last one isn't really up to iMore to decide. Also Include more Giveaways so i could have more chances of winning. 

I love the interface, creating an account was a snap and the look and feel was so user friendly. The only feature I'd like to see is a gradient or nonwhite background. Otherwise the rebrand looks amazing!

I would like to see you add an app for the iPad.  I know you added an iPhone app recently but would like to see it for the iPad also.  While on my iPad, I would love to click on the app instead of going to the website.  When you create this, use notifications as well so I know when something new is posted.

The site is making great strides and it is on my daily reads list.  A few things I would love to see...
1) I know ads are important, but the amount of ad space up top really takes the focus away from your content.  That ad is huge!
2) In general, I think you guys do a good job with reviews... but there have been times were you review something, say Not taking apps, but the comparisons between existing apps seem to cover the usage from only one angle/use case which could potentially point people to an app that isn't the best fit for them (iMore said its the best, so I'll get it... rather than the second most popular app sounds like it fits my usage better than the more popular one...).  I think that reviews could become more useful if you polled the user community, or published a review schedule, so that people could leave a note saying what areas they would love to see you discuss in your review.
3) Personally, I'm not sure of why someone would use a dedicated app for a given site.  I like to consolidate this type of stuff into a single app - like Flipboard.  When you announced your iMore app, I couldn't help but wonder if those resources could be put to better use elsewhere?  I readily admit that I may be in the minority here, though.
4) I am not sure how you should do this, but your forum volume is small enough that I tend to traverse another popular site's forums for researching purchase decisions, getting feedback, etc.  So, whatever you can do to increase traffic will make your forum community even more useful/valuable.
Thanks for asking for feedback.
Again, love the site!

OK... I'd like a comment editing feature too.  Lol...
Above it should read "Note taking apps", instead of "Not taking..."

A daily 3-5 minute podcast on the lastest news and tips would be great. Even if it is a recap of the daily written articles. Keep up the great work.

Truthfully, I really like the iMore 2.0 visuals. Would really like to see more articles spread throughout the course of the day. Perhaps more accessory reviews, and maybe even and advanced search for your past articles. Other than that sincerely, keep up the great work guys.

I would like to see it a more open platform, where the user gets to make decisions for themselves, rather than Apple making the decisions. Oh wait, that's why Android is so much better.

Looks nice so far!
Advice: Please, when reviewing something Apple, add it to your checklist to "be critical". I don't fault you guys for it completely, and you've admittedly got a slightly more critical eye on things than a lot of blatant anabashed fanboi reviewers out there, but...  Just always remember to take a step back and give credit when and where it's due.  Does Android actually offer more flexibility or functionality in a certain area, even at the expense of simplicity?  Does a certain OSX feature have any side-effects that actually hamstring one's workflow rather than totally streamline it?  
Just sayin'. I love me some Apple goods. I'm admittedly a recent convert, both to Mac and to IOS, and there are definitely things I gave up in converting, but I still feel so much better in this camp. That said, it ain't all roses.  Just sayin'.

I'd like to see more app highlights like you used to with the app of the day articles. A lot of the apps I have now or have tried came from those articles. 
Also I'd like to see less of the how to (do something very elementary with your iPad/phone). The how to fix you stuff articles are great. 

When doing app reviews it seems like you guys always miss the one that most of the readers favor for any purpose. I think you should revise the app reviews to include a readers / commenters favorite.

Make it clean, crisp and sharp. Easy nav menus and a more friendly UI. Less cluttered and less ads. Make it like an iOS device. ;)

Congratulations on iMore 2.0! All of you have built such a great website I honestly can't think of anything I'd like to change as of now. HOWEVER, I do feel like your mobile app needs a lot of work. I'd love to be able to do everything you can on the website, on the app. I find it very annoying that I can't access the forums, or even comment on articles such as this one from my phone. I look forward to the many upcoming updates on the website and the app! Cheers! and a tip of the hat to all of you! 

This took a lot of thought. And really the only thing I could think of is, maybe a better, easier way to find old posts through search.

Liking the new comments...I would like to see more of the "hidden" not so often used features of iOS.

Probably the one feature I'd love to see both on iMore and across Mobile Nations is expansion of the regions and currencies covered by the store to Europe and possibly also Asia. I really enjoy reading accessory reviews on iMore, and would love it if I could buy some of those accessories easily with the links to the Mobile Nations stores, rather than having to trawl the Internet.

