iPad -- What We Didn't Get: Multitasking, Notifications, TV Subscriptions, Camera, Tethering, Textbooks, iTunes.com


Apple showed off a ton of iPad goodness today, but despite the accessories, Wifi and 3G options (unlocked GSM), new iWork suite, iBooks app, and the ability to run iPhone apps, there were a few things we didn't get:

  • Camera. Back, front-facing, or otherwise. There was no camera shown off and none visible. While this fits the "big apps iPod touch" metaphor, and allows Apple to do the typical "start limited, add functionality over time" strategy, we still wanted one now.
  • Multitasking. Apple only showed one iPhone app or iPad app running at once. We've heard it's running iPhone OS 3.2, and multitasking might be an iPhone (and iPad) OS 4.0 feature, but again, we wanted to see it now.
  • Notifications. Did Apple show any form of notifications for email, apps, or otherwise? (Badges aside)? Again, we're hoping a better version is coming with 4.0.
  • Textbooks. We saw the New York Times app, we saw iBooks for novels, but we didn't see the much-talked-about textbooks... yet. (We're guessing they're coming soon though.)
  • Verizon. Only GSM/HSPA networking was announced. No CDMA, which would be required for Verizon to support the models shown off so far.
  • TV Subscriptions. While print media is jumping all over themselves to get on the iPad, TV continues to show nothing approaching forward thinking. Not surprised, but hope that changes.
  • Complex multitouch gestures. So far, the multitouch gestures look like the ones on the iPhone, no swipe 3 fingers and twist in a circle to launch a document. Phew.
  • Tethering. No word on whether the WiFi only version of the iPad will tether to your existing iPhone (which would be nice), or if the 3G iPad will allow you to tether another device (we won't hold our breath).
  • HDMI out. Where's our big fat video out cable so we don't need an Apple TV?
  • Cloud. No mention of enhanced cloud-based services. Apple didn't even mention MobileMe, never mind the rumored iTunes.com streaming media.

Anything else? We're not talking just the crazy rumors that didn't pan out -- unobtainium shells and facial recognition -- but core functionality and features that would have made sense but just didn't get included. If you have something to add, let us know!

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Rene Ritchie

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iPad -- What We Didn't Get: Multitasking, Notifications, TV Subscriptions, Camera, Tethering, Textbooks, iTunes.com


Well I like it, but I have my doubtsregarding the codecs support for email attachments. If this thing doesn't support WMV or MPEG formats, it's a no, no for me, and it also doesn't have at least an USB port, something esential for at least a basic netbook. This could become a very, very limited cool gadget, nothing more.

Not to excited about this product. It is essentially an oversized iPod/Phone. I do NOT like that fact that it runs the iPhone OS, I was hoping for OSX. I already own an iPhone and Macbook, I have NO need for the iPad. Personally I do not like it, the iPhone OS is outdated and now Apple has added it to a new product. FAIL!!

Basically it's a 1.0 device with stripped capabilities. It's an oversized iTouch with no new hardware. Boo, Apple. I won't be spending my money on that any time soon. When will you learn that you need to have a fully featured device to get me to buy? I already made that mistake with the iPhone.

No USB support, SD card reader. If they want to compete with netbooks they will need to have this. I'm guessing it has a headphone jack?

Looks like Apple punished McGraw-Hill by not talking about the textbook buying point for the iPad! That will teach them to keep a lid on things or you'll feel the wrath of Jobs

it doesnt have a convert-to-android app.
god, now i have to go sell my iphone and drive to a verizon store to get a droid. cant believe i waited this long only for them to reveal the iFlop. bye bye iphone

All I see is a big ismudge! can not keep my iphone clean i could not imagine something bigger!

No USB? No connectivity to transportable media? If it won't replace a laptop, I have no need for it. It will not buy it without a USB or equivalent.

No USB? No connectivity to transportable media? If it won't replace a laptop, I have no need for it. I will not buy it without a USB or equivalent.

This is by far Apple's biggest dissappointment and failure in the last three years. What a joke...no wonder it's gettin blasted on Twitter n evry oter site, iTampon, lmao..

Camera: my current laptop has a camera. If it can't replace my 3-year old laptop, I don't want it.

... and the moron droid fans show up. Too bad you can't have an good discussion without the wannabe's hanging around.

Hmmm... A large iPod touch... I don't see the point. Too big to fit in your pocket and no built in keyboard for extended typing. Why would any one buy one of these things over a netbook? I think this will be another MacBook air. Cool but niche.

Should have had a webcam. The idea of a camera on the back of something this big is stupid, but a webcam for video conferencing would have been nice. Can we run the apps we already paid for on our iPhones or do we have to double-purchase? And more importantly, will there be a version of flight control with multiple runways? Sweet. I'll buy one if I can tether it to my iPhone. If you want a laptop buy a laptop.. its not SUPPOSED to replace a laptop, this kicks a netbook or kindle in the a$$.

