Welcome to iMore 2.0

Welcome to iMore 2.0

Leave a comment below telling us what new features you want to see in iMore 2.0, and be entered to win a $600 Apple Store gift certificate for the iOS 6 device of your dreams!

At the beginning of the year we changed the name of our community to iMore.com. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve the quality and experience of iMore as well. We've invested heavily in having not only great content, but compellingly beautiful content with the best photography and videography we can produce.

We've continuously expanded and improved our podcasting, bringing you the best and brightest hosts and guests on the internet, for shows like iMore, Iterate, ZEN and TECH, and Mobile Nations. We've given the iMore forums a major makeover as well, so they're cleaner and easier to use than ever before. We've released a free iMore for iPhone app that's been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

And there's much more of all of that to come. For even longer now, however, we've been working on something else, something far more important -- a new, more powerful, more flexible platform to drive it all.

And today we made the jump.

Everything has been moved over. Every bit of legacy code from Phone different (Movable Type), the iPhone blog and TiPb (Wordpress) has been end of lined, and everything we've learned from CrackBerry.com and Android Central has been put to use. I'm calling it VISOR (it's Drupal-based, but VISOR better fits our roots and our spirit.)

Our singular goal is to give the iMore community the absolute best experience imaginable on the web and in mobile. Moving to VISOR will let us do that, and in ways that were impossible on our old platform.

This is the new iMore architecture, and the new architecture for a cleaner, better Mobile Nations.

Like any new architecture, we've started with the foundation. Some of the new features are already in place -- you can now toggle between blog view and headline view, and you browse the latest forum discussions right from the home page. More features will be coming soon.

In other words, this is our Snow Leopard.

With any substantial change, there will be a tiny little bit of pain – you'll need to create an iMore account to comment on the posts. The good news:

  • It will greatly reduce the amount of spam we've all been putting up with

And best of all:

  • If you already have an iMore forums account, you're good to go. Just use that.
  • If you already have an account at Android Central, CrackBerry, webOSNation, or WPCentral, you can use the same username, email address, and password to create your iMore account.

The reason for the latter is one of the features we have coming your way -- a unified login across all Mobile Nations community. One account to rule them all.

We recognize creating an account can be a hassle, and while it will give you a ton of great benefits now and in the future, we want to make up for it immediately as well.

You know that iOS 6 dream device contest -- that $600 Apple gift certificate we're giving away to celebrate the iMore show #300?

Well, we're giving away two of them now.

Simply sign in an leave a single comment below telling us what features you'd love to see in the all new iMore, and you're entered to win.

We'll announce both winners next Wednesday, July 11, live on the iMore Show #302.

I want to thank our community and our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to thank our tech team, including our founder, Marcus Adolfsson, our dear leader, Kevin Michaluk, Tom for the bits and David and Jose for the grids and the pixels, and all of our editors, writers, and network and community staff for everything they've done to get us here.

Like I said last time, we're still only just beginning.

Welcome to iMore 2.0.

Have something to say about this story? Leave a comment! Need help with something else? Ask in our forums!

Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore 2.0



I'm hoping to upgrade to the new iPhone when it is released this Fall, and looking forward to my own Siri.  I get lost easily, so a verbal directions would help a lot.  A password keeper that synced with desktop and where I could set a default device would thrill me.  Though I miss Kevin and the other "crackheads", I am a loyal iPhone user now.  Choose me and I will buy a new iPhone with new iOS!

I wanna see more color and graphics with iMore 2.0 and also maybe easier navigation to topics. This website looks great tho

I would love to see a new layout in imore 2.0, awsome apps, and a whole bunch more contest so thier could be more people winning constantly. 

I would love for iMore 2.0 to compile a list of paid apps that have become free so we know when to download them. :)

I love iMore, and one of the first websites I visit daily. I'd love to see more for the jailbreaking community though! Thanks for everything!

imore.com is the first place I go every morning to catch up on everything apple.  I can't even begin to imagine how you could possibly improve it!!

I like the site a lot and while navigation is easy, I would like a more prominent role of podcasting and the news could use a bit more distinction between one and other, new colors for the headers would look wonderful. Other than that, great work you guys.