With all the progress that Apple has made I don't even know what new features I want on the iOS6 device.  I have been with Apple since the 4 was released and they always seem to be on top of their game.  With the updates they've had they actually have ideas that I didn't even think about wanting.  They've completely outdid themselves as innovators should.  The only issue I've had with the iPhone are their headphones.  I feel like if I'm spending money on quality, everything should be quality and not just the phone.  Other than that I'm completely prepared for Apple to wow me like they always do. 

I really like the site. It's really clean however, I think the a lot of the ads are too much.  They are much too big and get in the way of the pages.  Maybe make them on the side like Google.  Outside of that, it's a great looking site.  ~Phil

Love the site and all thegreat news! Make more videos for the YouTube fanatic, more giveaways, and an iMore app? More phone friendly. Thanks iMore! Keep up the good work :)

one cool feature will be to have the opportunty to set some news that we want to shop on the top (workings with tags) and then get notified each visit on the site.

What a great contest!
iMore2.0 might consider adding some infographic style "bottom line" charts a la consumer reports, and keep them in a separate category for quick reference.  Often, I consider picking up an accessory and remember reading an article, but don't always want to re-read the article, if I can find it, if I can remember the title, you know?  A catalogue of handy reference guides comparing features of various products would be great.

More contests, ability to preview/beta apps for the community and user reviews of aps and accessories up front.

The present version is cleaner and easier o the eyes, perhaps a iPad app would be the next move.  I like the reviews of apps and products, the tips on little know iOS features and of course the give aways! I was first a member of CrackBerry and now of iMore. Great job iMore!

I love how Leanne does the iPhone photography blogs and pages.. I love how Ally does killer reviews..
I would like to see more contributions from the other iMore team...maybe a series of Apps reviews based on app categories?

As the approx 460th commentor, nothing ground-breaking to suggest. Simply supporting an iPad iMore 2.0 app and more jailbreak/cydia info. Thanks!

I think that Imore 2.0 should have more iPhone vs. Videos. Like iPhone 5 vs Samsung galaxy s 3 or something along those lines but other than that I think everything is great! So please choose me for that gift card, I have an android phone right now I desperately could use a new iOS device!

Sections for all the articles would be nice. Looking through everything is a bit of a hassle but free knowledge is the best knowlege right.. lol. Love the site and all the best to iMore2.0!

Almost forgot: when it's feasible, please get rid of Flash on iMore.com.  Especially for the podcast video feed.  

Love all of the innovation going on. It would be great if there was a better way to find all of the different podcasts by category and have a better option to filter and find previous blog posts. 

I would love to see a "daily recommended app" section. I'm always looking for new apps and this would be very helpful. I love the new design btw!

As an avid iMore reader, as well has an aspiring developer, I wouldn't mind seeing a series in the same vein as Georgia's iPhoneography series, on Xcode development and some basic tutorials using iOS SDK.

I'd love to see a new format for the podcast section because some of the stuff there is still legacy, and when you go on that page right now, it doesn't show the latest podcasts, just latest news, thus hard to find.
It would be awesome an iMore store for Canada, and push notifications on when are you going to have your live podcasts so we know ahead of time and dont' miss it, eg. mobile nation ones. 
But overall great job! Love the easy switch with latest news and latest discussion on first page.

Great job on iMore 2.0! Love the changes!
I'd like more videos, app reviews and to put the "adding comment section" on top of the comments!
Great work and thanks again for the opportunity to win !

As there is so much content I would like to be able to drill in a little more to get to what I want to read. The top menu works well but I would like some more filtering options on the submenu page in addition to the "Best of" groups.  I prefer this drilling navigation rather than a more complex advanced search as you are still navigating through the content and keeping in touch with the site rather than jumping past information you may other wise miss. 

iMore actaully is a complete community, the new iMore 2.0 really is an impressive re-work of an excellent community, what I really would like to see? a dedicated section for Georgia's testing wearing swimsuits only..

Comparisons to a wide variety of other manufacturers' products which are out in the marketplace creating a buzz would be my suggestion.

Would love to see a daily newsletter sent out to collect each day's posts??  Maybe you do that already?  I love the heads up you give ... 
Also, perhaps "update" notifications when apple releases any updates to their ios ... or could select which apps to keep up with>?

