iPhone 101: How To Email a Photo From Your iPhone... as MMS!

So you've mastered iPhone 101: How to Email a Photo from your iPhone, but you still have friends and family on other phones and they want MMS. One of the biggest gripes against the iPhone, of course, is the lack of MMS. But there is a work around.

Chances are if you are a member of the TiPb forums you may already know it. Either way, read on after the break and we'll show you how!

To email a photo to another cell phone is a pretty easy, except the casual iPhone user or someone who just got their iPhone may have no idea it is even possible! Here's how it works: instead of emailing a picture to a normal email address all you have to do is send it to the a cell phone MMS address. For example, 6305551234@pm.sprint.com. That's all there is to it. The person receiving the picture will get it as a normal MMS message.

Not every carrier has the same MMS email address, so below I have supplied you with all of the major carriers addresses.

  • Alltel - xxxxxxxxxx@message.alltel.com

  • AT&T - xxxxxxxxxx@mms.att.net

  • Boost Mobile - xxxxxxxxxx@myboostmobile.com

  • Einstein PCS - xxxxxxxxxx@einsteinmms.com

  • Sprint - xxxxxxxxxx@pm.sprint.com

  • T-Mobile - xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net

  • US Cellular - xxxxxxxxxx@mms.uscc.net

  • Verizon Wireless - xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com

  • Virgin Mobile - xxxxxxxxxx@vmobl.com

  • Nextel - xxxxxxxxxx@messaging.nextel.com

Bonus tip: To make it easier on yourself, be sure to add these email addresses to your contacts so you don't always have to remember them. You can also let your friends know that if they want to get you an MMS message they can simply send it to the normal email address that you currently have set up on your iPhone and not your mobile phone number.


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iPhone 101: How To Email a Photo From Your iPhone... as MMS!


The funny thing I already figured this out myself. I use to chat with a friend via mms to email. I also use to send pics to my email from my old slvr. My old PC of didn't have a SD slot. When I got my iPhone I thought, Can I do this backwords?

Is there any easier way of receiving an MMS other than the horrid linky thing AT&T sends you? My boyfriend (not knowing this particular iPhone limitation) sent a picture to my phone and I got a message from AT&T that I had to go to a link and enter in this code to get my message... any way around that yet?

Marcie, did you read the bonus tip?
Or you jailbreak your iPhone, install Swirly MMS and enjoy an iPhone with full MMS support.

There's a free MMS app just launched (UK at least) that automates the safari login to receive MMS messages. Works great.
Unfortunately, MMS is still a pointless overpriced con.

Better way to send an MMS: Buy a blackberry
added benefits include copy and paste, being able to type with gloves on, listening to your streaming music while working in other apps, etc

Switching to blackberry will not be easy for an iphone owner. You will have to get used to 90's software again, get used to lag and bugs, not to mention lack of features and app store. Be sure to have a lot of money because your gonna have to replace it many times. All this so you can be charged to send pics instead of e-mailing them for free. Sounds good right... right?

I dont get charged to send pics. MMS/SMS included in same package by AT&T now. Sounds like you havent picked up a blackberry since the 90s. Might be time for a refresher course. PS - my first iphone was returned twice due to buggy software.
App store? LOL - I really need iFart, iBeer and motoracer over having the ability to email quickly and cut and paste.
Oh, and you cant do anything else while you are in another app because Apple says so. Makes the instant message, streaming music, and thousands of other apps useless. (I am listening to my Slacker radio on my berry as I write this - something you wont ever be able to do).
Funniest fanboy post all day. Epic fail. Pwned.

hahahaahahah this steve jobs character is funny :D
typical anti- apple fanboy to dismiss the entire app store by mentioning 3 out of the 13,000 apps. Maybe hes been asleep the last 6 months while apple has, as you say it, "Pwned" all other mobile phones in sales and customer satisfaction. Did i mention the app store is a hit? 400,000,000 million downloads. Should i even bother to mention the lack and failure of any potential competition? (Storm/pre/g1/Other iClones.)You see, your argument hardly holds water, let alone a scrap of fact other than what your fanboy mind has created for itself.
haha your pretty funny though, stick around, i need this kind of humor more often :)

Glad I make you laugh. For the record top 10 apps on itunes right now:
1) iFart
2) Crazy Tanks
3) Mood Touch
4) Crash Bandicoot
5) iHunt
6) Tetris
7) Monopoly
8) Fieldrunners
9) Bejeweled
10) iBeer
That isnt a joke. Thats legit. And those are what people paid for. The list of free apps is even more absurd.
As I said, the iPhone is a great phone that doubles as a toy / media / entertainment device. Its funny when people lose it when I say that and try and say its for business too.
But that's ok. That's why I have both. When I'm done being productive with my Berry (Bold - not the red rider, LOL), I pick up the iPhone and play fart sounds.