From previous observation, Apple is much more incremental in its developments than many people would like. At every public event like this, people expect Apple to announce three times as many things as they actually do. But Apple never announces anything unless it's ready to show and its release is imminent.
I really think it's too early to announce anything iPhone related. The new model won't be out for six months, and Apple has to continue to sell the 3GS while 3G users are still under contract. If multitasking comes in the next big iPhone update, it will be announced with the next iPhone and will extend to the iPad. But even then, who knows if Apple has prioritized multi-tasking at all. Just remember how long it took them to do cut-and-paste.
I really think the iPad release is typical of Apple's new product releases -- the first generation is only for diehards and early adopters. Every Apple product that I've owned, except for the Shuffle, has been second or third generation: Powerbook, iPod, Nano, iPhone 3G. By this time next year, people will be holding themselves back trying to wait for the iPad 2. And again, we'll want to know: plastic or aluminum? Camera or no camera? And possibly, where's our multitasking?

Epic failure. No camera, no BT sync, no 4.0 and AT&T getting their network even more clogged. Absolutely 0 good news for iPhone owners today.
Good job, Stevie

The only good thing that came out of today is no more ipad rumors on tipb. Its a flop and 3 months from now we will be saying you remember that ipad haha what a piece of sh*t.

It has USB guys, because it syncs with iTunes. It just won't accept other USB devices.
Steve is still controlling what you can put on this device.

Using the iPhone OS, apple what were you thinking? I wanted to be able to take this to class and take my notes on it instead of my laptop. Im really disappointed by the lack of multitasking but I feel like the OS is really broken.

Very cool, but still disappointing. No camera for web chat, default portrait format stinks, too much screen lost to the massive black border, can't run design apps, I have to buy an additional 3G plan... Still need my laptop. :(
Sorry Steve... I will not be buying one until the issues are resolved in version 3.0

Waaaahhh.. it doens't replace my laptop. DUH.. wasn't supposed too.
Waaaahhhh.. it doesn't have a camera. You'd seriously want a camera on the back of a 10" device? Video perhaps, but camera.. seriously?
Waaaahhhhh.. it didn't upgrade the iPhone to 4.0. That may still be on the way, this isn't all about the iPhone. The future is still bright.
I agree this is for early adopteres and as always the whiners will all have one eventually. Has history not taught anyone anything?
BTW: by the time the Android folks figure out its use they will again be 2 years behind the development curve, the device will have matured, and the iDon't attempts will be the real FAIL.

GPS/location! I saw the pretty map, but no blue dot of location knowledge! Foursquare anyone? Guess not.

What Apple seems to be failing at most these days is creating an interoperable range of devices. Why can't iPhone users tether their iPads? Why can't we use the iPad as a Wacom Cintiq touchscreen on our Mac (Book) Pro?
At their prices I want a suite of complementary devices that support one another and inter-operate. I don't want a bunch of half functional devices that I have to juggle to get anything done -- I can can get from Microsoft for half the price.
Apple seems to be losing touch with their premium brand directives.

Congrats to TiPb by the way...
When Cover it Live crApped out almost immediately, TiPb invoked Plan B way faster than any one else. Others resorted to refreshing web pages. In the mean time, Rene seems to have posted stories in the background like I guy on triple shot espressos, cuz when the presentation was over there were like 30 focused stories out there.
Cover It Live = Major Fail.
TiPb = Nice save.

@jimmy t: Get outta town, and don't let the door smack your ass on the way out (unless you're into pain, which you're gonna get from Android.)
@Jay: I think McGraw-Hill suffered the same fate as ATI did years ago. They spilled the beans on Mac Radeon cards 2 days before Steve's MWSF keynote. Steve ordered all Radeon cards pulled from Macs at Apple's booth, didn't mention ATI in his keynote, cancelled the Radeon keynote demo, and stopped talking directly to any ATI employee. And that was just over graphics cards.

Oh great, someone had to mention multitasking. This is not a computer. If you want to do more things at once, carry your laptop.
To me, this is a giant iPod Touch. I don't see any real use for it. I'm already carrying an iPhone 3G with me. The iPad is just a small novelty.
With this, Apple says, 'Take what we have and make it bigger. New device.'
Cameras...Back camera, useless. Front camera, maybe. Want to video chat? Grab your Macbook or other laptop.
This is another one of Apple's iFail Products. AppleTV, iPod Touch(in my opinion), now the iPad. Come on Apple. We need an iWin Product. How about an iCamera with some magical things in it?

With no GPS the entire Navigation section of the APP store is unusable on the iPad not to mention the social networking apps that use location data.
I guess there isn't an app for that!

Pardon me... But, when Mr. Jobs proclaimed this to be his most important accomplishment, I expected it to be a little more polished. When I can think of 5 things that would make me more inclined to buy it that tells me there's thousands or millions of people thinking the same thing. Why not build the thing right and hook those people with the initial release. Trust me... Apple's stock will drop tomorrow.