Love your site, but being able to see it more natively on my iPhone would be nice. (Kinda like m.Lifehacker.com).

I would love to see a look that maximizes screen space. There is so much extra space along the sides of the news stream that can be used. 
Thanks again for being an amazing site!

I know you guys do side by side reviews of phones etc. but if you had a sort of interactive comparison between whatever a user selects as an iOS device and other phones, that would be pretty awesome.

What are the apps your writers use on a daily basis? What is their tech setup?
I'm always curious as to what apps and applications others use so I can add them to my arsenal
And yes I'd love that gift certificate :)

Congrats on the new site. It's a nice step forward.  I would encourage you to add content rating capabilities beyond comments.  Let folks search categories by keyword and rating.  That would help people find what they are looking for more quickly.  Thanks for the great contest for Apple gift certificates.  That's a good idea.

I was addicted to my blackberry until until I bought my first iphone 4s. It was such seemless transition for me to come from crackberry.com to imore.com. Although I would like for more interaction with us the common folk with blogs and games. Other than that I come to this site daily and love it!!

I come for the articles, stay for the comment threads, so I would love to see a "new" count indicating comments posted to an article since my last visit.  A phpBB style link to the first post since last visit would be nice, but may not be possible with a threaded system.

I would like to continue to see more speculative posts about the future of iOS and also see more articles on the integration of ios throughout our lives. Great job!

I use your iMore app every day to check out the latest Apple news. A great tool to add would be a Twitter tab of some sort to view even more news as soon as news pops up. Another great thing would be live video or even just pictures and words when you attend WWDC. That would be awesome to get live video or pictures as new products are unveild.

Likely said before, but I would like to see more Macs and related OSX info especially with how there seems to be a convergence of OS X and iOS.

I'd like to see more on the jailbreak community. As a recent "convert", I feel pretty lost in it all and may go back to stock iOS since Cydia is slightly overwhelming.

The site is great I think. I love the sleek white all over. I would love to see more short videos about products. I read every review to be one step ahead of all my tech friends. Keep up the great work. 

Maybe you can make a custom version of iMore 2.0 for flipboard or a magazine for ibooks with the latest apple text book editor, with a faster downloads and good content. 

I think more videos would be gret and also web site sponsored paid apps or pro apps that can be dowloaded from maybe a link only through the website and itl be free for us.

I still remember when this was theiphoneblog.com, then tipb.com, and now iMore.com. Throughout the name changes you have managed to keep the site clean and fresh, making it very easy to navigate through. 
Improvement wise, I really have no complaints. On top of the revamped commenting, constant articles, and the podcast that you release, this site has continued to stay great over the years.
Thanks for continuing to keep the community imformed on Apple news, and thanks for doing the many contests that iMore runs.

I like Imore 2.0 and I can not lie
these other websites cant deny
when I log in it is sweet as sin
They make all the other sites say oh yeah!
Love the site and only wish there was less spam in imore 2.0

Love the new app and iMore 2.0.  I wish I could post from the app though.  Good start. 
I would like to see tips of the day today, maybe tips of the day in Spanish?  Thanks for the work!!

I love this site. Only thing I would suggest is a little revamp of the theme/color scheme, Lots of white, white and white as is.

I'd like to see daily best free apps. Especially ones that don't get a lot of limelight. 
Oh, and that $600 gift card would be nice too. 

So is VISOR a Drupal module or or something custom? As someone who runs a Drupal site, I am interested in all kinds of different set ups.

I'm really liking the new site. There is so much information and I'm glad I broke away from my blackberry.

First thanks iMore for the opportunity. The site is incredible.  You are right it is much cleaner and easier to find the places i would like to visit.  Don't have a feature suggestion, but maybe I would like to see a weekly article about what's on your iPad. That is always cool to,see what other apps people are using and why.  You guys are doing a great job!

I know that mobile is your focus, but I think I would like to see more information about OS X and Mac hardware. You guys have such good writers and content creators, and OS X and iOS are moving towards each other; it makes sense for you to do some computer stuff in addition to your mobile content.

This is a serious giveaway. I would love to have one of these gifts. Its almost coolerthan just getting the phone. Because you could maybe even sell your previous phone, and then take that money to get new accesories if they arent compatible. Its really good thinking.