I would love to see stuff for first time iPhone owners. I will be getting my first one in October comming over from android. I can't wait to get it. Keep up the good work. Love the show. 

How about a tip of the day?  Post a different tip each day on something that helps improve the way we use our devices.  Keep up all the wonderful work!!!!

Congrats on the update guys!
I would love to see more app comparisions like you have done in the past. Taking three or so popular apps in a category and comparing them to each other.
That is how I came to choose to use Instapaper and Flipboard!

I like a lot of the features on iMore.com. I would also like to see are short video how tos on using Apple devices. 

I really enjoy this site. I've been visiting the site for over 3 years and have always found your information to be useful and timely. In regards to improvements I would push for more app and accessory revies. Your site is one of the few places I go when looking for feedback on an app and suggestions for new apps. I find your app reviews to be especially useful given that apple does not offer a trial period. 

I love your site! However i would love to see the simple 'next ten articles' link at the bottom of the page so i can know what i read already, or what i want to see again.

The Feature I'd like to see the most for iMore 2.0?  Give us the ability to select keywords in the iPhone app that will trigger push notifications to our devices when a blog post containing our selected words is posted.  

The look of 2.0 is cleaner. Good job. I may have to come more often.
One thing I like to see is a way to stream live podcast on iOS from imore.com without using UStream app. Audio only would be sufficient, BTW.

hey team... mottofox here just wanted to say although i cant be in chat room any more i do listen to every show on my icatcher app.. you make the day on the road so much better... would love to be considered for the give away... regarding suggestions for the new 2.0 i think maybe you should have a segment entitled HOME SCREEN where u maybe ask people in the live chatroom what apps have been promoted to the home screen... we all have had that app that was in a folder on the second or third screen that we recently promoted to the home screen cuz we love and use it so much.. or even the dock!!! just thought it would be quick and cute segment to go around the horn and ask if any app has been homescreen/dock promoted lately... thanks again for all your hard work and passion... it means alot to us... the pic of rene podcasting from the floor of a hotel room at WWDC says it all... thanks again 

Being new to the iPhone/Apple world, this was the 1st and only iPhone info/news app and website I use to stay up to date. I would like to see a more advanced main screen on the app, as far as the layout.. Right now it is a simple scroll down day by day list of articles. Mix it up a little!! Bring it up to 2012!

Happily registered. I've been visiting you guys for a long time to get info on the latest happenings in the Apple world... and the comprehensive happening in rest of the tech world.
A bit more podcast would be absolutely great.
IMO - i think the time is right for you to start offering dicount priced items for sale - like Macs, iPhones iPad etc....
Rock On !!

I have been a part of the forums for a long time, listened to the podcasts and I honestly can't say there is anything I could suggest to make it better. The only thing I would suggest is a redesign of the icon for the iMore app. The icon has a dark grey area in the upper right. The problem is the dark grey almost blends into the linen background of a folder. Icons on iOS all have the same shape but the iMore app looks wierd in comparison when you look at the small icon representations inside a folder. Perhaps remote the cloud and grey area and use the usual iMore icon which already has the shape. However instead of using only an iPhone icon since it is iMORE add an iPad icon too. 

its great and awesome.. add a head-on/showdown between idevices and other smartphone/tablets to help user decide is beautifully welcomed addition in my opinion..

Congrats guys. Really love this site. However, I do have a list (albeit not all that large):
1. PLEASE FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT SO THAT I CAN CHAT DURING PODCASTS!! I find it so frustrating that I can't join in on the discussions on Ustream. 
2. This one's a little stupid....but I've always felt that there's a huge differentiation between commenting on something, and having a small chat window next to a certain object of focus (namely one of your articles) with people constantly talking about it. Granted though you should probably one have those chats for the articles you've posted that day :|
Besides those things, AMAZING!

The current website is awesome in itself!
But i think a New Mobile Website with easy UI would be a better option. As iMore we still want more from u!


I've been reading iMore since it was The iPhone Blog. I've been holding off on commenting because I've been trying very hard to think of something to that might help better the blog, but I haven't been very successful. However, I did think of something more on the mobile end of iMore. 