It's just a big Ipod Touch .. No multitasking is a real dealbreaker... but I think the name will sell .. .Apple will sell especially at this price point.

Regarding tethering: The iPad has something better than tethering. It has an independent data plan that is better than the iPhone's, because it's no contract. And there's no way that AT&T would allow tethering for free -- it would cost exactly $30 per month.
I have previously commented that Apple needs to spread the iPhone to Verizon in the U.S., and that AT&T would most benefit from reducing its relative load of iPhone users and having more stationary, data-only users. The iPad is that stationary, data-only device that will help AT&T's network. The last thing AT&T would want to do is tie more data-hungry devices to the iPhone, which they've already had trouble with because people use it while moving around.

if people are defending it saying its not a laptop but a large iphone then it is NOT revolutionary is it

so. I really wanted this to replace my computer like my iphone partially did. However, there is no syncing with iPhone? No document management? NO finder?! I't can't replace my computer because it doesn't sync my iPHone. Come ON!

They should have had a $1000 model with all the features people are whining about and everybody would have said "Wow" and complained about the price.
I remember I was quite skeptical when Apple launched the Ipod (original model) and Itunes, thinking : what the heck, there are dozens of these devices and why would people download from just one provider. Boy was I wrong and I hope you all are as well. Sure, it's overpriced like all Apple gear and misses out on a few opportunities, but hey .... did you had it in your hands at 0.64 kg ? Did you see the screen for yourselves ? Remember how you liked the Iphone/Ipod touch instantly when you first SAW it ?
Apple know what they are doing : people in the streets out there are not geeks that whine about how many GB is in there or want to sync via BT/Wifi,etc... People want a good-looking, easy to use, ergonomic, not too expensive multifunctional device. Apple makes those people BELIEVE this is it (I couldn't help laughing when Steve first said the virtual keyboard was incredible and at the end showed the docking for a real keyboard) and people will love to be fooled.
They will show off with the tablet, use the Jamie Oliver app in the kitchen to cook with it, take it on hiking trip and use it in a car, it will feel more natural than a 3G netbook, backpacks will start to have space for it,etc,etc...
And me, I will buy one just for fun... because my Ipod Touch was the best thing I owned ever and I started with a Sinclair 1KB ZX-81 in 1982. Come to think of it, it must have been around the same shape/size and have a virtual keyboard as well ;-)

@icebike Hear Hear!
Again, this is what the iPod Touch should have been. Yeah yeah, "but it's too big", you have nano's for that. I like the device. Much improved the functionality and the ergonomics of the iPod touch.

We are allowed to whine...tell me what is so "revolutionary" or "game changer" or whatever the hell Steve Jobs said this product was?
It's a larger iPod Touch...that's it.

No iTunes is really a big flaw. No way to take my photos on my iPhone and sync them to my iPad. NO way to download music on iPad and sync it to iPhone. NO way to manage documents. I'm going to buy one and I bet I'll love it but please? Missing sync? What? And what about websites. Will those that have an iPhone version like TiPB be formatted for iPhone? That means no google docs editing.

This sums it up...
* It's not light. It feels pretty weighty in your hand.
* The screen is stunning, and it's 1024 x 768. Feels just like a huge iPhone in your hands.
* The speed of the CPU is something to be marveled at. It is blazingly fast from what we can tell. Webpages loaded up super fast, and scrolling was without a hiccup. Moving into and out of apps was a breeze. Everything flew.
* There's no multitasking at all. It's a real disappointment. All this power and very little you can do with it at once. No multitasking means no streaming Pandora when you're working in Pages... you can figure it out. It's a real setback for this device.
* The ebook implementation is about as close as you can get to reading without a stack of bound paper in your hand. The visual stuff really helps flesh out the experience. It may be just for show, but it counts here.
* No camera. None, nada. Zip. No video conferencing here folks. Hell, it doesn't have an SMS app!
* It's running iPhone OS 3.2.
* The keyboard is good, not great. Not quite as responsive as it looked in the demos.
* No Flash confirmed. So Hulu is out for you, folks!

Oh, Steve... Could you also add a Wacom like stylus feature with a support app so I can take handwritten notes, sketch and organize my ideas in a tidy little ipad notebook? This would also be nice for Photoshop and Painter lite apps developed specifically for the ipad.

I say 4.0 brings multitasking to iPhone OS (which runs iPhone, iPod touch, and now the iPad).
Also, for all those people saying this is a failure, people were saying the same stuff about the iPhone 3 years ago.

Worst apple product in the last ten years. It's a giant itouch. My netbook is way less expensive, more powerful and can run osX is I tweak (thank you msi). It's not a computer you have to sync the dam thing. Fail apple. And no iPhone news, jeez.