I've been reading here exclusively since 2009, you guys are brilliant. I'd like to see more iMore TV, an easier way to discover older stories and navigate back to them, more how to videos, oh it would be great if you could do an iMore iPad app too, where we can watch the podcasts live. iMore just keeps getting better and better, I love iMore almost as much as I love Apple! 

This is my first time to view imore.com and I really like the content here.  I would like to see a suggestion box for future IO upgrades.  It would be very interesting to see other people's ideas and what Apple officially adds.

A comment box at the top of the list wold be great, sometime is don't want to scroll through the entire list to add my thoughts. Also, separate RSS feeds for reviews, editorials, jailbreak, etc. would be great. For example, I don't really care for jailbreak so I wouldn't need to see those stories. 
Keep up the great work iMore!

i would like to see more ipad reviews (apps, cases, etc.) and at least a review of a new (not so poppular) app. I'm kinda new to ios and not sure wht to try out so this would help alot. Thanks and you guys are doing a great job!!!!

Really love the site, but the site needs to be mobile friendly.. And also as a bonus an option to choose different themes for the site would be wonderful.  

I'd like to see more interaction between users but all of the changes you guys are making are awesome! Keep it up and I hope to win lol. Please and thanks!

I would love to experience this site on the iPad especially the photography aspect, that is shui would love to win a gift card to buy one!


I'd really like to see more in-depth, detailed app reviews. Thanks for offering another great opportunity to win stuff...

Hmm... I think I like it. I hope that Drupal/VISOR is better than Joomla. Joomla is excruciating to build with. As far as features are concerned, can I haz mobile site again pleez?

Fantastic evolution!  Keep the change coming, just to add to the many requests for an iPad app, that would be the cats meow.

Would love for it to be formatted to be viewed well in my new iPad?!?!
Also would like more reviews of product- iPhone and Mac related.

Well I love this site, it allows me to cry out of anguish, scream out of acrimony and glow of joy and excitement, alas everything in the world must be improved and I believe five core changes can make this awesome site, well awesomer (yes I said awesomer xD).
1. Cover more tweaks that are actually useful - This site does cover some pretty sweet tweaks, most of which I already have but a select few that I never heard and that's awesome because I can try it out and see if it will prove useful to my daily use. Now all that said I think that very few tweaks are covered, now I understand that there are many reasons for that, like a big number of readers and writers that are part of T.P. (Team Pure) or that many f these articles are very detailed so you guys might not have the time to actually go through the thousands of tweaks in Cydia, or just the fact that many of those tweaks suck (no offense Devs ). I just wish there was someone that can focus at least once a week, say Saturdays/Sundays (not in the night we all have lives I fully understand that) or another writer that can be added to this site to handle the tweaks section of article, with full tutorials course .
2. Better way to search for content on the website - Although there is a search bar and there are some folders or categories for people to look at different topics, however for some reason I do not find it visually attractive. In most of those folders it seems very clustered. Look at the Apps folder as an example, it is very hard to pin point a specific type of App. What can be done is that you add the Apps into sub-categories like Apple has done in the App Store. I do ask if you can try and be a little more detailed than Apple when it comes to this. Apple uses the normal categories for Apps since they do not like the jailbreak community (unless it's time for an iOS update lol), since you guys have done (and again hopefully will do more) Apps and Tweaks from Cydia you should add them in the Apps & Tweaks folder, with sub-folders dividing them into there prime function (like BiteSMS is a texting App/Tweak, Angry Birds is an arcade type of game). Again hope this is done for all the current and future categories (like Authors, where we find each Authors article) This would make searching so much easier for the readers, heck even you guys when you want to check some new things out. Oh and before I forget, also try and apply this to the iMore Shop, it is worse than the searching on the actual site.
3. Fix the iPhone App/Launch an iPad version - Personally I feel that the iPhone app of this site isn't as sexy as the actual site is. It also seems to crash to easily for me. When I reading one article and then quickly try to read another one it crashes. Also I have no idea why (could be a RAM issue) but when I listen to music the App slows down, weird right? In addition release an iPad version,  I am sure you guys are working on it and if you're not then what are you guys waiting for!!! I do not have an iPad because the truth is I hate tablets, but I know many people that would love to have an iMore App on their iPad so they can see what is the latest and greatest in the realm that is Apple. I think so a GUI stand point the iPad version, hell both the iPhone and the iPad version should have a sort of magazine feel and look to it. I say this because it will look amazing and I think this site deserves an actual magazine .
4. Disqus or Disqus like features - I know many might not like this one but the truth is that Disqus has a better commenting system even better than the new one MN (Mobile Nation) is using. Also Disqus is used on many sites, a reader can see how other sites another reader likes or comments on. You can vote up or down on something useful or intelligent someone has commented on. Disqus has also made it a lot easier to handle trolls because we all know how annoying they are, more so when it is an actual great conversion between readers and even the writer of the article. We can also edit over comments instead of just replying to your own comment. If this cannot be done (which I doubt it) at least give us these features on the new improvements on the commenting system.
5. Clean up and add a little more detail - I know this is a very broad statement, but I mean it as broadly as possible. This site has changed so much since the days I started to reading articles here (started around early 2009) and many changes have passed by. Some were horrible but most were much added and as a whole they were much loved. What I think this site needs is a little more polish, sort of the way Apple handles  their products.  An example of this would be with the headlines on the main page. First all the articles should have at least a picture of the topic. Also they should be set up in the same manner. What I mean by this is that they should be set up as headline first then picture, or picture first then headline (although I prefer the former). Right now it is a toss up headlines and pictures and sometimes just headlines and it makes it very difficult to so a quick read at the articles when you are in a hurry.
Hope these changes will happen very soon and hope they are liked by most (cannot say all because all is impossible). I am sure many would like/love those changes. Keep up the great work guys.