I'm not too sure if this would be at all possible, but if Push Notifications can be incorporated into the iMore app that would be great. I'm mainly suggesting this for whenever a new article, podcast, review, how-to or what have you is posted. This way we can immediately jump to the app with a single tap from Notification Center and read the article of interest without having to dig through others. Also, when the new iMore forums app is finally finished, perhaps the same can be done for forum replys, as well as, private messages.


Love iMore! Keep up the great work. We truly appreciate everything that you do! 

Love to see the new development of the site! I would loooove to see a dedicated iMore iPad app because the iPhone app is great! Thanks for all you guys do!

I think im fine with everything so far cant think of anything more but whatever is added i always end up thinking to myself that yeahh that is sweet!

Ok, here's my suggestion. Take one app a week. Any app that you guys found useful/fun. Give it some free publicity, explain its capabilities etc. Personally, I have difficulty discovering really great apps, so it would be really awesome to hear from the experts.

Overall this site is a full blast. What I would love to see is more jailbreak tweak & themes reviews :) love ya peace !!!

i'd love to see an easy to find/browse/use section for apps that are on sale (cheap or free.)

Make the iMore site more like an iPad application. Do what apple has done in Mountain Lion. Make it look smooth.

I'd like to see more about the enterprise side of things, we all have our smart devices, but how will they connect at and at work and play. The new IPv6 , will change things? 802.22 is coming? 

First of all, congratulations on the 300th episode. I know its late, nevertheless, it is an amazing feat.
Your's is the only website I am a part of and is related to the idevices. Anyhow, a few new features I would like to see is that, as you know, a lot of ipad, iphone knockoff cases are available and some are better than the original one. A small article with your opinions on such products would be welcome.
Not all of us can spend massive cash on each accessory out there. Sometimes, a little cheaper ones would do. So please do consider this.
Thanks again and wishing you all the best.
God bless you.

really awesome site guys, you've dona a fantastic job on the site. I'd love to see maybe something for the ipad in the future.

as it was stated before, a mobile version of the site would be cool. the app is definitely the bee's knees, but a mobile version of the site would definitely make it the cat's meow. but other than that, everything else really is spot on. it's cool being able to hit the forums and get tips and advice from other users, as well as picking up new wallpapers and photography tricks (probably the thing i browse the most for). you guys just keep doing what you're doing because i don't think that there are too many "serious" gripes. you guys provide good info and it seems that everyone digs the site and what you guys bring to the table!
thanks a ton and keep doing what you guys do best!
oh yeah...pick me? please?

i'd like to see a new comment system
something that shows a little bit about the user who posted the comment.. example # of post, year joined, phones owned.... you know... like the fourms... but on the web articles as well. ! toodles.... 

I would love to see more reviews and items in the store!
I am from the Philippines and I am a huge fan of your site. I hope you give me a chance to get the prize.

What a wonderful site!
For iMore 2.0 
-Front Page headlines in a tile format, with different sections (Headings: Forums, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc) above these. 
Very simple and effecient ! 

I love all the reviews on iPhone and iPad accessories. I would like to see more of those and more reviews of ios apps. 

Member of Crackberry and new to iMore.  Things look great!
Although i feel like a trator here and with my new iPad :P

I think iMore is amazing and I love the podcasts and everything from accessories and anything else that is shown on the site.
Keep up the great work.
Maybe add some more videos and reviews of things.

-Brad Heath

You know, now that WordPress is gone, I think this community is near perfect. The comments tool could be a bit more streamlined for mobile devices, but it's not a deal breaker. Keep it up!

i hope this doesnt come across as an insult, but i like the looks if forum sites such as fredmiranda.com. 
great works on your content though. 

I love the articles on the imore site and would like to have an easy way to post to pocket right from the site itself.

Wow, this is pretty good!
If you guys could make a slightly better mobile version it would be perfect. :)

I'd like to see more of the indepth guides like the iPhone Photography one. That's how I initially found you guys. These detailed how-to guides are very valuable. You could make them more valuable by adding more videos though. 