I hate to jump on the hammer bandwagon, but Wow. I bought the original iPhone on Day 1 and the latest as soon as it came out. I can't imagine getting this any time soon. Lack of Flash is an absolute deal breaker (reminded again about the annoyance when I tried to watch the Australian Open on ESPN360 last night on my iPhone). But no multitasking is a mind-blowing miss. Listen to NPR streaming while working on a presentation? Nope. Use TextExpander anywhere? Nope.
Other missing pieces are dumb, but not fatal. No video camera (how hard could that have been?). No notifications.
But hey, at least the whiners got a keyboard!
Finally, I warned them that they would deserve every bit of ridicule and parody they'd get if they called it an iPad. And so it goes. iTampon is trending higher than iPad on Twitter.
Are there no women with brains on their marketing or executive teams? That was an easy bullet to dodge. Instead, they put the barrel to their own temple. I don't feel a bit sorry for them.

I would be VERY surprised if there were no notifications. iPhone OS 3.0 has it, there's no reason this won't. People complaining about the lack of a keyboard (#26) need to do some research, it support Apple Wireless keyboards as well as a keyboard dock. There will also be an SD card reader for it. http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

btw -- also no word on app management. What they have now is a joke: no folders and the most klugie mgmt facility in iTunes possible. Not good. I guarantee you, Jobs does not own or use more than two pages of apps on his own iPhone. If he did, we'd see a real fix.

Apple needs developers to produce great software specifically targeted at the iPad to take advantage of that big screen.
Otherwise there is little reason to choose this over an iPod Touch or iPhone and the iPad will be as successful as the Apple TV.

Did anybody mention it has 140.000 apps ?
Wait, wait, how did the PC revolution start again ?
First some IBM hardware in 1980 and then loads of productivity software and hundreds of PC makers making even more and cheap hardware to fuel the emerging software market,etc..
Anno 2010, the story is as follows : there was one device to start off with (Iphone), loads of apps, more hardware (Ipod Touch & new Iphone models), 140.000 apps -mostly games- and today another piece of hardware to run them on.
It's the software that made all the difference, hardware follows...

This thing is an overpriced, underpowered toy is what it is. I would expect that something that was "the most important thing Steve Jobs has ever worked on" would revolutionize the market again to be something more than this. Android beat Apple to the puch with the Archos. The only thing it doesn't have is 3G capabilities and it's cheaper and goes up to 500gigs of storage.

If it were multitasking then kiss battery life goodbye. The significant news is the price and the fact they are manufacturing the chip themselves. I wonder if the next iphone is going to have the apple chip in it and a price drop.

iPad == FAIL!
It's just an oversized iPod running the same non multi-tasking OS. Sure the die-hard apple fanbois will be buying this oversized iPod. But I was expecting something revolutionary from Apple.... WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT.

@anon Why can the other tablets running Android or Linux (like the Archos) support multi-tasking and offer just as good battery life? Why do the android phone support multitasking and not the iPhone?
Give me a break, Apple didn't even support multi-tasking in their computers until OSX.

Well, though I was wrong about it having a gyroscope, I wasn't at all wrong that it SHOULD have one. Then again, with no camera for augmented reality, that takes away some of the reason to have one. Prices on them are coming down to where they hopefully will employ them on the next iPhone, then when their usefulness is demonstrated, add them to the iSlate, err, I mean iPad as well.
"Magical and Revolutionary", I think not. But it is an impressive first start. I'll just have to try it out first before I pass judgement. I think the price is reasonable for the market Apple is shooting for, and that's really all they're in the business for - putting out a product that is just good enough to sell in large quantity to the masses. It doesn't really matter to Apple if a few geeks belatedly and begrudgingly get one (as we will) when the masses are buying in droves.

I actually like it. I'm a PC guy, but I like my iTouch quite a bit. I can see a lot of uses for this device, could be a nice throw-around device around the house for a lot of tasks.
My two desires would be for a front facing camera, so I can video-conference say sitting on the couch chatting with my parents on skype. The other would be some sort of file management possibility with the option of using a portable storage medium.

I've passed along my first glance criticisms, but in it's defense... It is unique and its' touch features and apps are still unmatched. It's definitely a beauty and I'm sure when I get my hands on one it will feel like design, technology and sex were thrown in a blender and poured out into an aluminum mold. That being said, I will not be buying one until I can leave my laptop at home when I travel and I never have to buy another notebook or sketchpad.

Earth to Apple....i'm blown away...what now, do they expect the masses to come drink the cool aid again.
16gb for $499...please. ok, i get it that the commercialization of thin/cloud computing is upon us more and more but what can you do with that amount of memory...even 64gb is nothing....standard netbooks coming out now have 250gb...and they have the gall to show off storage demanding apps like itunes and ereaders!
i'm blown away
and then the camera...are they again telling us what's important and what's not? and then later they'll make a big deal about its intro with a later rev...much like they did with ehhh copy/paste on the iphone! Give me a break. no camera is a major showstopper for me especially with skype's efforts to enter the home and leave the traditional computer.
so...would i drop $829 for a 64gb machine that's aesthetically phenomenal but functionally really limited? Heck no.....netbooks are getting faster with more storage and all for less than $400
i'm really surprised with Wall Street's reaction...sell short...i dont think the consumers will react according to God Jobs wishes this time.

