iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search

iPad tethering

9to5Mac is yet again delving deep into the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and this time they've turned up settings for internet tethering, voice mail, and MMS settings, as well as a search option for Wikipedia.

Again, whether or not this is legacy code from the iPad's iPhone heritage, or potential future features we have no way of knowing. Being able to tether to the iPad would be good (at least for international users, since AT&T doesn't even support iPhone tethering yet...) Being able to tether from the iPhone to the iPad would be even better, but we're not holding our breath... Likewise voice mail and MMS are interesting to see on a data-only device.

Wikipedia, however, is a natural extension of the built-in, currently Google-centric search and on the popover-enabled iPad Safari would be especially handy. Can we have that for iPhone as well?

Still no sign of Bing, however, though the current Yahoo! option will soon be powered by Microsoft's search engine anyway...

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iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search


Tethering on that thing with that $30 unlimited plan would make it actually worth buying for someone who has an iPhone... If we could remove data from our plans :P

apple news has been kinda wak lately. But they should b announcing a new iphone so that should help

Actually i see no reason for SMS and phonecalls on the ipad because I'll always have my iPhone with me since the iPad isn't a mobile phone replacer because of its size. And if the iPad would support calls and SMS why would i want another number for people to keep track of and another phone bill?
Sure Calls through Skype could be convinent when i'm lying in the couch and simply to comfortable to reach for my iPhone. :)

iPad tethering might be the one thing that would actually motivate me to buy one, since we're probably never going to see it on the iPhone (at least, not as long as we're stuck with AT&T).

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