I would like to see the site optimized for widescreen displayed (16:9 and 16:10). Currently there is too much white space when viewing on high-res widescreen monitors.

Thank you for your great efforts to provide us one of the best experiences on the web. 
I would love to be able to use the "Reader" functionality in safari as it seems not compatible with imore. Also a better mobile friendly version is always welcomed :)

Can the site be more mobile friendly with gesture support? Most people probably check it on mobile devices. The site should recognize this and make it easier to navigate on smaller screens. 

Not sure I like the layout, but I've always been resistant to change.  I hope it goes well for you guys.

Like the new facelift and also will really enjoy a jailbreak tweeks secction whit reviews and updates. Keep the good work

I like the way the web site looks now. Maybe like people had said befor, to link to different apps. Break down of free and paid. 

I think a moble friendly website is the next logical step for you guys to make.  It's not a big deal to zoom in and out, it just gets kinda old after awhile.  I'd also like to see more contests and things of that nature.

I also love the new redesign, and echo the sentiments of others - selectable text size would be a huge plus. I also think it would be helpful to have more how-to videos (in addition to the how-to narratives). Thanks!

Would like to see more app category reviews comparing several similar apps in specific categories,  kind of like app advice but more in depth.

Two features that I have been waiting it see for a while are the ability to jump back where you left off in an article. I am referring to if you are reading a few different articles, then come across one like this with a contest and need to sign in order to comment it takes you back to page one of all articles rather than the page you were on. 
Similarly, I would like to see this changed for the desktop viewing as I tend to read articles at work on a desktop and then when I go back to the list of articles if i clicked an article at the bottom of the page it still brings me back to the top of the page and I have scroll back down to find the article I just finished reading to continue to the next article. 

Great new site, in the future I´d love to see some more jailbreak stuff, otherwise I'm completely satisfied, thanks! 

Loving the new site guys! Better then some of apple websites. I'm going to get your app right now. 
Keep up the good work

A nice feature would be a let iMore readers provide a quick 1 to 5 star product review with any iMore reviews for apps or accessories. I'd trust the well informed iMore user's review over that of the average App Store user.

Hey  Guys,
I really like your Site, so much that i forced my mom to read your "how to..." when she got her iPad Even her having some Problems with english. Besides  You have always the latest News about Apple and Gadgets for their products. "Unfortunately" i'm living in Europe, so its kinda Hard to find some of the Amazing products AND Gadgets you Review Here. I'd Love to See some links to some unique European Apple Accessoirs, Gadgets or what ever.
Yeah that's all.

I must say I am impressed with the many improvements you guys have made here.  Thanks so much! Its my favorite place to keep up on iphone/ipad news.  

I really like how the site operates right now. I stop by all the time to see what's new in the world of technology.
I think the best thing that could be done for iMore.com is an enhanced mobile experience!

I'm excited to see what iMore 2.0 has in store, and my suggestion is human interest stories.
A regular piece about how technology is improving the lives of individuals all over the world.  iProducts have helped millions around the world better there situation. It's great to hear the latest and greatest coming from Curpitino, but it would be awesome to hear about the child with a learning disability getting a better education with the use of an iPad, or the parent of an autistic child getting some help from an electronic device to improve both their life and the life of their child. I believe this will help your site pull apart from the rest of the pack by adding a human element to the technology side of things. 

What more could be added?  With the new features and removing the legacy infrastructure, you are leveraging yourselves to be the preeminent site for iOS news!
Would it be possible to have multiple channels of video content?  Add a little humor channel, news, notes, how-to's, or other visuals to appeal to us visual learners?
Thanks for all you do!

Every improvement you guys have made to the site is always amazing, I don't know how you guys keep improving on what's already the best but you guys do. Always looking to your guys future

Like the 2.0 additions, keep up the good work.
Finally registed to make comments (admittedly the gift cards made me do it!) but I am looking forward to contributing the the conversations moving forward.

I love the new name. I love the new website. I love direction your company is going. What I think would be cool was to see and iPad app that integrates the blog forum. I'm on my iPad all day and it would be cool if u there was a dedicated iPad app. Thank you for what u do. Your site is one of my favorites. 