Seriously Apple...
If you're going to allow keyboards at least give us the option to choose DVORAK layout...
How hard could that be????

This discussion reminds me so-o-o much of the Slashdot discussion of the original iPod--a bunch of tech blowhards who totally missed what was great about the iPod. In this case, ignore all postings whining about Flash. You're never going to get Flash on an Apple mobile device because Apple wants to replace Flash with HTML5, and they're right, so get over it. Ignore all whining about it not running Mac OS. It's running an ARM based processor like the iPhone and Apple doesn't need a tablet in the Mac space (high-end). They're creating a simplified computing platform for the mobile space, and they're right. It's a big marketplace and Android has a role, but Apple is going for the biggest slice of the pie. I think it's very good first effort.

I am a PC and I never thought I would own an iPhone 3G until I played with an iPod touch and loved it.
The iPad's worst thing going for it is really it's name.
The screen has a large bezel because you need a place to hold it without blocking or activating the multi-touch.
The screen aspect ratio is not widescreen, because aside from watching movies, this aspect ratio is more for reading text, looking at pictures, etc..
Lack of a camera? Who really cares. It is not being marketed as a communications device. Beside email they did not market an IM or voice chat
No expandable media or proper USB? This one kinda sucks, but maybe with an adapter something can be accomplished.
So, the only things really missing are multitasking and tethering which can probably be included in an OS update.
It may not be polished yet, but I bet Apple will be get it up to spec and be successful with it nonetheless.

Seriously you guys are histerical. This device will be highly successful. Remember. Now that things are so advanced apple is feeding features in increments. Do I hate it yes. I will throw a theory out there that apple will perfect the visual tracking navigation for the next device. Not including the camera on this is strategic for the next generation. If the first generation included a camera people would want a software upgrade to give them the same feature as the new model device, thereby taking away incentive to buy the new model that has the camera, and ability to use eye tracking.

Also, they will probably rill out multitasking across the linup with the 4.0 update later this year. Thereby driving more talk and blogging

I have a JailBroken 3gs. whats stopping me from tethering with my cracked Mywi app and using the 3G via my iphone? looks like ill just be buying the $499 iPad and abusing my over priced 3G that HAVE pay At&t for Im not paying them twice and not loosing my iPhone. Now Im excited about the ipad because I dont feel ripped off.

What my ideal out of Ipad would be. While on the move being able to access my big Daddy Mac at home!! Then storage wouldn't be a issue. I would happily say goodbye to my laptop. But an absolute must for me to buy Ipad is for it to be able to tether to my Iphone. Simply not going to pay for 2 seperate Data plans.

The same people that are complaining about the lack of features would be the same ones complaining that it is too expensive if it had everything it is "missing".

The thing is, if you bring everything out at once, people dont appreciate some of what you have done. We have had an intro, that's it. Upon launch or shortly thereafter we will see more probably.they have to have something to get talk going again in 60 days:)

Was very excited about this.. but without multitasking, its a fail for me. If I can't listen to music or other audio file while on the net or writing a doc.. then its not worth it to me... especially since the one I would buy is the 800.00 range, which is twice as expensive as a laptop which can do everything else. '
Put Multitasking in, and I'll buy it asap.

At least there is a solution for multitasking (Pro Switcher / Backgrounder), tethering (MyWi for the iPhone), and VOIP. Jailbreaking this device will make it worth it, but to not include a freakin camera!!?? Just another way to get people to buy the next version and for now not create another avenue for excessive data on ATT's network. At least I won't have to deal with paying the extra $30 a month plus the extra $100 for the device to have 3G. Here's crossing my fingers for OS 4.0 to come out at launch. It's not like Apple to hide features until release data, but damn... it would be nice to get a few extras we didn't know about.

Jailbreak your iPhone and get the app MyWi. Costs $10 one time fee, but turns your iPhone into a Wifi router (multiple connections allowed too). Allows USB and bluetooth tethering too. I use it ALLLL the time and it seems much faster than PDAnet.

I still surprise if we tend to won¡¦t see a flip within the ¡§publishing¡¨ model, too, where, instead of the publisher essentially ¡§hiring¡¨ a stable of writers, if we tend to won¡¦t see a stable of writers pool their resources to rent an editor, marketer/publicist, and copyeditor/designer (and, presumably, some quite accountant).

Steve... Come on man! Some of my favorite websites are built with flash or contain flash media. I thought you were trying to "bring the product to the user" (me). During the demo Steve seemed very uncomfortable when the blue block question mark popped up in place of the flash video on the New York Times website, and he really tried to avoid it. Flash is used so much... Why not support it if you want to create the "best browsing experience ever"? Why shackle me? Seems kinda communist in a way.

