iOS 6 and OSX to add VIP e-mail inbox

iOS 6 and OSX to add VIP e-mail inbox

Yet another little gem from WWDC is a new VIP inbox for your iOS and OSX e-mail apps, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff, and see only messages from designated contacts.

In iOS, you'll receive SMS-style notifications when a VIP e-mails you, and those VIP designations will sync up over iCloud to your Mac and other iOS devices. You'll always be able to tell which contacts are VIPs by the star next to their name. Also, you'll now be able to add photos and videos to messages in iOS much more easily, which I consider a godsend. The fact that there isn't an attachment button in the compose e-mail window already is mind-boggling.

There are a ton of new features in iOS 6; be sure to check 'em out over here!

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jlb21 says:

I wonder if VIP inbox will use te mail sound, message sound, or something totally new.....

firesign3000 says:

This will be a huge help for me. Thanks Apple!

Not says:

How is this useful and they still haven't put in individual signature support for multiple email accounts? WTF is wrong with Apple?!!?!

Drdanes1 says:

If you mean per account email signature, they did anounce it.

Not says:

Where? I didn't see it in the video. All they did was the VIP crap, refresh, inserting video/pics, flagged/VIP email box views. That's it. There was nothing else in the stage announcement.

Jim says:

It's in the there, watch again. Scott Forstall mentioned it, and you can see it on the screen with the misc features.

Guest says:

Good thing Google is not as litigous as Apple, or there would be a lawsuit for ripping off Priority Inbox.

jc says:

can you set a different email tone for this inbox? or these contacts? one thing i cant stand and wont switch to iOS because of it is, you cant set different email tones for different email accounts. any news on whether this has been added to iOS 6?