iPhone 2.0 Rumor: MMS Cometh?

iPhone 2.0 MMS Rumor

The webs are a blogger over (some awesomely sarcastic) reports originating from iPhone Atlas that -- wait for it -- an internal AT&T memo has revealed that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) will be among the new features revealed with the immanent iPhone 2.0 firmware release.

MMS -- a crusty old mobile-to-mobile technology that, once competing networks and technologies learned to play nice, let handset owners send photos, videos, and music to each other in the days when underpowered units were incapable -- or diliberately walled-off from -- established cross-platform file transfer standards -- has been one of the top most griped about features "missing" from the original iPhone 1.x firmware.

Is it for realzy realz this time? No idea. AT&T has been silent on iPhone 3G SMS plans to data (which some take to mean there won't be any other than the plans already available to every other smartphone), and yet Apple wouldn't really be Apple unless they were deliberately leaving off some obvious feature or another for no apparent reason, now would they?

With more rumors saying 2.0 has gone Gold Master, we should find out one way or another soon enough!

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iPhone 2.0 Rumor: MMS Cometh?


I'll believe it when I see it. AT&T is notorious with circulating wrong information, and I still think the reason for excluding MMS relates to Apple's partnership with iTunes content providers who are insanely paranoid about illegal file sharing. They view MMS as potentially a mobile version of illegal file sharing, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were using the absence of MMS on the iPhone as leverage with Apple.

Yawn. You can get at your gmail/yahoo/imap account and send real mail with attachments on the iPhone.
Who needs MMS when you have real email?

Well Johnny Boy, so your friends and family who don't have iphones but do have typical MMS service, can actually send us the goods.

The reason to have MMS is the same reason to have Flash support. Not because it's inherently good and the Right Thing To Do, but because everyone else has it.
That's not really a very good reason. Everyone else has Windows on their desktop PCs, but Macs run OS X (and windows, but they DEFAULT to OS X.)

I'm not seeing the value of MMS. It never worked well to begin with so what's the loss of not having it? Pics over email actually work (sorry MMS!) and are quite easy to send and manage - though we can't yet save the ones we receive on our iphones. I've tried MMS numerous times over the years and have never had it work across carriers: AT&T -> Tmo, Tmo -> Verizon, Verizon -> Cingular, Sprint -> Verizon. Nothing to see here, move along.

when you said 'crusty old cellphone technology' I thought you meant 3g for a minute there. Then I slapped myself for the sacrilege of even daring to question the "awesome" benefits of 3g and drank a tall glass of my koolaid. Apologies for the momentary lapse iPhone community
where oh where are you WiMax iPhone when we need you?
likely in the same place the simplified phone/data plans and the home-activation scheme are: in a cell phone industry assassination bin, with Jobs as chief coconspirator

oh yes, and the kevinmonster: I completely agree with your analysis! Putting something in a phone just because everyone else has it and/or everyone whines about apple not having it: that would never be a sound way to run product development. But ... I can't imagine apple behaving like that, can you? Even with those inflated sales targets ... Apple ... Putting something in the phone ... Just because the sheeple want it???
... I just couldn't imagine ...

It seems you have had some bad luch then. Back in the day I know that you may have had some issues with sending a mms to another carrier but the past few years it's pretty much been smooth with no issues. At least when I have used it. I'm not complaining about email because I have used it to send pictures for a while now but the more features the better is the way I look at it.

As an iPhone owner I send picture via email ALL the time and that is not a problem for me, although most mobile users without an iPhone/SmartPhone/Blackberry do not ever access email from their devices it's still easy to send, The problem I have is receiving a stupid text saying to go to the viewmymessage site with a crazylogin and password that you cannot access from you iphone b/c the site doesnt load, it is really really frustrating...especially being a person that is always on the run. I would really benefit from MMS as far as receiving the message goes...(I gave up trying that site so it may have changed)

The VALUE of MMS is that we want it. Whyyyy isn't that enough, again?
Is it opposite day in the land of Consumerism? I mean, who's boss here?
...Oh wait.
We're MAC users.
Apple's the boss.
We take what they give us and gripe while handing over the AmEx for super pretty, well-marketed products that cost way more than their less cool PC counterparts; so that when the "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials come on, we can feel just a liiiittle bit elite. (Aaand our cubicles look way less 2001.)
Additionally, and most important: If I didn't have MMS how would I be able to send friends picture texts of the really awesome things I see- like mullets and Dwight Schrute look-alikes? The security line in the airport would be infinitely less entertaining.

Couldn't care less about stupid MMS technology. Never sent one MMS in my entire life, plus mostly cellphones are alreay able to read emails on them which i use very often.

the iphone is useless. it can listen to a song and tell you who the artist is, it can surf the internet on full web pages but it cant perform a technology from 1996. Useless i wipe my a** with apple and its glorious i phone.

I moved to the iPhone as my sole business cell two months ago and have found it works GREAT. It can do what the Blackberry does and, Mike..., yes, I can also listen to music, 1000 of apps, etc... I get my office email, my GMail, plus real web browsing! And I don't need MMS 'cause I can simply touch the picture and email it to one or many email accounts. Simple.