Looks like Wall Street thinks some of these missing features might be important too... Apple got smacked down today. -$8 per share. I look for that to continue. Apple you have 60 days to make some improvements. Hate to say I told you so... post #36.

The iPad is new. So was the iPhone so was the mouse, so was the PC. We will see how the iPad will sell and what users will tell. So wait a little.
Don´t forget: Apple does business. Apple spends a lot of time and money in analysing markets. So probably the user Apple is aiming at does not need multitasking or a camera or a "big" OS? Personally I use my MacBook for Web and eMail (80%), sort my photos (10%) listen to Music and watch DVDs (5%) and do some small presentations (5%), Although I do have all my "work" software installed I actually dont use it here. For work I go to office, for taking photos I use a "big" camera. Am I the perfect user? Or has Apple waisted time and money?
A camera in an device that is held in one hand while the other hand flips pages or click around? Think! That would not work! While video conferencing the picture would shake! It is not a LAP-top.
The iPad is NOT a small Notebook and is NOT a larger iPhone! According to Steve Jobs it is supoosed to start a new product category. That is in economic terms classical divergence. Just like cars divided in pickups, sportcars, family waggons, trucks, etc.
We are talking about millions of dollars. The Apple guys know exactly what they are doing! I will get an iPad for sure, because it makes sense for me and it is sexy.
Greetings from Germany.

Guys! Guys!! Let's be sensible! This is not intended to replace laptops, not to fit in pockets, it a tablet device for your couches and reading books/news and do a manageable level of spreadsheets and word processing while you are traveling and off the desks and off serious work sites! Don't you guys think Apple has been reading the blogs and lived through the hype!? This is a strategic positioning and will be +- improved over a year or two before it gets perfect. This is about a great business plan that has a financial motive at the end of the tail, while employing a great marketing idea beneath it - which Apple does often! I don't doubt about the space Apple sees for the iPad and the roadmap they are straight is so obvious and bright - if you cared about seriously looking in to it.... Just my thought!!

I'll just wait for December 2011... By then it will have all the features I want, more speed, more drive space and all for a lower price. Patience is becoming a solid virtue in regards to new product releases from Apple.

I have been waiting for this device for 6 years or more. It is almost exactly what I want.Give me multitasking so I can listen to my music while I read, and Flash so I can see the web as it exists and I will be perfectly happy. I'm guessing multitasking is a little further down the road, and I'm not going to hold my breath for Flash. So I'll be getting one right away. I love the people who are complaining that it does not have HDMI. Guys you have to understand what this is, and what it is not. I have plenty of ways to get HD to my TV I don't expect my handheld media device to be the conduit.

"Give me multitasking so I can listen to my music while I read"
If that's all you care about, then you're worrying fir naught. The iPhone OS allows music to play in the background while you do other stuff.
And ditto Riiaz's points. Right on the money. People were expecting one device and got something different and can't stop comparing to the device they imagined long enough to actually see that the iPad creates a brand new niche for itself. Keep naysaying, I'll enjoy looking back on the comments and laughing.

When Steve pulled up the New York Times website during the demo and the Blue Block Question Mark popped up in place of what should have been Flash video, I was disappointed. When he follow that demo up by saying this is the best way to surf the web, I was disgusted. The ipad would be a serious surfing tool for me, but 50% of the websites I visit contain Flash content. How could it be the best surfing experience if I can't experience 100% of the internet? Do any of you smarties have an answer for that?

I do agree with the above issue regarding flash. How can you claim the best surf experience when you can't receive all the content. They demonstrated iWork, which I thought was really cool, but as soon as you do, you start getting into the "replace the laptop" discussion. How can you start introducing iWork with a non-multicast OS? At this point, this is nothing more than a big iPod Touch. However, I really think the next release should include:

  1. Multitasking
  2. Flash support
  3. Video chatting
  1. It HAS Multitasking: for example: music from the iPod App will play in the background! Only third-party-products won´t work simultaneously (still)
  2. No one will need Flash (which is actually often unstable) with the upcoming HTML 5. A crashing system is much worse than the loss of flash. Think of the Users Apple are aiming at.
  3. Video chatting? It´s is not a laptop. You will hold the iPad with one hand or have it laying on an table. Think! A camera just doesn´t work well for that purpose. I personally don´t like shaning pictures and I dont´t like pictures from below. Makes me look fat! :-)

@Winnie... Sorry, that wasn't a very good answer. Since when has listing to music while surfing the web been considered multitasking? (not that I care all that much about the multitasking bit. Although it would be nice) And, the Flash comment baffles me... It's not a question of needing Flash. At the moment it's an industry standard (right or wrong), and major companies are going to continue to use it for some time. For Apple to disregard that fact and limit the user experience is pretentious at best. I have a feeling it's purely a contractual issue with the TV networks and Movie Studios who release itunes content, but that's no excuse in my book. Users should come first if they want to sell hardware, but maybe that's not Apple's main concern anymore. I just hope they don't get blinded by greed like Microsoft.