Hey team iMore,
Congrats on the move to 2.0
i love the podcasts and listen originally via the music app and now via the new podcasts app. Having the option to listen via an embedded player whilst I browse iMore would be cool.
all the best

First of all keep up the great work. Love iMore 2.0. Can't wait to see added features in the future. I would like for it to be easier to post comments from iPhone and would love to see more contests for free stuff.

Hi iMore staff,
 Would like to see more video reviews.  Don't just limit it to your iMore TV make a whole lot of videos.  Seeing is believing and a lot of us are visual learners.  Loving the site keep it up!

I love the iMore 2.0, perhaps more tips / cool shortcuts would be great! (former Blackberry). Love where you review cool apps, keep that up! Incredibly useful!

This is excellent guys , you are doing an awesome job with the sites
Thank you very much for your hard work & dedication !!! 

Great clean looking new site guys. Thanks for all the hard work you do to bring us the latest and greatest. One thing I would love to see more of is video interviews of Q & A sessions with developers. Keep up the good work guys. I look forward to enjoying new apple announcements with you guys and the speculation of future announcements.

Well done iMore team!  I have been following since phonedifferent.com - and it is quite amazing to see the evolution.

You guys are doing great, I love the new 2.0. I'd love to see more access or easier access to downloads. Maybe a page of download links catagorized by type that are updated daily. Example: game links, software links, reviewed accessory links, apple firmware links, etc.
Keep up the good work.
Jason Whitaker

I love the website, but I would like to keep the mobile optimized version of iMore.  The past few days it hasn't been working for me. I know there is an, but I keep coming to the website by habit. Love your blog!

love the redesign and have been a longtime fan of the site. keep it up! i would like to see personalized articles from each contributor to the site with tips for the phone, funny or interesting stories, rumors/insight, reviews, etc... it would be nice to maintain the "humble beginnings" feeling!

Everything looks great. I just jumped ship and I have to say the tutorials really helped, just keep improving and adding new ones.

It would be nice to have faster access to the "Downloads" section from the homepage.  It would also be cool if you could break down the latest stories to be more specific, like click a dropdown for Iphone and it shows only stories relaed to iphone, or click on ipad and have only ipad related stories, etc. One last thing that would be nice would be if upon logging in, your homesceen shows you any replies to forum posts you have posted on.

I've been lookin at the site and I'm an Android user about to convert to iPhone 5 I like the layout as it is but the Android central site looks less cluttered and cleaner

First off, this is difficult cause I love everything from iMore! You guys are doing a really good job. The one thing I would like to see is more coverage on jailbreaking. Jailbreak app reviews and more instructional videos on how to jailbreak your phone. I think you guys should represent both sides of the coin #teamPURE and #teamJAILBREAK.
But all in all, keep up the good work and help get a new iOS 6 device so I can jailbreak the hell out of it!!!

I really enjoy the site already and have recommended it to some of my friends who are new to ios.  

I would like to see more in-depth articles on topics like:  patent wars, emerging technologies, comparisons with competitors, app development, social network trends, and integration with iOS and devices outside the ecosystem.  I like news and opinion pieces and also appreciate industry analysis that looks at the bigger picture.  The mobile device industry is a moving target, and I think the best thing that imore can do is keep its viewers up-to-date on the range of topics relevant to both using devices and reading the tea leaves.  
And I could really use that $600 gift certificate.  I've never won anything, ever, and my iPhone 4 has a cracked screen.  Plus, I'm in Montana, and I think the iPhone 4s is just about to be released here.  And a grizzly bear ate my iPad.  OK, maybe a grizzly didn't eat my iPad, but it's an iPad 1, and comparing to the latest greatest, it feels like a grizzly ate it?

There are two features that I would like to see on iMore 2.0
          1.  A Twitterfall-like window that displays all Tweets sent to the iMore.com Twitter account.  People like to see their words appear on a site, and it is a way to increase the number of Twitter followers.
          2.  Have an iMore 2.0 page that will allow iPhone Live participants to see/hear the video and participate in the chat at the same time without jailbreaking  their iOS devices.  
Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the site.