Thanks for all the hard work guys! I'm a photographer for my school's paper (LSU), and I love the photo content you put out. Keep it up!

I read your feed on Google Reader and it would be nice if you could post only the introduction of those really (like, REALLY) long posts of how-to repair you iPhone etc things. That would be awesome since I don't read them and have to scroll a lot to get past them right now.

May I suggest an "App of The Month" program along the lines of "The Book of The Month?" iMore announces an app on the blog, members download the app and then discuss the pros and cons of the app in the forum. Then from there a review can be posted with the knowledge of wider variety of use case scenarios. Just a thought.
You can even post some of the comments from the members of the discussion in the final review to show that the review is not completely singular. I believe this will help people be aware of the crap apps once they identify what to look for in a quality app. Plus there is no better business than word-of-mouth.
Oh, the developer can monitor the discussion for bug fixes and/or 'suggestions' for updates. With an iMore moderator to keep the unhelpful discussions to a minimum, like zero.
(And no, it is not free app program. You have to pay for the 'book' before you read it, if applicable.)


If you guys can add another category " PAID app --> gone FREE" in the APP section it will be best for people like me who like to save some money here and there  ^_^
Thank for everything !!

Would love to see a "What's on my phone" segment where you can first do the editors' phones, what they have on the device.  You can even expand that to regular users.  It could also include the reasoning why they have the icons arranged on their homescreen in a particular way (Seth has mentioned this a few times but did not go into detail on the podcast).
Keep up the great work!

I would really like to have an interface that "Just works". That's all I want. That's all WE want. Thank you for giving us a reason to wake up in the mornings! 

- more detailed summaries of video posts. I'd like to know more of what is covered to know if I want to watch them.
- more personal use stories. What are the editors actually doing the most on their iOS devices. What do your home pages look like. What are the top five webpages you go to when you browse, etc.
- invite guest posters. Have people come to the site for a short time and give us their take on the OS. Rotate people through and let us see a variety of perspectives. 
- showcase your commenters that do a great job. Include some posts that take the best posted comments and bring them to your readers attention.
- help people with particular iOS problems. Start a dear iMore repeating series of posts where people tell you what they want their device to help them with and you give them the resources to accomplishnwhatbthem want. Even make it a contest-- chosen problems get the apps/hardware they need to solve their problem given to them

love the new format - easier to navigate!  It would be great if you had an un-biased comparison between iOS, Android & Blackberry phones and the various versions of each in a user-friendly format (read - easy on the tech-speak).... I never know what phone or operating system to pick.  In the last year I've had 2 different blackberries & an android and none of them are really perfect for what I use my phone for!

I love iMore 2.0 is sexy I would like a float social mini bar that follows you while you scroll so you can share the content without needing to look for any social network sharing icon! And also I would like to win the Apple certificate! (you don't say!)