Ok guys! looks like each one of you have a genuine issue here! Multi tasking, flash are all sort of (i should agree) basics of today!! I wonder how Mr.Jobs going to address these time-wise. I suppose it's not same as the day when Apple introduced iPhone, leaving everyone behind years! Today people are and were more prepared to begin the sprint "with" Apple (example MSI new tablet). So! So! So! IF Mr.Jobs is after all the Marketing Guru we know (or were told), I guess, he knows a thing or two more, that the competition stage is more intense than the good old days, there for can He Leave these gaps open and keep smiling.... It would be up to him.. then up to Apple shareholders..I guess! I'm just hoping, product release day to be much different from the intro-day of iPad (That is IF Apple is smart)!! :) cool blog it is!!

This product is not something that I want but right now I am hoping it will open the way for devices that I will actually need some time in the future. I was hoping it would happen with the iPad now but it looks like I will have to wait for at least 3-4 years before what I want is available.
I'm looking for something like this that can replace my laptop day-to-day. I want to be able to take it to work/uni and take notes, work on word processing/presentations, use the internet, manage photos, use USB drives to transfer items to other people, etc. If it had the ability to be used like a Wacom tablet, then all the better. I would love to have a desktop at home for power and design work, a tablet (somewhat like this) for when i'm out and a phone for calling. All these items should sync wirelessly or at the very least extremely easily.
I would love to be able to view an email on my phone from a colleague, take out my iPad (or variant) on the train home and work on some of the ideas, then when I get home I could quickly, easily and exactly transfer the file to my home computer to work on some of the more detailed aspects of the design.
These are just my 2cents worth but they really seem like the kind of thing Steve Jobs should have thought about while he spent the last 7 years(?) working on this product.
And no multitasking ... just useless. That isn't OK on a phone so why would it be fine for a netbook competitor?
What has happened to things just working on Apple products? And why are the first gen products so faulty and useless? Surely it would be worthwhile to wait another 6 months to a year before bringing it out. I can sort of understand the need for secrecy but it would be really nice if Apple would work with it's potential consumers regarding the features and specs they are hoping for, even if it just in the last couple of months before the release. They, could at the very least, monitor all the rumour sites out there with mock-ups and listen to what people are saying. It would save a whole gen of the product.

I have decided to discuss multitasking a bit more, sorry for the double post.
Multi-tasking is so much more than just listening to music while you work. It means you don't have to be working on a presentation/whatever, having to save then close it before opening the web browser to check a detail, closing that and re-opening your work. Instead you could minimise/switch to/expose your work open the browser and switch back. All this is an increase in productivity which is what new products should always be aiming towards.
Think of the frustration on your phone when you are typing a text message and you need to save it to drafts before looking in your inbox/sent messages or using the calculator or checking google maps or whatever else. If the iPhone brings it out in it's next release then it is only 3 years too late. Notice the Nexus One and it's use of multi-tasking and customisation. Why does it take Apple so long to build something that can do what it should have done from the start?

It's fun to storm so much about a new product that is just being built. I think this is a clever move from Apple to check the intensity of the reaction! How people see it, perceive it and the verdict given to the life of it by who really cares! Just maybe, that it HAS multi-tasking, Video cam by the time it is born..... But naaa... I'm sure there's not going to be flash support! LET's SEE!!

Ok, so I only read halfway down so I hope this isn't repetitive but I just had to comment: Why would this thing have a Camera anyways? An I phone has a camera because you take pictures walking around and crap. You're not gonna be walking down the street reading something on this thing! A laptop/desktop has a camera for video chatting, but really most people just use it for those horribly annoying "I just got my first mac" photobooth facebook pictures. Do Any of you really use your laptop camera at all?
I wish it wasn't running the Iphone O.S. too but can you imagine making O.S.X fully touch functional? I'd rather them beef up the iPhone O.S. over time than use a clunky unrefined O.S.
Lack of USB, smart business move. Keeps third party peripherals that they don't approve of from cutting in on the market. Dick move true... But as far as transfering files and what not. Who seriously uses a thumb drive to transfer stuff from their laptop etc to their desktop? Wireless transfer is the future. CD's are almost completely obsolete and thumb drives are more an issue of security than anything else. Plus the Cable that hooks up to the iPad IS technically USB.... pretty easy to get a converter and hook up a thumb drive through a 3rd party App.
All the being said, if you already have an iphone and a laptop.... This is just an expensive internet couch surfer (or the best Apple TV Remote ever)

I don't get it? Why would I want this? $500.00 for this? It is an IPod Touch with a bigger screen.

Flash would be cool , But I'm currently haveing issues with it one my notebook anyway and can't wait for html 5 , Multitasking and replaceing the notebook ? I thought this was being marketed as something to compete with kindle not a pc or notebook.

If no multitasking. It is not for me... that really sucks. If Steve wants to beat the Netbooks he has to offer at least the same functionality... And for who says that a camera is not needed ... come on we take pictures everywehere.

