Çingleton Symposium videos

Çingleton conference videos

Last October, after I'd spent all night in line for an iPhone 4S, I hightailed it into the city for two days of iOS and OS X talks, drinks, and conversations -- the Çingleton conference.

Assembled by Luc Vandal of Edovia, Guy English, and Scott Morrison of InDev in my home town of Montreal, the Çingleton Symposium featured an oc presentations by Apple developer and media personalities.

Thanks to the filming and editing skills of designer Thomas Unterberger, many of the videos are available on Vimeo for everyone to enjoy, including Dan Moren, Craig Hockenberry, Brent Simmons, Chris Liscio, Daniel Jalkut, Alykhan Jetha, Paul Kafasis, and John Gruber.

If you're looking for some interesting, Apple-centric content to enjoy this summer, Crack open a tasty beverage, browse on over to the Çingleton videos, queue them up on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV, and enjoy.

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Çingleton Symposium videos