Congrats, guys! The site is looking terrific. I'd love to see more reviews of obscure, diamond-in-the-rough iOS apps.

I like the app just would like to see it on the iPad. I really try to stay away from iMore on my iPhone if I can. I have the site tabbed on the iPad and would like to see an iPad version

Love the site and love the app. I would like to see some more jailbreak tweaks. But i would also love to win this giveaway lol!

Not all of us iMore readers are on an iPhone, could I possibly ask for an Android iMore app? That would be my feature request for iMore 2.0

P.S. If I win the contest, the chances of me needing my request would be lessened greatly ;-)

I absolutely love the new site. iMore 2.0 is fantastic so far - keep up the GREAT work! I've always loved iMore (and prior, the iPhone Blog, and then the TiPb, etc.) for my number one Apple new site.
Please continue to post great app and accessory reviews for all Apple products - I find these incredibly insightful and useful when trying to decided on that new case, accessory, app, etc. My only suggestion would to be to embed more video in such posts, maybe video reviews of them? They don't have to be long, just short and to the point.
Thanks for the continued great covered, and I look forward to iMore 2.0!!!

Looks great, though it would be nice if there was a unified account page (if that's possible) so details for the main site and forums could be editied in the same place.

I'm coming to iphone from a long history of blackberry. 2 things that I liked very well on crackberry was a mobile forum app, I used this daily on my blackberry. The other thing I would like to see that was a useful tool was the blackberry 101 learning series.  It's nice to be able to do most everything on one Site. good luck with the new site. 

I've been here quite a while and I still check in daily. 
Theres not much I would ask to be added that hasn't already been implemented! I would just like to get comments working on the app so it could be even easier to check in! 

FIrst off, excellent site guys! Really well done. One idea I have is to make a kid section or parent/family section. My kids are addicted to iphones and ipads, like thousands of other kids out there and it'd be great to have a central location like your site, to come to and find reviews and more. You could have parent contrtibutors, heck there are so many mom bloggers out there who would love to get there hands on this, and it would be a smart move to tap into this audience because a big percentage of money spent in the home is done by the women/moms! My kids are toddlers, but you could also have a special teen section that talks about apps, features etc. that teens are really into. You could have teens and kids review apps too for a fun, fresh take on things and make it more interactive with contests, games, video submissions, giveaways etc. And you know, if it rocks, teens love facebook and twitter and they will promote the heck out of you! One other idea is to maybe have some videos that are funny or creative but informative too, like this: https://vimeo.com/23835103 My hubby and I made this video, he filmed, I acted and directed. We are photographers and videographers and always love adding creativity to everything we do. But I think something along those lines would help you guys to reach a wider audience and maybe even get some videos to go viral! You never know! Best of luck to you in reaching your dreams!

I want to learn everything about Apple products and more!! My dream device would be a hybrid between os x and ios x. So, for now, I would one of each please. 

I am new to Apple products and cannot get enough when it comes to learning more about my new gadgets. I am so excited to have found this site and hope to see many informative podcasts in the future. Great work!

I think it would be cool to see who is online in your social group whithout having to burrow deep into the site to get to the social forum.

It would be great to see the round robin again, where all the editors use the other platforms and write up their experiences.

A cleaner look with less links at the top would definitely be appreciated, but other than that the site is great! Also, perhaps the odd UK friendly podcast, as I really can't stay up until 3AM to watch it haha, but I appreciate the complications it would cause for you and the podcasters too.
Would LOVE the new iPhone!

I would love a developer news section. And a way to distinguish devs from the rest when posting in the forums. This will ensure other users that they got maybe the best answer they could get to their questions. I'm not aware of this feature, in case this option is available.

Its a must visited site atleast for me :)
you're doing great job, love the clean layout, reviews, and podcasts,
more enhastments, tweaks always welcomed,

  • you might get a special theme for the mobile site
  • plus working for more fixes on you mobile app.
  • you can add populer posts for easy end user navigation
  • dedicated Ipad app ( maybe )

always there is a room for improvments...
again love the hard work you do, really appreciated.