I bought the iPad on Satuday and I must say that its a very great product, but not amazing as Apple advertised. I have a Macbook, but is quite big for travel or just read a book in bed and/or couch. I bought the Kindle, and a week later I returned it when Apple announced the iPad.
But, then again, I wasn't looking to replace my laptop, and I don't think this is just a novelty. It has great features and great picture quality. I actually like the email better than the Macbook, it just looks better.
In class
The typing is not bad, but is much better in landscape, obviously. just don't expect to type a 2000 essay on it, well, you can, but you'll go insane.
I downloaded an app, forgot the name, but you can handwrite pretty well with it. (Personally, I like to write in class, instead of typing)
Again, I remember reading the forums when the original iPod and the video one, the new Macbook, iPhone, etc... People have choices and they just need to buy something that will fit their needs... Personally, this does mine.
Apple may have dissapointed some, I agree with some of you, but I'm sure Apple will fix these issues, and quickly. Just give it some time... If you can afford it and NEED it (I neded it), then buy it. If you can afford, but you're waiting for something better, then don't buy it, and buy something else. Just the way this is,

When they launch iTampon 2.0 w/ USB, HDMI, WebCam, and an SD Card slot; then we'll talk.
Until then, no thanks. It's just a bigger iPhone that I can't talk on. A NetBook is a far more useful product for as long as the iTampon lacks those absolutely critical features.

@ Frank O.
Yes, that's the point. I am a student and thought the IPAD is this what I want, to read my scripts (PDF) at the couch in the sleeping room. It's worse to read things with a laptop on the couch or bed...
Surfing is amazing what i saw and pretty fast... Surfing in the couch what a pretty thing...
When I am goggling or read interesting things i do not need flash and a camera.... I need a brilliant screen and resolution... And the cool things like (scrolling zooming)...
It's not a Laptop and not a replacement for a PC! I think it's just a reader for PDF,E-Book and elementary e-mail and chatting functions...
THe photo gallery i can use it as a digital photo portfolio scanned and photographed things like blackboards....
And of course the best thing for my presentations...
And I need not UMTS why? Every campus has WLAN... And I have a traffic limit over 20 GB / month... So surfing with 20GB FLAT amazing... And of course at home I have a unl. flat ...
Sorry for my bad english I am german ;)
Best regards

@ Dustin and everyone else
There is a USB adapter, and an SD card adapter, and a video out to composite adapter.
And please don't compare this product to a 300.00 throw away netbook computer. OS 4 provides multitasking and will be out this fall. The iPad wasnt designed to take over a laptop, or there would be no need for the base model MacBook.
And for those who think this is just an Huge iPod touch... you have sadly been misinformed. The ability for this product to create and edit, Word documents, Excel sheets, and more puts it closer to a laptop then an iPod.
And for anyone that says 'why cant it have flash', please read the memo from Steve Jobs regarding the downsides of flash and the security risks. HTML5 is where its at, and shortly, it will be the new standard.
and as for the moron with the shattered screen... you gonna blame Apple for that too?

no multitasking no flush.... now there is an multitask in apple stote to download, but its not for free and you can use just three certain apps in it.
This is unbelievable how naked ipad is.....

iPad 2.0 will be awesome coupled together with iOS4. Especially if the new iPad has iPhone 4G's Face Time feature for video calls.
Of course that would mean iPad would new phone, camera/video capabilities included also. But I believe iPad will become sleeker and eventually combine and eliminate the need for a phone and a laptop!
One device for everything! One data plan for everything! One!!!
No more cell phone data plan, no more satellite tv data plan, no more home phone plan...only an iPad data plan.
TV, radio, movies, netflix, books, magazines, newspapers, internet, everything digital until December 21st, 2012 when the Sunspots render anything digital obsolete!
I want one before the end comes!
PS The first book I'll read on it is The Bible...probably Revelation!

What would be really cool is if the Elgato TV tuner was built right into the iPad. Portable telly. I'm sure it will happen one day.

hi there jake it will be cool if apple has the Elato tv tuner built in and up the storage capacity of 64 gb 128 gb or 256 gb ssd or 512 gb ssd flash drive soo you can have a solid state flash apple tv or tivo useing flash memory verses hard drive becuase macbook pros ofering up too a 512 gb ssd what a great idear puting a 512 gb ssd into a apple ipad oh by the goole search for ipad and ipen they show a 24 inch ipad with a resolution of 10,000 by 8,000 and has 1,024 bit graphics card 100 terabytes of ram and a whopping 4,095 terabytes of light speed ram disk or 4.095 petabytes and powered buy a nasa/intel core less cpu whats 0 core coreless cpu processer any way

Quit bitching. If it doesn't have the features you want. Don't but it. Personally, mine does most everything I want it to. But nothing does everything, well not everything well, anyway.

John Paul.
I use my laptop camera extensively. Its how I speak to my wife and family when I am abroad.

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