Like iMore on Facebook for your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!

The first week of our massive iTunes gift card giveaway is over, and the winners are picked. You can find out if you were one of them below. That means that it's time to start up the next contest! We're keeping up the social theme this week but taking it to Facebook. Of course, we realize you don't all use Facebook, and that's fine, you'll still be able to enter. And yes, you will have multiple chances to win again this week! Keep reading for the winners names and instructions on entering week 2!

The winners

  • Moa B.
  • Raymond L.
  • Bobby C.
  • Raul C.
  • Mike S.
  • Daniel G.

Congratulations! Watch your email as I'll be reaching out to you in the next couple of days with your prize!

Now, on to this week! Use the widget below to enter. If you don't use Facebook, don't worry, you can still earn entries by leaving a blog post comment, and you can leave a comment each day for extra entries, just make sure you click that option in the widget. We will announce the winners next Friday. Remember, the gift cards are only redeemable in the US iTunes store, so if you don't have a US iTunes account, they won't work for you. Good luck everybody!

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Reader comments

Like iMore on Facebook for your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card!


I think it's wrong because I DONT have Facebook so can I get that $50 iTunes card????

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I'd buy some music that I been putting off buying or maybe some movies. Love music and movies!!!!!

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I hope to win this fantastic givaway, i' ll buy the new tweetbot for ios7, foxtube 3, mobile mouse pro, i studienz pro, good reader and finally... imore app :'D (ah oops it is free! and I already have it :D)

I'd use it to get some songs not available on Spotify- and the puzzle games on sale too. Maybe the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie as well.

I would probably use it to buy the books I need for school from the iBooks store... Or maybe I could use it to purchase everything from my wish list? So many options with a $50 gift card!

I would use this to buy Keynote,Pages and Numbers so that when iOS8 and Yosemite are released i will be able to use continuity and increase my educational productivity! Thanks iMore

I would definitely love to win this gift coupon as I just moved to iOS and purchased iPad mini with retina and still exploring the world of apps on iOS and this will definitely help me get some great apps from apple store :)

I'd spend the money on Monument Valley, Ecoute and music. Now I only need to win..!

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Giving apps to friends and family as a gift so they can use the apps they want of which they say they can’t afford.