What I'd think would be cool is to have a little box on the side, or like a scrolling type of box, that would allow you to see the top articles of the week, day, month, whatever you want. It'd make everything look more interactive.

tworth23 here. What we all need in ios 6 is an easier way to access ALL of the settings like  WIFI, GPS, BLUETOOTH ETC. Why can't apple get that right????? It's one of the main reasons I jailbreak. 

I would like to see things formatted well so that my husband would be able to read iMore on his new iOS device that I won from here!

I would like to be able to search using hash tags and trending topics much like twitter.  Great new look.  

Ah I've been reading iMore since before the name change. I think it would fun to have you guys do some guest pieces for other sister sites (ie pre central and crack berry). Would be curious to hear your opinions on other mobile OS's and how they directly effect iOS. 
Just a thought though! Really you guys are great and I love the new site!

The new site is getting better and better. The changes solidifies your site as the go to place for the latest and greatest info  Keep up the good work!

iMore 2.0 looks Great! Love the new format, wouldn't change a thing. Just more awesome giveaways, keep up the great work! Thanks!

I want to see more content related to jailbreak tweaks, profiles of brand new tweaks and featured items once a week. Also get people that are part I the jailbreak community to present such topics and review.

iMore 2.0 looks great Rene! The only suggestion I have is updating the mobile site, it requires a lot of pinching and zooming. . I'm on an Android phone so I can't use the iMore app.

I follow iMore with Google Reader so I don't miss any posts. On your sister sites, the Google Reader posts often display the start of a posting and then link to read more. The iMore posts don't break, so if I'm not interested in the latest "How to replace your antenna" article, it requires scrolling all the way through the text and illustrations to get to the next article. Please consider breaks and jumps for your longer articles. Thanks for the great site. iMore is my #1 source for iPad & iPhone information, tips and app reviews.

This is a great source of information. So glad to have found you guys. Too soon to make recommendations but will soon.

Awesome website you have here, and I like that you have so much new news and rumors really impressive! Keep up the good work and I would love to see some more videos instead to just talk shows! :)

I like the site. The iOS app could use some improvement in the weekly photo contest section. Would love to be able to upload directly from the iPhone instead of having to use the computer as a bridge. 
Thanks for the giveaways! That is one of the things that keep me coming back. :)

Enjoying your site. I check it often. I would like to see more step by step tips with pictures especially when iOS6 is released.

Loving the new look. Looking forward to the improvements. I'd like to see a retina wallpaper creater like the wallpaper creater on crackberry.............

The site is already pretty great but more hardware repair videos and jailbreak tweak articles/videos wouldnt hurt. Especially iPad jailbreak tweaks.

Congratulations on the new and improved site! I'm excited for More 2.0 and love the new app. I am so glad I can access the podcasts through the app. Any chance of video podcasts? How about a contest to be a guest host for a night?
Keep up the great work!

iMore Two is even better than iPhone Blog/iMore...........  Hope it continues to give us all great info about the iphone, Apple products and information........... I would love to win one of these $600 gifts to the APPLE STORE........ I am a loyalist with all apple products for so many years.

Love the app check it everyday.  It would be great if thre were a way to leave comments without having to scroll to the bottom of the page every time. 

I would like to see comments work in the iMore app... Unless thats just me having a problem. But I'd like to be able to view and make comments from the app.

Thanks for this opportunity.  I would love to see episodes, posts, or vodcasts regarding how educators are capitalizing on Apple products in the classroom.

I wouldn't mind notification of new contests straight to my phone. My thoughts are also easier to search categories.

Slightly off-topic, but how about breaking the iMore podcast into specific segments, instead of simply running through a list of talking points?
E.g. run through Apple and competitor news, offer your opinions, then move on to a specific rumors segment with discussion, then maybe an "iMore pundit shootout" or something.  (Kind of like Macworld's pundit showdown before Apple products are announced.)
And how about a forum contest for each Apple product announcement?  It could be like bingo: forum members would pick and choose features from a grid or something, and the winner would be the one with the most right guesses.  And of course, the tie-breaker would be the best and/or most-accurate prediction in the comment associated with the feature choices.
That would help boost forum activity and membership.  Just a thought.  (Look at how many comments there are for this blog post already. Same thing could happen in the forums.)

Awesome website, thanks for the opportunity. There's a lot of cool features that I can't think of anything that's missing.

I'd like to see your RSS feeds a little more specialized or granular.  That'd make the volume coming from your site more manageable.  Congrats on the big migration.

