Welcome to iMore 2.0

Welcome to iMore 2.0

Leave a comment below telling us what new features you want to see in iMore 2.0, and be entered to win a $600 Apple Store gift certificate for the iOS 6 device of your dreams!

At the beginning of the year we changed the name of our community to iMore.com. Since then we have been working incredibly hard to improve the quality and experience of iMore as well. We've invested heavily in having not only great content, but compellingly beautiful content with the best photography and videography we can produce.

We've continuously expanded and improved our podcasting, bringing you the best and brightest hosts and guests on the internet, for shows like iMore, Iterate, ZEN and TECH, and Mobile Nations. We've given the iMore forums a major makeover as well, so they're cleaner and easier to use than ever before. We've released a free iMore for iPhone app that's been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

And there's much more of all of that to come. For even longer now, however, we've been working on something else, something far more important -- a new, more powerful, more flexible platform to drive it all.

And today we made the jump.

Everything has been moved over. Every bit of legacy code from Phone different (Movable Type), the iPhone blog and TiPb (Wordpress) has been end of lined, and everything we've learned from CrackBerry.com and Android Central has been put to use. I'm calling it VISOR (it's Drupal-based, but VISOR better fits our roots and our spirit.)

Our singular goal is to give the iMore community the absolute best experience imaginable on the web and in mobile. Moving to VISOR will let us do that, and in ways that were impossible on our old platform.

This is the new iMore architecture, and the new architecture for a cleaner, better Mobile Nations.

Like any new architecture, we've started with the foundation. Some of the new features are already in place -- you can now toggle between blog view and headline view, and you browse the latest forum discussions right from the home page. More features will be coming soon.

In other words, this is our Snow Leopard.

With any substantial change, there will be a tiny little bit of pain – you'll need to create an iMore account to comment on the posts. The good news:

  • It will greatly reduce the amount of spam we've all been putting up with

And best of all:

  • If you already have an iMore forums account, you're good to go. Just use that.
  • If you already have an account at Android Central, CrackBerry, webOSNation, or WPCentral, you can use the same username, email address, and password to create your iMore account.

The reason for the latter is one of the features we have coming your way -- a unified login across all Mobile Nations community. One account to rule them all.

We recognize creating an account can be a hassle, and while it will give you a ton of great benefits now and in the future, we want to make up for it immediately as well.

You know that iOS 6 dream device contest -- that $600 Apple gift certificate we're giving away to celebrate the iMore show #300?

Well, we're giving away two of them now.

Simply sign in an leave a single comment below telling us what features you'd love to see in the all new iMore, and you're entered to win.

We'll announce both winners next Wednesday, July 11, live on the iMore Show #302.

I want to thank our community and our millions of readers, listeners, and viewers. I want to thank our tech team, including our founder, Marcus Adolfsson, our dear leader, Kevin Michaluk, Tom for the bits and David and Jose for the grids and the pixels, and all of our editors, writers, and network and community staff for everything they've done to get us here.

Like I said last time, we're still only just beginning.

Welcome to iMore 2.0.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Welcome to iMore 2.0



In iMore 2.0 I would love to see more videos reviews (apps and accessories) plus I really want an iMore app for my iPad. Keep the Podcasts (they are part of my Saturday afternoon routine) and the awesome work! Cheers.

Server-side option for text-to-speech story articles with synthesized voices of iMore editors (starting w/ Leanna’s!) so any articles can be become short instant podcasts! Great for when you’re in the car, at the gym, or visually impaired.

Every time you update the site I think, well now it has everything I need. Then you add something I didn't know I needed, but I read...just keep doing the updates!

Yes I would love if u didn't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment but really I don't see anything else that needs to be changed much. I love what u guy have done, the mobile site looks so much cooler and closer looking to the desktop one, really a smashing job guys. Thank you and I look forward to what comes next

Big fan of imore and I hope you continue with all the helpful tips, advice and reviews! Keep up the great work!

I love imore. I've been a regular daily reader for at least the last couple years. For some reason I no longer can get the web site to open in mobile version--only desktop version. I cannot find an option to choose either format. Sorry if I missed it, but have been searching for several days. I find the desktop version to hard to use on the small iPhone screen. I like the imore app but I would like to be able to scroll back In time to read old news posts. The app seems to limit history to just a few days. Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy imore!!

Great site! The new look is wonderful, but there is room for a section on the right side where a 'Most read' or 'Most emailed' box could be placed. An iPad app would be swell too!

I'd like that you guys improve a little more the iPhone app and I'd more reviews about apps .luck on I more 2.0.

Looking for good reviews for educational apps, apps that can be used in the classroom om iPAds of phones. Like the site and enjoy the tweets.

An Apple (literally... A real apple fruit) delivered to the front door of every new member of the site.


I would like Mircosoft document to be easliy accessible without wasting money on an app that only complicates that very process.

Also I'd REALLY like to see a macbook pro, or any mac, with the same touch screen used on the iPad.

If I'm lucky enough to win- I'll be giving many shoutouts to iMore on twitter, great opportunity!

The new iMore 2.0 is awesome! I've been following your blog daily for several years and love the insight. Thanks!

I like iMore the way it is. I'm sure you guys will find more awesome stuff to add though that I can't think of. Keep up the great work!

I would love to see specific posts to help blackberry users make the transition to ios. I have been a long time blackberry addict but think I'm gonna give the Iphone 5 a try this fall (sorry crackberry kevin). Think of it as my own mobile nations world tour!

I would love more tips on maintenance, speeding up, and general tips! More of Allies How to's!!!
FAQ for sluggish iPhone or general problems

Great work! Nobody covers iOS better than you guys! Can the next version somehow guess what content I want to see by way of profile properties and reading history? Thanks.

Improvements to the site are definetely showing off! And in my opinion something i would add to it is organizing the "How To" section into smaller sections like Videos, Images, Step-By-Step. It would save me much time :) keep up the good work !

Imore is great I think I am in agreement about making the site more mobile friendly and less heavy for phones to load up.

I have been an android user for well since I could remember. Now I have moved to the real world of apple. Every thing just works no fighting to make it run. It just it works. Can't wait to see how the IPhone 5 and the IOS6 is. Feels like my birthday, Xmas, and thanksgiving all in one. Put me in for the free phone.