iPad gets productive with Bento, GoodReader, Readledocs


Don't let the plethora of iPad games fool you, productivity apps aren't sitting this launch out, with everyone from Bento, to GoodReader, to Readledocs getting in on the action.

Bento [$4.99 - iTunes link], from Apple-owned Filemaker, brings the same incredible ease of use and powerful template system that distinguishes both Mac and iPhone/iPod touch versions to the iPad. Touch to edit choice, date, ratings, and checkboxes. Tap to watch videos, photos, or send emails, and browse web sites without leaving the app. New themes like notebook, clipboard, and glass can be applied to any library, and the 25 custom (and customizable!) templates range from event planning, time billing, recipes, classes, dieting and more. 15 field types are supported including text, numbers, choice, checkbox, media, time, date, durations, currency, rating, address, phone number, email, URL and IM Account

GoodReader Tablet Edition [$0.99 - iTunes link] brings its elegant handling of monstrous PDF and TXT to the iPad with big screen versions of what made the iPhone app's feature set so powerful. Besides its speedy text search capability, GoodReader's includes active hyperlinks, and auto-scroll feature, and "PDF Reflow" that extracts text from a PDF file and displays it as simple TXT. GoodReader provides access to MobileMe iDisk, box.net, MyDisk.se, etc. and "server style" support for DropBox and Google Docs.

ReadleDocs [$4.99 - iTunes link] also brings iPhone and iPod touch power to the iPad with document viewing, file managing, and attachment saving. Pull documents from your Windows or Mac, Email, or cloud storage solution of choice (iDisk, Box.net, DropBox, etc.) and save them locally so you can always have them with you. You can transfer files over Wi-Fi or 3G, and read all iPhone OS supported document formats, including PDF and password-protected PDF with full search, reflow, and extraction.

Screenshots after the break!

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iPad gets productive with Bento, GoodReader, Readledocs


I come here for iPhone news and rumors. This iPad BS is getting to be too much. I'll come back when you stop posting about that useless product.

Huh, Readdledocs is a great tool on my iPhone, I use it to connect to the Zimbra Briefcases at work via WebDAV. It looks underwhelming--if not slightly confusing--on the iPad.
They could have done more with file hierarchies, the left column seems so static as a simple source list. What I would want is 3 panes in landscape: Source list, File list and Document view. Can I complain even though I haven't used it yet? ;-)

Get used to it Matt, it's all about the iPad right now! Come June/July, you'll get 20 different articles a day all iPhone just for you.

Hey Matt; if you're coming here for iPhone news and rumors; you've got the wrong blog. The name was recently changed from The iPhone Blog to the Tipb so it could specifically include more news about the iPad, which is what Rene's readers want. Buh-Bye, Matt. Hello iPad news news news!!! We want more, more more!!

@iPad Lover - Great response to @Matt. The only reason Matt is whining is because he know he wants one (and is probably going to get one) too! :)

readdle docs works really well on the iphone and doesn't require you have a wifi connection. You just need their little program on your desktop to drop files on to. It was exactly what I was looking for.

ReaddleDocs is great. As for me, there is no need to buy something else, because ReaddleDocs handles all required stuff decently.