I'm a WPCentral refugee, looking to move to iOS, so I am new around here. I saw some comments abou tthe lack of a mobile site, and then someone saying "nevermind"... I don't know if that means they have found the app, or what. I still have an HTC HD7 WP phone, so I have no app. I tried to find a way to check out your sit eusing the WPCentral app, with no luck. Unless I am missing it, I can't see that there is a mobile site, and browsing the site in desktop view on my phone is not working well. So, I would like to see a mobile site. Thanks.

Although I own and love my 3rd gen iPod Touch, my primary communication device is a BlackBerry. I am a tech enthusiast and love to keep a tab on all tech related stories, and iMore is my number one source for everything Apple. While I can certainly browse to the iMore site on my phone's browser while on the go, it is not the most optimal way of surfing the site.
For this reason, it would be really awesome to have an iMore app for platforms other than iOS.

I love the idea of a "tip of the day". I also wouldnt mind seeing more in-depth how to's and more app reviews.

Love the idea of single signon using existing account--whether androidcental, wpcentral, etc.  The imore 2.0 updates are more then welcome :o)

Love the new platform guys! You should make a dedicated section under iPhone/iPad for jailbreak tweaks, perhaps listed by populatrity through voting. Keep up the good work :-)

I would love a better iPhone integration of the site, allowing me to check the news in any device I choose, currently I use the RSS feed, because the app is not that polished as the website

I would like the ability to pin some of the videos, news and product reviews on pintrest. I know that I could do this with the toolbar on pc, but I'm usually on mt iPad 90% of the time. Love the site!

Nice reboot. Looking forward to having maybe more app comparisons. You already do a good job with them but there are so many apps out there that are intended to do the same thing that side-by-side comparisons/advice would help immensely.

iMore 2.0 looks fantastic. There is another blog that interviews people about what they have on their iPad. I think it's an interesting idea to learn how everyday people, like me, use their iPad, or iDevice. I appreciate how other people go about finding new apps or think of ways to be more efficient with some apps or have tasks similar to mine that make certain apps useful to them. Anyway, bringing in people/experts/techies/entrepreneurs/moms etc with opinions and giving them a broadcast forum not just a message board forum is really useful voyeurism.

I am an Apple Junkie. My family owns two iPads, four iPhones, and one MacBook Air. I would love to get a $600 gift card so I can upgrade my iPad 1.

It would be nice to have the focus retained on the current viewed article when you log in to comment, instead of being taken back to the home page and then having to go and find the article again.

Hi There,
Well the site is pretty good...
Maybe should add a way to contact writers more easily.

I would like to see the menu at the top of iMore be a drop down style, where you can get to links deep in the site with a single click.

Guys, thanks for everything you do. On the other hand, platings with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, and apps all day sounds like the perfect job to me. Also, from my experience, every time I have a question you guys always have the answer plus improvements like this makes everything even more valuable. A++ for each one of you!!!

I love the photo articles by Leanne! Keep those coming, she is amazing, the the write ups are really good! Enjoy the site and have been following since iPhone first came out and I truly entered the apple ecosystem. Before that I was in college as an architecture student and locked into the windows world. I got my freedom from that and now frequent this site for all things i.

I'm not much of an Apple fan/user personally, so I find myself most on the site when it is cross-platform comparisons so I know what to recommend to friends and family.

Great app. A lot of features packed into a nice & simple interface.

As far as improvements, I'd like to see an iPad version and perhaps support for sharing on Google +. And, speaking as a fan of other devices (*cough* WebOS), I'd like to see this approach across all mobile nation sites for those of us who mix and match :)

Really nice work.

Everything that you guys have done has been fantastic. The look and feel of the site has been great. If there was anything I would like to see more of it is photos. Everyone who posts articles takes great photos to go along with it.

Would love to see more. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the improvements and time on your part.

I hope I could get that prize!! I am an iManiac :) ..

More details about tweaks and how to tutorials would be great

Most of what i would like has been added or mentioned above! however if when you post a video it would be great if you write a little summary to go along with it, when i have the most time to look at your guys site is at work and so i can rarely watch the videos. bums me out.