So you just based apples mobile computer platfotm on what other people bought... not on what is avaliable.. wow... Well now i see who pwned who :)
Here is the part where i block images and text from your i.p. Thank you firefox add-ons!

typical fanboy-type response: "i'm taking my ball and going home". I know what is available on iPhone. I've had it longer than you. The reason why they never make top app lists is because they arent any good. MobileFiles? epic fail and I cant type the reasons why - would take to long. The productivity apps are not that good because of the way Apple controls their SDK. So the most downloaded apps happen to be entertainment / games because that is the user base.
I work in Finance, and I know 3 out of 100 people that own an iPhone. Those 3 are women.

edit: those 3 own an iphone as their main productivity / wireless device. Many own it and love it for entertainment and media usage. For that, the iPhone rocks.

@Steve Jobs: I totally agree with you about the quality of most iPhone apps... I think I've bought enough to count on one hand. But they are very good ones to run my business. If one's company has a Windows or BlackBerry wack-job system... too bad, you're a prisoner and you're f**ked. But those of us with Mac-based businesses are in Heaven with the iPhone.
The iPhone isn't the problem, corporate America is the problem. If you can't conduct business with your iPhone, have a talk with your superiors... because your company sucks.

agreed. hopefully someday the BES environment isnt overly dominated by windows and IT managers will integrate apple-based exchange-like servers so we can get the same kind of synchronization with our offices.
my company wouldnt even enable ActiveSync on our exhange server.

Time spent setting up exchange integration with the iPhone? 2 minutes
Time spent setting up BES for the Blackberry Storm my boss just purchased? 3 hours. Not to mention the 3 exchange server restarts. What a pain in the butt!
My biggest complaint about the iphone is although it integrates with Exchange, task are missing. What is the freaken deal with Google (yeah, I know gmail recently added tasks but without google cal integration) and Apple not synchronizing tasks?

Yeah blackberries are a hassle =/
I dont know what i would do if apple hasnt made something like the iphone and pushed tech so far

There's no doubt the iPhone is a much better device than all than all the blackberries I've known people that have had both and if they had to pick one it would be the iPhone.I even know someone who preferes the iPhone over the storm!!.although we can't cut and paste YET it still better but I'm sure we will be able to in the near future..and if you wanna get the most out of your iPhone you have to jailbreak!!!!

Has anyone had any luck sending mp3/amr/wav files to VirginMobile users?
I have tried all three, particularly for ringtones, but it just goes through as a blank text....so I think VMUSA may rip out the music from the MMS?

I just tried this on my iphone to send a pic to another iphone and it did not work. I found the pic file and said email pic then I put in the phone number and att address above and it sent a message back saying sending failure. What did I do wrong? This whole iphone thing has to be so complicated.

The iPhone is a great toy, but it's a pretty crappy phone, especially so when you consider what Apple is capable of.

I get a message of 'photo delivery failed. A copy will be in your outbox. Sender address was invalid'. Then a I get another message 'sender address invalid'. Both are from the iPhone itself. I notice in your screenshot of the email you don't have a sender address (from). Is that my problem? My phone automatically fills it in and I can't leave it blank...

Sweet.. and whoever mentioned the windows 7 issue.. Itunes works just fine for me in windows 7

All I want is for a smart iPhone owner to tell me in the simplest form how to send a picture to another phone.. I also wanna know why my itune icon won't let me purchase anything! WTF!

My wifes company spent thousands of dollars taking their blackberry server out and setting up server for iphones and required all their sales people to change over to iphones. I'd say that was done for a reason!
I love the integration of the iphone. I have had mine 2 days and already it's making me money. I just crossed over from a BJII. Being able to quickly answer and respond to e-mails is great. However not being able to use it as a hard drive without jail breaking it and e-mail pdf's has got me down.

Help my Blackberry cant fart! And the 3 people I know with an iPhone are women thus all iPhones are used by and designed for women. That's also why the blackberry has a fake fingernail friendly keyboard for you coporate emailing hookers.

ha....i love how this steve jobs guy came into the IPHONE BLOG and got mad cause people like the iPhone here

OMG! Don't people have better things to argue about other than who prefers which phone? I mean seriously...it's a friggin phone!! That's why there are different phones because people are different & they don't like the same things!! I just see it as pointless to be so childish & argue over it.

Alert This msg only intended for mature audience, not for those arguing via the internet due to lack of self respect or purpose*
I have an iphone while my boyfriend has a regular flip phone with verizon. We figured out when I "email" a picture I took on my iphone to his cellphone email address he recieves them just fine using the domain listed above. Then when he views that picture his cellphone gives him an option to reply. He can reply with a picture and it is sent to my yahoo email account I have set up in my iphone. I check my email on my iphone and click the download option in the body of the email- takes 30 seconds or so but works great.

I bought an app called PhotoSend that lets you send free mms using the addresses outlined above. The cool thing is that it lets you send multiple photos instead of just one.

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This works fine for me except when trying to use it in a foreign language like Japanese. Though I do have a friend who's parents have blocked this feature on her phone. So even though I have tried it won't send there. But thank You for the addresses.