I'd love to see a daily rundown of cool apps that are currently either on huge sale or free - especially the temporarily on sale for free apps.  I'm enjoying iMore, by the way.  It's grown into something even better than TiPb was.  Cheers!

I think the Podcast with a guest every week or even a view sent in vid for Reviews and such to be done every week.

Hi Guys! Great new look! Much cleaner than before. I am glad you added universal login since I started on Precentral before I moved over to tipb/iMore. Also, you need a mobile site besides the app. Like the new comment box controls as well but there are a couple of tweaks I can see needing to be made. The home page with the top stories scrolls down vertically below the fold too much. A lot of the slightly older stories on a busy news day will be missed. Maybe make a summary up top with top stories or a times square type ticker? Thanks and keep up the great work!

I don't know how you could improve this site - it's my go-to web address for all iphone and ipad information already!

Right now the coverage is pretty complete, but I'd like to see something outside of the how-to specifically for tips and tricks on iOS, JB'ed or not.

I absolutely LOVE the new site. The only thing I could ask for would be a cleaner iPhone app. alot of small bugs. other than that, great job guys!

I would like to see the website talking about how what apple has done to lead other companies to be better, although not as good as Apple. Also maybe compare the iphone to other phones in shootouts.

You should have a section for kickstarter projects for the iPhone, that would be awesome, give the people that awesome ideas a place to gather on iMore!! BAM iMore 2.0!

this might be a total pie-in-the-sky feature but I'd love to see a chat feature in the iMore iPhone app to chat with other forum members.  or maybe a Mobile Nations chat with rooms for each site? (iMore room, Crackberry room, etc)
It'd be great to be able to chat with others while on the go!

Everything is perfect just the way it is. I guess you could cover mermaids more often but other than that the site is perfect. 

This is a great site.  I love the addition of the photography section.  Maybe you could start giving more app reviews.  You can list them in a menu by category (Photo, Music, Productivity, Games, Etc). That would make it easier for the users of the site to find.  I love the layout of your site and it is very easy to change, so I hope you keep the main page the same. 

Maybe you guys should make a section showing what everybody has done to their iDevices. Like a section showing all the things theyve done to customize them: Housings, cases, custom work done etc. That might be something new.

I've really been enjoying the articles and blogs that have been coming more recently, especially the photography focused ones by Leanna.

My suggestion is less about features and more about content quality. There seems to be a severe lack of energy and forced personality in a lot of the accessory review videos. It makes them difficult to watch for anything other than information. This should be a pretty simple fix and something to continue working on so that the content quality continues to improve on iMore!

Hey, I was content to begin with...but you guys keep on pushing the envelope! The mobile site update is great, by the way...
I like the mix of content you put up - I like the occasional thought-through polemic piece from Rene, I think the reviews are great across hardware and software, and by visiting this blog I stay up to date on what's happening in the world of iOS. It is entertaining, engaging and informative. What more could I want? It's why I keep coming back...
Well, I think it would be great to maybe have some personal profile features, and the one I would use would be to track what posts are new since my last visit. That's what I end up doing a lot of the time - just visiting every few days to see what's been going on. That kind of feature (cross-platform/device tracking of course!) would help smooth my (already pretty smooth) engagement with the blog.
In terms of content, I think there is a new level to go to in terms of app reviews. I used to find that the curation of apps from TiPB led my purchasing decisions pretty well, but it feels like we've reached a plateau of functionality. So in other words, the environment has changed, it is harder to get the right apps in front of people, so a new level of awesomeness is required. I've no doubt you can reach it if you choose to :-)

It's great you guys have been doing so well! Love getting a chance to win a new IPhone every year. 
I would love to see more from the rumor mill, get someone to compile all the different websites reports and put them in one place. (I.e. bgr says this, Engadget says this, gigaom says this) so everyone can see all the ideas in one place. 
Thanks for all the hard work! Keep it up. It will continue to pay off.

Can you guys make the forums viewable inside the mobile app instead of being redirected to the full site.

I love the iMore site and now the iMore 2 should be even better.  I like reading about the latest and greatest Apple iphone updates, products, tricks, etc.   I like the forum as it is > easy to read and very informative. 

Love the give aways, more are always welcome.  Personnally I enjoy reading about jailbreak tweaks and themes, so more of that news would be great.

How about making top 10 app lists for each app store category. Maybe base them on the imore readers input, like a survey?
Pick me.