One of the best iWebsite for iFans to know about iNews. iMore grew in an exponential way. Few things I like are simple & clean website, app & product reviews. Keep up the work guys, looking forward for more posts on iStuffs.

You guys are awesome with these giveaways! I'd love to win one someday & hopefully join the team once I finish college :)

I absolutely love the new site. It is very clean and bright, making stories easy to find and read. Great job!

I think things are pretty good. I'd like to see links more editor reviews of featured items in the store. I mean, is every Bluetooth headset the best one ever made? ;-)

iMore is a great resource. Keep it up. I would like to see separate feeds for each of the content categories.

I would love to see more cheeseburgers. Pictures of cheeseburgers, songs about cheese burgers, cheeseburger iPhone cases,cheeseburger iPad cases, cheeseburger costumes worn by the staff, cheeseburger live blogs. Can I haz cheeseburger pleeeeeeze ;)

I love the new look and full integration of iMore 2.0.

At this point I can't think of much to add other than to keep the great content coming!

Thanks for the the site and your reviews. I'd like to see more accessory reviews (cases), but really I appreciate what you already post. Thanks!

I love the new iMore theme! One thing I'd like to see if more technical content. Maybe tutorials for people trying to get into Objective C, interviews with more developers, app reviews that go beyond what the app does, but rather, things like... for example... how they came up with "pull to refresh" or certain control conventions.

Overall, the site is looking great!

I personally would like to see the search not require a login. I think that's a bit silly. Other than that, I'm loving the new iMore.

To be honest, I don't think the sites needs updating. Comparing it to other sites that are like imore.com, this one is the best. It tells you all about the specifications about iOS devices, it has a simple but effective layout and uses nice colours, not ones that use a mix of colours and look horrible. Font size and the type of text is clear and easy to read. Also that you have your own app, other websites I use such as MacTrast and Today's iPhone don't currently have their own app, so i have to use Safari instead. Although your app is currently a iPhone only app which doesn't work as good on my iPad, although it would work if I won the Apple $600 gift certificate and bought a next gen iPhone as I currently do not have a iPhone.

I really enjoy the surveys and would like to see more. (Sometimes its easier to follow the masses than search all around for an anwer,) Great site. I read it everyday.

Hi and thanx for the give-away.
The feature I'd like to see in iMore is a representative to whom we can talk in real time through IM. A link could exist in homepage to open a chat window and have our questions discussed right away.

Thank you. Hope to win.

Mobile-friendly site would be awesome, maybe with ability to change font style (I'm particular about how I want to read!)

The new site looks great, I really like the new design for the mobile page; it is A LOT better than the old one!! I think I would like to see more advanced tips and tricks on how to optimize your iDevice rather than customization, apps, etc. Also, I think you should review more free apps. It seems every time I read a review on here it's for a paid app. Other than that iMore 2.0 looks AMAZING and you all should be proud!!

Im not sure what features you dont already have that i would look forward to seeing in imore 2.0 you are all great, you have an excellent staff and have wonderful content. all i can say is keep it up!!

I would like to see more app reviews. I've been stuck using the same apps for a while basically because I don't want to search every app in the marketplace. If you could do a top 10 for things like twitter apps, browsers, photo apps etc I think it would be helpful

Yipee! iMore 2.0! Love the comment box, and one thing I would like to see is a more "minimalistic" type of view for iMore, just to give it that apple style. Less clutter means faster info. I am actually very satisfied with your news and stuff, I get tons of info. keep up the good work and more power!

I might be late to the party but it always gets better when I arrive. I was a blackberry user for many years and my wife was an iphone since it inception. I followed Crackberry.com to learn all I could about my BB but when I was "hosed" with BB6 on my Torch enough was enough and I was an iPhone 4s user and then on I gravitated to this site for all my knowledge about iEverything. That being said I would request more reviews of "best in class" of apps. I find myself going to other sites to get reviews on apps comparing the best against one another. Keep up the great work.

So far so good. I'm pretty new to iMore so I didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the previous version of the site, but I really like the layout and content. Clean, simple. As far as what else to add... I really can't think of much. I'll continue to visit your site regularly.